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Found 6 results

  1. Now, we're expecting ships built out of fir the be the fastest (but most fragile) followed by the "vanilla" oak/teak builds and ends up with the slow and tanky liveoak ships. Each of the wood types are divided into the quality color system we've grown accustomed to, so there are quite a few variables. I was wrong. Fir is grey, oak and teak are green and live oak is blue. I always want to know "what?" and "how much?", so I've started taking notes of max speeds of the frigs I've bought and captured. I leave out those with speed mods, because they would obviously ruin everything. I point my bow half a notch below broad reach because many ships have their absolute max speed at that setting and not pure 45deg broadreach. The ships are fitted with long guns all around, simply because that's the most sensible PVP setup, like so: Keep in mind planking and reinforced masts weigh and slow you down so those can't be used either. The speed test has to be recorded before taking any damage as that greatly affects speed. Grey fir: Blue Live Oak: Temporary note: ?! I have a green teak ship lying around and will get to that, but I already have many questions. What does the quality do? Does it strengthen the wood's main character or all? Is blue live oak both stronger and faster than grey live oak? I desperately want to test a blue fir ship, but haven't seen a single one (Duh! Idjiit). I have gold so if you crafters are sitting on one, let me know. Anyone is welcome to contribute with testing, ofcourse.
  2. I know every one hates the words wipe no matter when and how it's mention but we are at a all time low on the game player wise and with holidays and new year maybe it's time to do a soft wipe. This way we can test the econ without having stock piles of goods. I got so much stuff saved up right now from old system I can craft ships for days and not run out of anything but the crafting woods for certain builds. Maybe it's time to make this game officially BETA. Do a soft wipe, give some nifty prize (The Pandora) let use test thing on a clean slate until game released. Than folks won't be so upset when the finally wipe comes as they aren't sitting on over a year worth of stuff. You can even do like you did on test and offer a few notes of certain ships for those that activity stick around and test things until release. We can keep the PvE server the same so as not to upset folks that just want to PvE and play with AI.
  3. As raiding was a thing and the penetration model wasnt that strict I liked to down gun my ships for speed. That means I used 12pd instead of 18pds or 4pds instead of 9pd or 6pds. Finally and because of the new detailed sailing model I was curious if guns effect the heeling of ships and gave it a try. I grabbed my Trinc removed all guns and recorded the heel while sailing at around 90°. I repeated that for only lower gun deck mounted (18pd longs), only upper deck mounted (only 9pd longs) and all guns mounted ( 18pd longs lower and 9pd longs upper) everything else stayed the same. The following video shows the data I could generate: Result: There is no difference in the range of heeling. Question @maturin @admin: Is that realistic? Is the ship heel effected by the guns that are mounted? Regarding that picture. the center of gravity has an important role regarding ship heel. Removing/adding guns shifts the center of gravity up or down. Wouldnt that lead to a different result compared to my recorded footage?
  4. Ahoy captains, It is safe to say that NA has at least two types of PVP players. Those who want immediate PVP action even if it is a lobby match and those who like the opportunistic OW PVP. What do you think on the idea of reforming the servers? PVP1 - remain as it is. A stable server. PVP2 - is a hardcore pvp testing server. When new features implemented such as less coastal defenses, easier tagging ROE, less restrictions to get into PVP, but also less hand holding features like short battle closing times, BR limits etc. PVP2 will be dedicated to design, test and balance all those hardcore PVP mechanics and if approved by the community implemented on PVP1. I dont want to go through millions of benefits of this system. Instead I invite you to vote and express your opinion on the matter so it is clear how this community feels about it. Appreciate your attention and time! Koltes
  5. Hello all, I play the game and search this forum every other day or so. I am not that active posting or commenting, but this has been bothering me lately and I wanted to let everyone know what I think about this community since OW came out. Every time I search for new content in this forum since the last month I just see drama, people complaining, whining or being way too aggressive (and even acting like jerks) on each other. Sometimes people even discredit other people’s opinion just because they don’t share their point of view. It’s got to a point where the players just don’t give their opinion/test on the game anymore. They just directly say what they want the game to be so it benefits their play style and no other… I mean, what’s the point of testing this game if you just want it to be “your way” and **** anyone else’s opinion. This is not a test anymore, and it has been like this since the release of OW. What happened with the days when everyone was having a good time in Sea Trials, testing ships, and having a blast with other players that were not from your own country/nationality? This forum has changed quite a bit in the last few months. Now there is no collaboration between players and desire to test the game, I only see rage and complaints here now, with really few people actually making suggestions on how the game can be better for everyone, not just for themselves. Just a few examples. To all the people complaining about escaping from ganks using teleport, or the defensive tag (not saying this shouldn’t be changed), what about you stop acting like bullies chasing solo players in groups of 3 trincos and not taking a fair fight ever because you may lose one battle? Maybe then those solo players will stop running away every single time because they will know the fight will be at least somewhat even. On the other side of the spectrum, it is not feasible (and not healthy) to have a game like this completely PVE if you are playing under one nation. There is an option for you to play as “Neutral”, and you will only be attacked by the few human pirates that are in the game. Suggesting having another PVE server at this point isn’t an option. As a summary, please everyone calm down and think about other people’s point of view before complaining about a game mechanic here. Do not discredit other people for having a different opinion, and, if you do not like something about the game, make a suggestion that actually benefits everyone, not just you. And, after all, this is a game that we all love playing. I saw a lot of camaraderie in Sea Trials, and I just hope we can go back to the way we used to test the game back then. Rekab
  6. As the title says. Did this work? Semaphor GIF...
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