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  1. McPoyle

    Unable to log in

    I have tried to log in 5+ times today. Rebooted system and still the same thing. I tried a connection test and it said "Error: Crash sender should be started using steam launcher." I am using steam obviously and steam is up to date
  2. As a PvE only player, I am VERY excited for these updates. I think most PvE players feel like I do too. I know some worry because of rumors of what will happen when in reality nobody knows until we test. I do agree with you it is funny some are worried about PvE in PvE. Kid's these day's
  3. Obviously not the way it has always been, beings thread on some patch notes. Admin said they release patch notes if they are "noteworthy". Paid DLC content, new perk and possible buffs to AI etc are noteworthy IMO. Obviously not the way it has always been according to the devs and the fact this is a thread on patch notes. Admin stated they always release patch note if the devs find them "noteworthy" I think paints added and NPC's given prep perk is pretty damn noteworthy. What else is in the update? Obviously not noteworthy according to the devs and the head of the cheerleading squad
  4. No personal insults. Stay on topic. - H. Darby
  5. McPoyle

    Hotfix notes?

    Yes, you ask way to much. Just buy the DLC's, and if you grind more you can figure out what is different. Creating patch notes takes a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Just posting this cost me hours of my life and at least a $100. Now please excuse me, I have to get back to PvE to grind for mats to build ships with a broken crafting system.
  6. 1. You are just doing it wrong. Just use a trade ship with chasers. Problem solved It works fine Dev's like everything else in this balanced masterpiece. 2. When a timer runs out, it typically means there is no more time and things tend to switch off It's a PvP problem. I am sure it will get fixed, just wanted to give my useless opinion on a PvP post like PvP players manage to do on EVERY PvE post with legitimate issues.
  7. I started this thread to try and bring the FACTS of crafting being broke AF on PvE. Hard to derail ones own post. I never asked for 100% guarantee of gold ship builds. The FACT is they are not only rare, but only know of 1 or 2 gold ships of worth being made since release, and I am only being told about them, never seen 1 for sale and don't know any players personally that have built 1. So again, YOU are the one derailing a thread on a topic and server that does not concern you. Stick to your YT vids and PvP issues.
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about "Historical" Naval Action, like when crafting actually had meaning and yes, Gold ships were and still are king (have yet to see 1 gold ship for sale since release). At the current rate I might get a Gold ship that I want in a few years. Funny I don't recall ever seeing you on PvE. So maybe keep your PvP thoughts on PvP posts and stick to your YT vids on PvP happenings. This thread is a PvE thread which will be ignored by dev's and as per usual some PvP player needs to derail it with the typical "we know whats best for a server we don't play on"
  9. Sounds like beginners luck. Like finding Golden Monkeys back in the day. I never got them once. Had to buy them from a newb that picked them up day 1. I looted for over a year and never found them. Crafting ships feels the same way now. You should have bought a lotto ticket
  10. Since release I have crafted well over 150 ships (no 1st rates) and have yet to get anything better than a 3/5 cramped. I have seen a few purp builds for sale in KPR since release. Yesterday for example I crafted 10 Aga in a row to see if see if anything good could come with saving and mass producing. Best I got was a 3/5 strong rigging. Did the same thing today and it turns out pretty much the same way, other than I got 3 out of 10 that had strong rigging. So best I can get is pretty much the same as most I can cap. Am I doing something wrong or is crafting really this useless? My crafting lvl has been maxed out for a few years and my shipyard is lvl 3 at LaNav .
  11. McPoyle

    Stuck in battle

    I am in combat with a Wasa elite and he went up wind (per-usual as that is where they like to die so you can't loot them) He stick's himself in the shore up wind and the when I got near him to shoot of course now I am stuck. No way out of it because the wind does not change either. So now we are both stuck with 1hr 10min left. The NPC is able to pop off bow cannon so I cannot escape the fight either. I sent in a report, but I sure as hell do not want to sit there for 70+min to wait for the timer to run out and I am not about to surrender my ship to an NPC that is almost dead. If there were quarterboats/larger radius to loot ships with rather than having to been 10m from them, these NPC that LOVE to shore themselves given the opportunity could be killed and looted.
  12. If we just got patch notes we would have a better idea. This is the first dev team I have come across that does not release patch notes with EA or release (still beta)
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