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  1. Little things like this that seem like quick fixes would make such a difference A gamma slider would be nice at least so those of us who want to can have dark battles
  2. Jon Silver might have "lol nooobs" micro'd by this point
  3. I would like to see graphics options for those of us who have computers who can take it... like the option to run out cannons that was in the game before
  4. I've been waiting for small battles to come back
  5. Looks good except this one... I could be wrong, but is a 'brigand' not, by nature, a land-based thief?
  6. Or maybe it takes 2-3 days to destroy (depending on the investment/upgrade being destroyed,) similar to forts taking a day to build. And no refund for destroying them
  7. Cities that are properly sized? Battles and docks scenes would look so much better with accurate comparison between ships and city
  8. Someone probably just didn't want you to steal their kills Some players are like that The only reasonable offense could be taken if you continued to fight after they asked you to leave
  9. Love these! It actually seems way more straightforward to me than the current system. Wonderful! +1 Naval Action needs this... the way battles are right now is just too unrealistic and honestly it can be game-breaking I have long hoped for someone to find a good way to transition late-comers into battle instance wonderful! If this is implemented, I would start playing the game again in earnest... it could solve so, so many problems people have with current RoE. Admin, please!
  10. I generally do not post battle reports on the forum because I dislike the bragging nature sometimes found here... but I will make an exception in order to stop all of these French players trying to brag about sinking US players... The fruit of 2 hours' work today:
  11. Forts cannot be permanently destroyed in battle instances... but even if you had destroyed them in port battle, they would still not have been destroyed It's bugged
  12. Pistols at dawn it is, sir! This may not have been aimed at me but I'm up for anything you guys want in 3v3, 2v2, or 1v1 format (so long as it's post-mother's day weekend)
  13. This is a wonderful idea! Imagine this being added as a feature available in port... exploring your own ship in detail. Easy immersion
  14. Weekdays are workdays for us Yesterday was my playtime until Friday. Can't we continue this back-and-forth elsewhere? If you're genuinely interested in giving us a fight, we would be very grateful. https://discord.gg/ns5qBVF One way to contact^ but we could also forum PM. I do hope we can find an agreement!
  15. It would not be 11. If we set the PB in our average 45m-hour then we must stay awake for a further hour and 45 for the port battle... landing us at around 1:30. This is not viable for myself and many others, as we do not want to ruin our sleep for the sake of a game and most attend school or work full time. Continue telling us we're too afraid to fight... it's not going to make us stay up far into the morning for your sakes.
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