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  1. I have maybe a slightly different take on the barbette size issue - but I absolutely think that if something like Friedrich's barbette suggestions were implemented, it would be ideal. Here is my thought: If the barbettes can't be tweaked like that easily, maybe lock different weapons out of different hulls as a temporary workaround to improve historical accuracy while letting them work on new features. Here's my workaround idea: Short term fix: Give each battleship/battlecruiser hull a suite of "unlocked" weapons to use. These won't be changing based on tech levels or anything, th
  2. Remember what is still appropriate for merchants is not necessarily military spec. Civilian ships (like the Liberties) would use the most efficient tech for the budget and need, so using older cheaper engines is less a problem than on military ships. Agree though, old tech shouldn't disappear, rather it should be obvious in builder that, sure, it's cheaper but there are tradeoffs in weight, fuel cost, etc. that make it better to go with the newer tech. They honestly need to do something like this about the diesel engines in game - there isn't much reason aside from cost to go with t
  3. I tend to have a really hard time focusing on any element more than the others. I tend to up-armor a lot but not a ridiculous amount. I tend to try for between 27 and 30 knots, only faster if going for a battlecruiser or real fast platform and only going less if need be due to efficiency. I try to get four or five turrets, and I try to get either three forward or three aft. My weapon of choice, unless going for a super battleship, is the quad 15" gun (see my post on gun effectiveness for why). Basically, I try to get as many of those on a hull as I can, armor and speed are secondary but not ig
  4. How exactly do you choose which guns are the best to use? This is probably one of the first things you think about when starting your design! This will be a pretty long post, but I've spent a couple of days (slowly) gathering the data and darn it if I'm not going to share! If this has already been done, my apologies! I'm going to split this into a few parts on this post, so feel free to jump around. CONTENTS: What are the stats that affect gun effectiveness? Which of those are the best guide for a designer? How can one test this? Conclusions and Suggestions for Ga
  5. Still loving this! I know that developing AI, campaign, and crew features are priority, but please still keep considering ways to unlock certain designer options for players but locking them for AI if it breaks the AI. We still really need moveable barbettes and more rational limitations on where things can go. I'm trying to play with the IJN 8/8 Plan ships (so building and having fun with Nagato, Tosa, Kii, Nr. 13, Amagi, and a Nr 13 BC variant), and while the hulls look great for that, you can't get the Pagoda tower on a hull small enough for Nagato and Tosa, and you also really need an
  6. First off, thank you for your work, Devs! I LOVE the new hulls and quad turrets! But, I’d like to see a bit more sanity with the quad turrets: 1. They go too big. There is no way a 20” gun is going in a quad turret on any platform smaller than the absolute highest tonnage and even then probably no more than two of those and not superfiring unless you can REQUIRE the “enormous” barbette. 2. They don’t go small enough! Can we please have the French 13” turret for a Dunkerque? Also, aside from ubiquitous AAA quad mounts, French sometimes put their 5” secondaries in quad turrets on Dunke
  7. You can basically build one of the Tillmans now - you can use the Modern BB hull, put in 15 18" guns in 3 turrets, drop the speed, up the armor, and profit!
  8. Wouldn't it be possible to use snap points or "best practice" for AI ships, while removing some of the snap point requirements for User players? We know the AI already can build with different constraints based on the mission (mission 23 they get the 105K ton hull which we only can use via cheat mode), why not keep the AI basically the same as for ship designing but remove some of the limits from the user interface side? If the "auto-designer" is the problem, perhaps have a "pro" or "free" mode available to the player that turns off the auto-designer in exchange for getting rid of su
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