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  1. Alliances and wars are meaningless without some kind of enforcement. You can’t stop random players from sinking each other and breaking the alliance. in the same vein, wars are meaningless, when all sides are permanently at war. what we have now is a mad max scenario with barely cohesive street gangs. That’s fun for a while, but it’s inherently unstable. Some gang will gain momentum, and will start absorbing members from the others. Eventually a dominant side emerges, and takes over the server. this game will never be balanced, so long as there is no structure in place for conflict between gangs.
  2. Frighteningly similar to how central banks ‘manage’ the real world economy. playing with the money supply is not a fix for perverse incentives.
  3. Pretty much all of this is solved by either: A - a player-driven clan alliance/war mechanic. B - a game-driven National alliance/war mechanic give a 24 hour Declaration of War like eve online. Everyone gears up and goes to war. peace means no attacking each other just like friendlies.
  4. Yeah that would be neat with a bigger player base. At the moment, you’ve got 5-15 active players in any clan. That’s not enough for a gang let alone an economy.
  5. It is a war server. But the amount of grind required to actually partake is out of balance. There remains no effective defense against 2 or more attacker’s - that’s fine, but you can’t expect someone to grind 70 missions just to build the shipyard, and another 3-4 per ship crafted, to do it. In addition to all the farming/ trading for mats, upgrades, cannons.... youre talking an investment of 200 hrs just to get it blown up.
  6. That’s pretty much what it is now... 11 pirate nations fighting.
  7. I'd much rather see some sort of national relations mechanic, than clan-for-all. But either of those are preferable to this. It's just chaos. Either let nations formally ally/declare war, or assign warfare across the server. This week, Spain vs. US, and Dutch vs. Sweden for example.
  8. Only the pirates should be at war with everyone all the time. It just makes no sense to have 11 gangs fighting all other 10 for turf always.
  9. What is the point of having 11 Pirate nations fighting each other? Seriously. Add some kind of alliance/war mechanic, or just drop them entirely. Leave it down to 50ish clans fighting over territory. There is no point to this.
  10. There’s only one reason for me to join a clan whatsoever - the port bonuses. Without that, I’m playing for the nation I chose. Re: the alts argument - if somebody wants to pay for a second copy of the game, and build a ship, and transport it to their main nation, and use it... I don’t care. They paid the port taxes, collecting all those mats, and permits, and guns, and reps, and I get to sink that ship later. What’s more, this is no different than a nation player moving ships to a freetown, for sale.
  11. Just drop the silly "clan friends" list completely. The bonuses apply to the port, or they don't. Stop encouraging politics and enforcing a limit on the number of clans that a nation can have.
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