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  1. Very nice, thanks for the replays! Your losses are comparable with mine, except for "Stay Alert" where have 3,000 losses less and Shiloh where I have 2,000 losses more. Also... one of the more challenging mechanics in the game are prisoners. In my new campaign, I will try to focus on capturing 1,000 prisoners in every non-major battle (and probably in several major battles too). Those numbers add up: there are 38 battles in the Confederate campaign, so if I manage to often get 1,000 prisoners I would have ALOT of extra men in the final battles. And I simply MUST play a new
  2. Just so y'all know... the logistics trait for artillery now works: I just tested this (with version 1.11) with two artillery batteries of 16 24pdr Howitzers: one with the logistics trait and one battery without. The one without the logistic traits ran out of ammunition a lot faster. Both units had the same command #, same efficiency #, same quality of general and so on. I did not test the effect of the corps general's logistics trait, I'll leave that to someone else
  3. I name them something like "Ranged (1855) 55" to indicate they are a) ranged troops, they carry 1855-guns and they got 55 in the firearm stat. I used to name them "1/1 Ranged (1855) 55" to indicate which corps & division they were in, but I stopped doing that, because I always handpick troops for each individual battle and put them in the fighting corps, changing the corps/division they're in.
  4. Personally, I almost never combine units any more because -after all the game's changes- I think that the combined unit takes the division commander as commander, leaving the rest of the division without a division commander. So, all units in your division suffer from it. That's a hefty price to pay, just to make one single unit operational again IMO.
  5. I think one of the most fundamental choices you got to make in advance if how large you want your brigades to be. Some play with all 2.500 brigades, but then the enemy scales very high. With the Union it's still doable, but when you play with large brigades in the late SCA campaign you can't recover from your 10k+ losses at Chancellorsville / Gettysburg / Chickamauga (at least, I can't). You can go for a draw in -say- Chickamauga but that's cheezy IMO. Plus, it messes up the nice "Victory" column in your overview Plus, contrary to what the first replier said, the enemies weapons do n
  6. I agree that it is harder to win the Confederate campaign than the Union campaign. But that doesn't bother me, because, well, the confederates lost the war, so it's only fair that it's harder to win with them. Plus, it's nice to have a harder campaign than the Unions, because that campaign is rather easy, compared to other games out there.
  7. Is there any data about the efficiency of cannon brigades with the latest/final build of the game? Does a 24-gun brigade still loses 40% of it's efficiency, even with a high-enough commander? Or is this bug fixed? I know that the supply-trait is still bugged, but I do not know about this. Anyone? Also... if I bring in 10,000 supply and I have one single 24-gun brigade, will the supply run out twice as fast as when I bring one single 12-gun brigade? It's difficult to test, so I thought I better ask here before I try to test this somehow.
  8. To me, there is one piece of information missing: how does the AI determines their armies strength in the campaign battles. I tested this the past months, but the system changed and changed and re-changed, so now I don't know how it works exactly anymore. There is a cap on the enemies army, so if you can, it's always the best way to bring the maximum number of troops allowed. But details are sketchy at the moment... - do 24 cannons, 750 horses or 500 skirmishers count the same as 2500 infantry? (they used to, then they didn't, then they did, then they did again, but I hav
  9. I I agree with this, that would be nicer. There are several major battles where the initial victory conditions are not important, and Chancellorsville is one of them. Just leave your troops in the camp and don't bother going down to the objectives.
  10. I just tested this myself last week, with 2 units of 24 6pdr fields. They were placed next to each other and both had a colonel as boss. One had the Logistics trait and one did not. But... they both ran out of supply at the same time. And yes, it means all the ammo-traits are useless. So I re-traited all my artillery and gave them a better trait, using the use-up-all-men-by-creating-cheap-units-and-then-disband-all-two-star-units-and-remake-them technique. (I did not tested the ammo trait for corps commanders, that's a lot harder to set up).
  11. Thanks all for the answers. And please stay positive. No use getting all worked up. So, in my example Unit C would do the same damage than unit A. And units C & D will do more than unit A. Good to know.
  12. Hi! Here are some in depth questions that I have about this great game! 1/ When I assign Lieutenant-Generals as Corps commanders, I can see in the "details" of the battle screen that some of them have 500 men with them and some only 64. Does this has any effect on the game at all? (other than the Lieutenant-General dying less fast when they are fired upon, I guess) 2/ What exactly is the effect of the command-ring in the field around a corps commander? I do not see any effect on a unit's statistics such as morale, efficiency, firearms... nor do I
  13. Hi, Is there any official confirmation that the supply trait for cannons is still bugged? Because... I just tested this myself, with 2 units of 24 6pdr fields. They were placed next to each other and both had a colonel as boss. One had the Logistics trait and one did not. But... they both ran out of supply at the same time. So... is this a confirmed bug?
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