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  1. At the end of each battle you will be awarded Reputation Points, Career Points, Gold, & possibly a medal. See picture above. It is recommended that you start from the right and move to the left as you spend these resources. You will then be given the opportunity to spend each of these resources to increase the strength and size of your forces. It is recommended that you begin with the applying your Career Points since this may have an impact on the use of the rest of your resources. For more information on Career Points see the thread on this topic. Gold and Reputation points can
  2. Several of us are working on Wiki type info for Age of Sails. In this thread I will talk about the Campaigns. I will keep to general structure as the game is still in development and some of the details are likely to change. Currently there are 2 Campaigns - each roughly follows the life of a Hero from that country. The first Campaign is the British Campaign and focuses on the life of Horatio Nelson. The Campaign begins with a story line from his childhood. As the story progresses you are asked several questions. Each of these questions will have an impact on your play style. We will
  3. It depends on the Battle. she may be too large. I have used her in the Objects battle in chapter 3.
  4. By the end of the 3rd Chapter I had the 3rd Rate Bellona & 3 3rd Rate Ardents
  5. Ok I used F11 during my playing of Active Captain. but I don't see it here. Just a recap. I won the battle but the Statistics screen was blank for all tabs except the first one which had 9999 for each value. How do I get a screen capture?
  6. thanks. I will remember for the future.
  7. Sorry No I did not. So I assume I should hit F11 while in the game if I have an issue.
  8. I was playing the Smuggler battle and I had 2 issues - first I had a group of Marines run back to the boats that they landed in and I could not get them to return. second I sent 160 Marines to the primary base which was defended by 32 Spanish Marines. My troops were arranged in the trees and the Spanish troops were in the open. yet my troops broke and ran. This does not seem likely considering the numbers. This happened several times before I was able to take possession of the supplies and go to the embarkation point.
  9. Is there a plan to add fore & aft rigged vessels, such as the Baltimore Clipper. This would add a very interesting area to the game. Since the clipper can point higher than a frigate. you could have a battle where an American clipper take on a British convoy.
  10. Ok, I am very new to Ultimate Admiral games. I just installed Age of sail yesterday. I find it to be a very exciting game. Just what I was looking for. So here is my feedback on Game play - I would guess that there are many players not familiar with Sailing a square rigged warship. I suggest that the tutorial needs a section just for maneuvering. Such as you cannot tack across the wind and you cannot sail into the wind. It doesn't yet appear that your speed is affected by your point of sail. Also do you plan to have wind direction and speed change during a battle. currently I find the UI
  11. I paid for the Commodore Edition today. I don't see a link to install the prerelease. I used Paypal.
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