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  1. I disagree with the whole ribbon system. It just is, shall I say, a tone shift. What we have may not provide a efficient amount of information, I like that they are out of the way and do not attract the players attention. Its something that I can look at when in a lull. Ribbons are too distracting and make things seem a bit more lighthearted. Also seems like an unnecessary change to conform to similar games in the genre
  2. agreed my one issue i had with RTW was when I would deploy my biggest and best capital ships just to engage in a battle with my light cruisers (which at the time i would only have a handful) against the enemies light cruisers (which was the only class of ship which the enemy outnumbered me in) It makes wars frustrating to have a lot of modern battleships just to encounter destroyers or light cruisers even though it says a the enemy home fleet is within the region.
  3. I lean towards having excellent gunnery with high quality guns at ranges that exceed any other ship. I take the highest quality gun i can get a hold of even if it is not technically the biggest. once the other ships have been weakened the battleships close the distance and seal the fate of the enemy fleet. light cruisers and bellow will be equipped with lots torpedoes to disorganize formations while also countering smaller units. battlecruisers have been a tricky one as I try to make them a "sniper" of sorts and staying behind the battleship line to avoid concentrated fire while also out rangi
  4. Looking here and I am quite dismayed. I mean I think 5-6 months was a reasonable amount if time given the circumstances and progress. I mean we still don't even have a foundation in which to build a skyscraper quite yet. As of right now I assume we are very close to realizing that foundation with what has been done thus far. I for one am happy we at least have a date now instead of us bothering the devs over when we will see a release or an update on progress. We now have said update on progress and instantly everyone has grabbed their pitchforks. While ive only been playing off and on as of l
  5. Some good news. Recently did a Falkland island inspired battle with 1915 tech. I found my battlecruisers (using 13in guns) and when switching to HE shells against a Armored cruiser around 8 kilometers away, shots were 80% less effective than AP shells.Shells would not pen even a 8in at most armored cruiser. perhaps at least at WW1 era tech the balance between shells has finally been implemented as HE spam was way less efficient in this action even against opponents of smaller size.
  6. While not a extremely annoying issue, a nice quality of life change would be adding a weight ballast option for the ship builder. Weight offset is not a serious issue but certain hulls (N3/g3, Battle cruiser III [with super firing B turrets], dreadnought III and some other ships i have not named) have extremely odd tower placement which puts the ship design in a serious bind regarding offset. maybe at the cost of some wasted displacement we can see ballast to help balance the ship which can cause in interesting decision on whether or not using that weight for more smaller guns or component o
  7. I'm not even salty at this point, I am just failing to understand how you do not see how inherently broken this can become in your "larger campaign balance". literally they have the power to TRUMP ALL OTHER SHIPS. its not even a high sees rock paper scissors match anymore. please explain to me why there is a reason to build anything other than 40 knt oxygen torpedo destroyers with multiple 5 mounts tubes. And why would I play destroyers defensively when I know like the post above said can kill a bunch of the enemy capital ships for basically free? tell me why I would need to bu
  8. ok a destroyer meta obviously doesn't exist then. there is literally absolutely nothing wrong with having torpedo spam literally trump all other forms of combat. Nothing wrong with ships being able to launch torpedoes beyond detection range. And definitely nothing wrong with ships with an effectiveness that greatly outweighs ships 50 times their size. if this is what is considered perfectly fine in game balance then I will definitely consider purely building destroyers with 45 kts, 4x10 torpedo tubes, and just replace any losses (if they are even hit) within months. not waste my nation's money
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/s4HSTkqB3UUhJP589 now the reverse, perfect example of ghost torpedoes. Its too late to avoid and the spread devastating, if i was using anything other than a battleship with reinforced and many bulkheads (anything lower would have been deleted).
  10. https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipO9WlEYQ0zhhPRhyfiZDOrrZ0PUxIh2th2zxo66 just did this test, no contest.
