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    I fail at Night alert all the time (Ipad)

    Thanks for all your advice. :-) I tried to adpot Husserls tactics and it works ok the first half of the battle, but in the end the South army just has too many units with many stars. I just can not manage to hold the line. I try to regroup but I can find time enough to setup a new line and even if I did is seems as a Mount Everest to climd to take back the lost VPs. I tried five times now after getting your advise. In total maybe 20 times. Time to give up. :-)
  2. I have tried multiple times with the mission Night alert (July 2 7.30PM) with the Union side but I just can not manage to win the battle. The Confederate troops are just too many and they beats me every time. What should I do? Your strategy tips is highly appreciated. Note that I play the Ipad version.