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  1. Just noticed that on pvp mission count is says 9.0 instead of just 9. Only for pvp missions maybe devs made assist kills worth 0.5 after all. Or was it always like this?.
  2. Of course it's smart move, both in real life and in a war game. What's your point?, because clearly you missed mine.
  3. What you meant to say was, it encourages earnings by ganking. Ganking is encouraged enough already. Let the ones who want challenge at least be rewarded higher then those who do not.
  4. I think more important to get more "competitive" pvp, not just more pvp.
  5. Vets will love this, more sharkfood.:)
  6. Why should ganking 2 v 1 be rewarded as if it was actually a challenge?. For example I'm in a trinco and defeat another trinco I get 1 count. (challenging) 2 Trincos defeat my trinco they get 1 count each. (not even remotely challenging). Why?. As Licinio proposed make them count as half then. (Either that or double the reward for un-assisted kills).
  7. If some players feel the need to use alts to make this game less challenging I would say let them. As long as it's by devs point of view legal.
  8. That captain always cries when things don't go his way, he's renown in the swedish nation for that. But I don't believe the level of insult from his side is worth a tribunal, let alone to be adressed on forum. (But that will be up to the devs to decide). I agree with Black list in fight though, this has been on topic before, hope it will get implemented.
  9. Captains, Been undecisive wether to sell my naval clock or keep it, guess it will depend on the offers I get, so if you are interested in it make an offer here or send me a private message. I will be online this afternoon (in 3-4 hours roughly). If I have no offers by then and I still intend to sell it I will advertise it in-game. Payment in reals or trade for a 5th rate of equal worth. (Trincomalee/Endymion preferably). Only serious offers will be considered. Fair winds and stay above the waves, Huang Po Tsai
  10. Players have brought this up before, but I will too. If want AI to remain somewhat challenging give them repairs instead of the super aim/angling etc. It just looks redicolous and unrealistic. AI ship giving me a perfect broadside when I almost positioned on his stern is just wrong.
  11. And there are already so many ships with full upgrades that we will be seeing them until wipe. Friend lost his trinco today, bought another on 5 min later. (both fully upgraded)
  12. Pvp hunt missions does require you to get the kill in order to count, which is good. But how about pure solo mission added, where kill will only count if you are the only ship that has damaged the opponent and that no other friendly ships must be in a certain range for it to count as a pure solo kill. A captain sinking an enemy purely on his own, no friends around, compared to being in a group should be rewarded much higher, and even greater if you defeat 2 enemies in 2 v 1. Whilst, being a 12 v 1 should reward you with close to nothing. To sum it up I would like to see the pure solo missions and overall better scaled rewards with the challenges.
  13. Elite npc fleets, - solo player?. I doubt it Captain. This game is directed towards being in a Clan. (Which is fine, if it's what the devs want). (Some players tend to argue that this is an MMO, to their understanding it means the game is played together with friends in a clan, and not alone, which is false. It means you are playing online with other players, with or against.)
  14. If that's true then that's it for me then, don't like being forced into a certain gameplay to be competitive. I'll be back if/when I'm ready to play this game as part of a clan.:). Fair winds and happy hunting all!
  15. Because I have no interest in joining a clan, real life and the way I play the game makes it best played on my own, and I'm not going to join a clan just for port upgrades.
  16. Port bonus can be very strong from what I seen, does this mean I need to join a clan to craft competitive ships?. Just want to know, since for me that is not going to be an option, not going to be forced into joining clan in order to be sailing competitive frigates, it's tough as it is being competitive when your on your own. I can deal with being outskilled and outnumbered, but I'm not going to be outgeared aswell.
  17. Most bases covered?. Prussia, spain, france, poland-lithuania, sweden, danmark-norge and dutch all need sailors, some more then others. Great Britain and Russia only nations that I would considered "covered".
  18. After that just wait for steam to come back to us?. NAS-1146721
  19. It's not because of large influx after server. Some log in after 2 min, some can't log in at all.
  20. 3 topics about this already😉
  21. I also had bug with my dlc's. I restarted steam client and dlc's were back.
  22. I been playing for 2 years, I can count how many ships I crafted on 1 hand. So your assumtion that I am a ship crafter is wrong. I capture ships, I buy ships and as most players I also use dlc ships. Now, there are very few ships to buy (probably has more to do with upcoming wipe then anything else though), very few ships to capture (because most ships used are dlc).
  23. It means that after I've said what I have to say about this, in this thread I will not be reading or replying to anymore discussion about neither patrol zones dlc, I'm done with it and just wanted to give my thought on it before I don't speak of it again.
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