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Found 3 results

  1. Destroyers are starting to become much more useful, in my opinion, than any other ship in the game. 99% of my deaths are from destroyers making a suicide run at my battle line and then just throwing hundreds of torpedoes at and sneaking away mostly unharmed. The issue lies in the fact that destroyers can close the distance without a scratch and then dump every torpedo ever created at my ships. This causes the lost of usually a battleship, a chunk of my cruisers, and all of my own destroyers who maneuvered to counter the hostile destroyers. Maybe it could be because Mostly I use all my secondaries on my capital ships to defend so it frees up the main guns to fire at larger targets who are easier to hit or cause damage to other battleships who can cause a world of pain when left unattended. Now, this has come up many times before, but it must be said that TARGET SIZE and TARGET SPEED penalties are way too punishing for larger capital ships thus destroyers having the ability to release the point blank range torpedo spreads. This has the effect of destroyers being the most efficient unit in tonnage sunk vs tonnage lost in the campaign. maybe secondaries need a larger accuracy buff to combat suicidal destroyers or accuracy penalties need to be cranked down a few notches. Also maneuverability is a key factor, sometimes it's straight up impossible to avoid as soon as I see torpedoes in the water. Am I the only one suffering from this? or have I just not found the key to countering destroyers effectively?
  2. Edit: after reading responses, and thinking things over, I've decided to update my post from yesterday with fixes, which will be at the bottom. So I attempted to do crafting... Yea.. guess I'll stop playing already. I want to point out I really like 99% of all the changes in the last patch. To me though many of it was just.. implemented wrong, or badly imbalanced in terms of economy. To make a Brig for instance, will cost me between 47,000 to 30,000 gold.... The NPC's are selling the Brig for 18,000..... Yea, never going to make a profit in a million years crafting ships at this rate. Not without spending 24+ hours pulling teeth to get the absolute best price at a steal discount price for every single part. To break things down, lets forget the Brig, and go back to a 7th rate, the lowest end of ships that beginners will be looking at. Lets choose a pickle. Breaking everything down this is how it looks for a crafter: PIckle: Final resources: 184x Oak Log = 13,432 76x Fir Log = 4,560 57x Hemp = 3,420 20x lignum vitae logs <Buy at 80 per 1> = 1,600 48x stone blocks = <Buy at 25 per 1> = 1,200 60x Iron Ore = 4,800 100x fish meat <Buying at 42> = 4,200 8x salt <Buying at 40> = 320 Final cost= 33,532 <If you ignore fish meat and salt since those are easy to come by> Final cost= 29,012 The costs are what it costs me to pull out of my buildings, naturally a crafter is most likely going to build the buildings that he needs the most of to save money. The "Buying at" price is me adding 5g to whatever it'll cost a person to pull out of their economy building to sell to me. costs a person 75-70 gold per lignum viteae log to pull from their building as an example so I'll buy it at 80. So assuming I don't buy the fishmeat and salt since those are easy to come by just by sailing around. That'll be 29,012. To make a reasonable profit i'll probably want to sell it at around 40,000 - 50,000k to make it worth my time and effort. So this is how it looks to a new player. Pickle: 45,000 12 36lb medium cannons: 83,304 (atm they are being sold for 6,942 per 1) Rig repairs (lets say 5) : 3,025 Hull Repairs (lets say 5 again): 5,800 Rum well its cheap cuz you can buy it from NPC for 144 each. Final Price for a complete beginner: 137,128....... By the time a beginner has that much gold grinding atrocious missions, or ganking NPC's in the OW, they'll be ready to be sailing 5-6th Rates, which cost about 2-3x this much. Progressions, economy, and crafting is completely out of whack. -------------------- WHy is it like this? Because of the buildings. For instance.... Iron Ore Mine, costs me 20 gold more per iron ore than just buying it on the market at market price... Why? That seems so backwards. Arguably you could say as players buy more the costs will go up alot when the market isn't flooded with the item, which is fair, if there wasn't only 100-300 people on and that situation actually happened more often than it does now. Not worth the time, or effort for 90% of the players who want to play. -------------------- Like-wise, with the limited building space, it would make sense to lower the price you're forced to pay workers to a more reasonable level. You'll never be able to "harvest" everything you need to build a ship and will always have to buy stuff in one way or another on the market, that's the point of having a buliding and sinking so much money and resources into getting your crafting setup, is so you pay less and can actually make a profit by crafting... ---------------------- Now with the cost being insane to craft items, and players having to buy cannons individually, you run into the problem that its going to cost players 10x more than ever before. Not only is crafting ships more expensive now from what I can tell, but building cannons is incredibly pricy as well, meaning those long cannons, and higher grade cannons are going to cost you an insane amount because of how expensive it is to craft things in the first place. ---------------------- Crafting should take time, and be limited, I agree. Crafting should have a gold sink. I agree with this as well. Not everyone should want to craft due to how much time you need to spend to do it, this I agree with as well, and this is everything the game has in terms of crafting... just implemented in a way that also severely punishes the player base and crafter by being implemented in a way that's severely imbalanced Edit: Out of frustration I forgot to finish my conclusion. With how expensive buying ships and cannons are going to be, people are going to play extremely passively on the PvP servers. I don't see this as good. While yes losing a higher end ship between tiers 1-4 should be a big loss, at the same time it shouldn't cost people an arm and leg and their first born when they lose a tier 7 ship like a brig either, if someones buying a brig from me a tier 7 ship, at 30k, then dropping another 30+ k down on guns + another 20+ k down on repairs, and crew, and loses the ship due to no longer having more than 1 durability (which I do like the fact ships are lost immediately with only 1 durability), then the cost of ships and the cost of constructing ships and cannons really needs to be pulled back and balanced out. ---------------------------- Fix Suggestions: The issue is a spiral. It seems to me the devs want us to sell things at the same price we are paying for them, which.. doesn't work on many levels... To build a Brig as I explained above will cost me 30-50k depending on prices. That's alot for JUST the ship at tier 8 and a player who's been playing for maybe a day or two, that's of course assuming I sell the brig at that price.. the cost I spent to make it... not gonna happen, I'm gonna sell that ship for at least 20-30k more so I can make something out of it for my troubles. so a new player has to dish out over 100k easy for a tier 8 ship + cannons + crew + repairs.... Ridiculous. Problem Crafters rely on players filling the market with the resources they need. Since you can't buy these cheap from NPC ports anymore..... Getting oak from a oak building costs roughly 80g per 1 oak. That's ridiculous. For a player to supply a crafter with oak they'd then have to turn around and sell the oak for at least 85g to make any meaningful profit. Fix: Cut the cost for getting supplies from buildings down by half. This creates an economy where all players can build economy buildings and feed the resources to crafters in the market. With the price being cheap IF you own a building, this allows for prices to fluctuate with supply/demand, which is essential for a healthy economy. -------------------------- Personally I think there should be a difference in crafting, different experiences and crafting tree's. Ship Builder, Cannon Maker, and something else for the permanent modules you can install. Each having their own leveling tree. Level 1 cannon maker can only make low tier medium cannons, as they go up they unlock long cannons for that tier, then the next tier of medium cannons, etc. But that's an entirely different monster.
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