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  1. so just a question, not that i want it or anything, but i would preferer it just to be a ship battle game and not land battles. also no carrier please, they really ruins the game, sure they exists but common we are playing a game with whacky ship design, adding carrier wouldn't be more realistic it would just ruin the fun.
  2. I don't think you do understand! there is NO MICROMANAGE! THERE IS BARELY ANY GAME PLAY AT ALL RIGHT NOW! 90% game right now is filled with idle time where the player are not doing anything, not manage anything not setting anything no targeting nothing! you get to build a ship and sent them out to fight and that's it,the game right now is completely lack of an interactivity from the player input, you just set a course and once in a while you change some thing and let it play at X5 speed by itself 80% of the time, it's fine if this is a mobile game, but this is a PC game, there are no microma
  3. I don't think you are understanding, this isn't about arcade, it's about maintaining GAMEPLAY, not a lot of people would want to play a game where they are reading excel sheets and reading over a ton of technical paper work.there is no practical benefit in adding it into the gameplay beside slowing down the game even further it's already super slow, there is a reason why the game default at the closet distance so we can get into action quick, imagine if you have to spend half an hours to just find the enemies with barely any interaction from the player, and then see them get tired and just si
  4. it's because you want to maintain a healthy balance between game play and BORING, we already speed up the game at 2 time speed or 5 time speed when ships just do nothing but shelling each others that's not fun adding all that fatigue and moral mechanic would just slow down the game even further, it's already way too slow most of the time and not enough interesting actions.
  5. That's not a good idea at all, i don't mind if they add crew like in War Thunder where they have model and they are animated and stuff but no need for some tiring system or moral system or anything like that, cuz it's just DUMB!
  6. What!? you do realize that Project 23 (soviet union) class battleships designed and laid down in the 1930s were to rival the Yamato right? The Yamato out class the Bismark by miles, Bismarck doesn't even come close to even Project 23 let alone some Russian ship designed in the 1950s. people need to stop mystifying the German.
  7. Not trying to be mean, I think you are just being a noob, at first it seem that way until you figure out a good build, the mission against modern battleship was so easy, i had 4 ships all decked out with the latest gears and pwned the modern battleship easily, You need to take a look at the stats such as armor, range finders , towers, gun size, shell types etc, it all have pretty detailed stats I bet you didn't know you can set how thick the armor be across the ship, go down to bottom u should see a bunch of numbers you can increase or decrease armors as you see fit. I had four battleships bu
  8. You can add armor to the main guns so they don't get destroyed as easily, go down to the armor and increase the number for the main guns, i say get a bit more of deck armor and top armor on the turret to get some more defense against plunging fire. The most important thing about fighting the modern battleship mission is spread your capital ships out, disband the formation as soon as you load into the game because when you have ur ships in formation they get hit a lot easier, i usually manually micro them into an abreast formation, while advancing to the Modern battleship, found them to get hi
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBYCy-Wzx64
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