  11. Might I refer you to my point earlier yes i did bring them up, but I also said why in that scenario, the destroyers pulled off the attack. there are no such thing as visibility obstructing environmental events (other than smoke screen) to mask any advances. which was my suggestion earlier. In campaign destroyers will present a major problem as of right now I can plan a fleet of entirely destroyers (and maybe a single capital ship to distract enemies) and pretty much win most large scale conflicts.The cost of the destroyer (material cost, build time, and maintenance costs) are
  12. I stand corrected, but still proves the point that she was still blind to ships around her
  13. once again it is not fair comparison, night action in the 1940s is significantly different in terms of visibility. The destroyers had the wind in their favor with rail squalls and pitch black surroundings. Bismark itself severely damaged her own radar so she can't target the ships around her meaning they could get close. Once again I want to refer you to Samar, broad daylight but the destroyers used rain squalls to get in close enough to be a threat and wreaked havoc on Center Force. in both your scenario and mine, none of the larger capital ships could reliably target the smaller ships beca
  14. cant relate to this strategy. Yes being able to one shot ships is possible, but ammo is tight and choosing to waste 10+ salvos on a 1.2%-9% hit chance or continue pounding enemy battleships (where the more shots you take at them the more the hit chance) who's at around 40% in the same amount of salvos fired. if I had the choice between using my ammo to make sure I can kill 3 battleships with units who stand a fighting chance when they fire back or give up 1-2 of them to kill 3 destroyers who quickly have dropped torpedoes and turned tail (while also maneuvering so its a low hit chance on top o
  15. my main philosophy with secondaries is as many as possible, firing as fast possible, but so far the 8 inch guns seem to be working a charm on the light ammo choice, I had an interesting idea, I think secondaries and main guns should have different ammo type selectors. secondaries can have light-standard-heavy with light being effective as quick firing guns, but useless against even the lightest of capital ship armor, and the heavy being the slower firing, more effective in dealing some extra damage at close range ammo type.
  16. for the secondaries question i use 5 inch turrets and 6 inch tertiary or all 6 inch if i have space
  17. custom battles 1915 or 1925 was then i did my tests, one was an actually battle (1915) then I switched to 1925 to do another battle which caused me to actually experiment with 1 battleship and 8 destroyers vs 6 battleships and came out on top
  18. Just finished experimenting, tried throwing everything between my battleships and their destroyers. didn't work. aggressive torpedoes to prevent AI ships from coming close, didnt work. Then tried straight up avoiding engagement entirely and maybe throwing faster cruisers at them, they still just launched torpedoes at me (and a ton at that). Just struggling in general with preventing destroyers being in launch range when they are not visible or just became visible then my battle line goes insane from flagship being switched or in complete disarray from torpedo avoidance maneuvers or getting pum
  19. Destroyers are starting to become much more useful, in my opinion, than any other ship in the game. 99% of my deaths are from destroyers making a suicide run at my battle line and then just throwing hundreds of torpedoes at and sneaking away mostly unharmed. The issue lies in the fact that destroyers can close the distance without a scratch and then dump every torpedo ever created at my ships. This causes the lost of usually a battleship, a chunk of my cruisers, and all of my own destroyers who maneuvered to counter the hostile destroyers. Maybe it could be because Mostly I use all my secondar
  20. same here I was circling around the confederate ironclad and my monitor was t-boned, but sadly for the other ironclad it caused it's own flooding which only took another below waterline hit to sink.
  21. Now what I dont understand is why is designing enemy ships such a popular request. It kinda defeats the purpose of creating ships that have to be ready for any kind action. Don't quite see the fun in knowing what your up against. My ship designs usually are built around the fact that I will have no idea what the enemy battle line is. I could be in a conflict in a dual vs heavily armored, massive gunned battleships that lack gun quality and/or accuracy, but can cause a sizable headache for my fleet once they have the range. The other extreme is I could be up against fast, accurate, but lightly
  22. so far my most recent crashes have been me creating large battles and then the AI cant build the ships before tearing the game apart and crashing the PC. So if the AI only has to design half the ships it would definitely cause a bit more stability. So i agree that i dont see why we dont just save designs
  23. Yes there will be, all these pieces we have at the moment are to create a foundation to work off of. I would definitely not call what we have a complete package by any means. The gameplay as of right now is 100% not ready to be fleshed out into a full campaign. The current combat, while showing great promise, is not acceptable because of exploits like HE spam and the parts themselves are lackluster and limited. Not a tremendous amount of freedom of choice when creating ships. I am completely fine with them fleshing out systems (and squashing bugs) at a steady pace so that they can divert more
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