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  1. 22ndNorthCarolina


    So i captured all the objectives at Chancellorsville on the day of Jacksons flank attack but it still took me to the next day, just why? I should be onto Salem Church but now i gotta waste more men to retake the objectives i never lost.
  2. 22ndNorthCarolina

    DLC addons?

    Id be in favor of a "Landmark" DLC.. Say it overhauls the look of the Dunker Church at Antietam and basically everything on the current Gettysburg map. It would just make the game/map more accurate and immerse you into the history
  3. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Accuracy of Gettysburg map

    Its still beta, i have no doubt Nick and crew will clean this up before the final version is released.
  4. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Salem Church question

    Does Salem Church have any effect on the outcome of Chancellorsville as the CSA? I really dont want to lose more men for nothing and just settle for a draw if it doesnt have an effect on the Main battle
  5. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Ahhhhhhh i can see it now, having no recon when Gettysburg comes around, what could possibly go wrong?
  6. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Ultimate General: WW1

    Looks better with facial hair.. lmao
  7. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Fredericksburg bug?

    Mine does too. My 2nd corps (middle of the line) never shows..
  8. 22ndNorthCarolina


    Thats down to 3,500 and it costs 30 rep now
  9. 22ndNorthCarolina


    2/3 corps lost 50 percent, was a draw. Down to 16k 1st corps, 17k 2nd corps and 17k 3rd corps. Cant imagine how much of a bloodbath the other battles are if you can easliy lose 30 percent at Corinth
  10. 22ndNorthCarolina


    So let me get this straight. You can only get enough recruits for 3 birgades max from Fredricksburg and onlg 4,200 from Cornith?? This makes the CS campaign unplayable and broken. Cmon guys.
  11. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Cedar Mountain Complaint(s)

    Lets get this out of the way first. I love the game and cant wait for the full version, but the inner history buff inside of me would like to bring up one part of the game.. Cedar Mountain.. I do not beleive in any way this version of the battle is slightly accurate, The Union attacked Jackson's corps and Jackson was not "forced to attack Bank's corps on Cedar Ridge" albeit Jackson did counter attack Bank's men after his attack stalled out but i still do not think this is a historic depiction of the battle. Now i get it that it may be hard to fix now but at least its out there now. And Cedar Mountain itself isnt even on the map... Lol
  12. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Next Ultimate General Game, What would you like to see?

    UG needs to stick to ACW, no other war can be as marketable as the Civil War. That being said i would love to see the following battles be considered. Sharpsburg(Antietam), Fredricksburg, Chattanooga, Cedar Creek, First Bull Run, Petersburg Campaign and The Wilderness
  13. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Upcoming patch 0.9 approaching (UPDATE: 12/9/2014)

    This sounds amazing. Also, Can we have an option where we can click on the map showing troop postions on events we cant decide on? for example the 1st scenario It would be nice to view the postions as they are a tad small to see. Unless im missing this U
  14. 22ndNorthCarolina

    Screen shot of the MP leaderboard

    Guys, Dont Escrow Taxes and REB_Blunt hack. Watch out for them.... Just Kidding.
  15. 22ndNorthCarolina

    The Next Patch......

    Was just curious why it has taken around 4 weeks for the newest patch release? Problems or just a lot of new updates? The new patch is like bigfoot, its often talked about but never seen