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  1. Someones a little bitter... anyways, I knew coming in that the campaign is STILL a long way off, and yet Im enjoying the game immensely. There are a few things that could be implemented quicker but I really don't want them to rush it, at all.
  2. I was able to get a Majestic-class Pre-dread look-alike going yesterday, which is nice. Now, how to SAVE all these hulls we create.
  3. As some have said already, I'd like to see "real names" for the hulls. You can at the very least add them in a tooltip that you can hide if you don't want that capability. It would make things SO much clearer.
  4. ANY reaction to this bug at all or just.. you're not worried about it?
  5. I can get a kinda-Fuso class ship, but the Pagoda is a bit off, the funnel and rear tower a bit off. I'd love to see the components for the Fuso but im sure im not the only one missing a favorite type of warship. Im curious about what you're looking for from the developers.
  6. Yup. RNG needs to be adjusted or at least the percentages that apply TO the RNG. They say you can't fix RNG but you CAN change percentages to AFFECT RNG. I had an AI destroyer that was flooding, had 4% flood value left and miraculously recovered back up to 30. Hit him AGAIN, back down to another 4-5%. Back up to 30. AGAIN I hit him, back down to 4, back up to 30. It's ridiculous. That destroyer should have been dead after the first or at LEAST the second flooding, ESPECIALLY after his superstructure was down to 30%. Most of the crew would be busy fighting fires, shoring up compartments and.. w
  7. Having the same issue. Everything else is working fine but this mission so far.
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