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  1. Why would Torps on a BB be worth anything by the Auto Resolve? They were absolutely useless and actually caused problems, creating a net-negative.
  2. Second this. Could be very fun!
  3. PLEASE move away from this stupid launcher you guys have. It is CONSTANTLY screwing up, forcing me to redownload updates, and sometimes even uninstall the entire game. PLEASE move to steam, ASAP. This company you are dealing with is absolute crap and is not helping sell the game in ANY. WAY.
  4. Thank you so much for your video mission walkthroughs. I still think they need to either decrease the number of enemy ships or increase the amount of rep/money you can earn. 4 or 5 3-rates against 10-12 SOLs is insane! I do think that the tutorials are not as good as they should be. Overall, thanks for doing this. Hopefully it will help me be a better Admiral in this game.
  5. Yup, if they don't start improving things, automatic downvote on steam. You HAVE to invest in your game if you want your money back, devs.
  6. At least add the 2d map as an option. What would be the problem? It would be a selectable option you would find in the settings. Those who don't want it, don't have to see it. Those that want it, can have it. Why are people so against these things?
  7. I really hope they don't. Would detract massively from the core game.
  8. Yup, massive mistake Nick. I think you need to change your mind on this "no map" crap. You're losing customers at a massive rate. It's one thing to stick to "grognard" stuff, but to actively work against something most of the players want? That's not the way to sell a game, and I want this thing to sell, because on the WHOLE it's a decent game with some minor hiccups.
  9. Bahahah I find it hilarious that someone that really hates the game is so invested that they keep coming back here to argue their dumb, little points for us all to laugh at. Thank you for the laughter, hitler-lover.
  10. Was finally able to finish "Search and Destroy" with this beauty. Went with Recon as the tech and stayed wayyy the heck away from the DDs. Let YOUR DDs take the brunt of the torps but also expect to take a few torps and design accordingly. The 16 inch should take the enemy BBs and any other ship that gets in the way fairly quickly.
  11. This is pretty awesome work. Thank you for all these links!
  12. Buttons blurred and STILL taking a LONG time to get into battle. AI designs are still taking a LONG time to process.
  13. BARELY got them with this guy. As others have been saying, those CAs can batter the crap out of your poor BB. I was fortunate that the enemy BBs got so close. My 16" made short work of them. The DDs didn't really threaten me. I took a bunch of torp hits but was able to shrug them off, and quickly wiped them out. As like the BBs, the CAs got too close and I picked them off one by one. My armour was almost gone by that time but the 8" weren't really killing me like the BBs were. This design is probably not the greatest, but got the job done!
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