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  1. Frognastie

    Unit Naming

    Thanks guys, its good to see how others manage. I am heading down the track of Corps No. / Division / Unit Name With elite brigades, I will likely specialise the name somewhat, and place in my 1st Corps 4th Division - aliken like the "Old Guard"
  2. Frognastie

    CSA Recruitment

    Thanks. I have went 10 to politics, then 10 medicine, then organistion. I have never really recovered from Antitiam.
  3. Frognastie

    CSA Recruitment

    Is there a way to improve recruitment numbers? I have struggled to get to 40K in 2 corps. I am reading people getting to much larger/?
  4. Frognastie

    Unit Naming

    Hi all, New to the forums & game. What are the general unit naming principles that people are using?