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  1. Was finally able to finish "Search and Destroy" with this beauty. Went with Recon as the tech and stayed wayyy the heck away from the DDs. Let YOUR DDs take the brunt of the torps but also expect to take a few torps and design accordingly. The 16 inch should take the enemy BBs and any other ship that gets in the way fairly quickly.
  2. This is pretty awesome work. Thank you for all these links!
  3. Buttons blurred and STILL taking a LONG time to get into battle. AI designs are still taking a LONG time to process.
  4. BARELY got them with this guy. As others have been saying, those CAs can batter the crap out of your poor BB. I was fortunate that the enemy BBs got so close. My 16" made short work of them. The DDs didn't really threaten me. I took a bunch of torp hits but was able to shrug them off, and quickly wiped them out. As like the BBs, the CAs got too close and I picked them off one by one. My armour was almost gone by that time but the 8" weren't really killing me like the BBs were. This design is probably not the greatest, but got the job done!
  5. The problem is FLOODING is far too ineffective.
  6. Can confirm. This design worked AMAZING! I love the fact that other peoples creative designs can force this old gamers own creative thinking back into gear.
  7. Yup, this seems to be my workaround for a few missions as well. Can't get a tough enough DD with the money? Just get a TON of smaller ones with a TON of torps. Just sank 3 BCs with 5 DDs and NO loses.
  8. Thank you for all the designs guys! We can treat this is a collaborative effort. If anyone has any problems with certain missions, post them here and we'll try and help out with what worked. I've got a few solutions but still having issues with specific missions.
  9. Solved. Ill check my Antivirus the next time this happens.
  10. ..but it's having a lot of problems. I was able to get in this afternoon, now I can't get in the game at all. I keep trying to repair and nothing happens. Help would be greatly appreciated. You need to move away from that launcher you're using and to something else.
  11. Fixed, but now I have to repair my installation every time I start the game.
  12. I went to check the logs and the game is.. gone. Completely.
  13. If that were the case, that would cut the ship in half, if we're talking about ships that were that light. The flooding mechanic just seems broken to me.
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