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    UI broken

    Unfortunately, I believe something happened to my WiFi as I jumped into this hostility mission. UI seemed to be malfunctioning, although the rest of the game performed as normal. Error count (if, indeed, that x is errors) reached 27 Upon leaving the mission, my UI remained broken... I did another mission, same thing except I did manage to regain the timer and hit-counter. I was unable to submit an f-11 report, as the 'send' button was missing Thank you!
  2. Sir John

    Basic Cutter

    Yes Another ship Starting ship (nice sailing profile for starting ship as well.) Backup for anyone who finds themselves stuck in port with no cash.
  3. Sir John

    Port Interface

    I agree we need small beautification like this. It's immersion, a sign of refinement, historical accuracy, etc. Hopefully doesn't take very long either Or, at least, guns run in and some ports open for air flow And, hopefully proper cannon visuals in port (at the moment only heaviest cannons can be seen) although I know devs are aware of this and probably working towards it
  4. Sir John

    Naval Action Meme collection

    spreading through the discords F @Silfarion I'm warming up to patch but initial shock was bad Patrol zone is what's saving it Looting is still a terrible feature but I've come around to enjoy doubloons in hold, and accept the currency although don't entirely understand it
  5. Sir John

    Pvp Rewards

    Roughly 200 less doubloons for sinking an ocean that was a commodore (1000 vs 800) if I remember correctly Battle example I would be happy with doubloons going to hold, if one did not have to loot them in battle. I dislike the RNG, but it'd still be worth it if they went straight to hold after battle instead of forcing 6+ minutes after the battle. In this particular battle, I had to take numerous rakes and a few broadsides to loot the Wapen. I would have been unable to loot the Ocean (for fear of beaching myself) had the others not left, to say nothing of the nearby British tower. Again, I'd estimate that in most situations at least one side of the battle cannot loot, and is therefore excluded from profit after the battle. In the battle before this, I traded broadsides with a fort (destroying it) as I looted a Wapen, got nothing for it. I do love the patch aside from this, though, and I'm happily waiting for PvP missions to see if they fix this.
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    I'm not thinking straight.
  7. Sir John


    2k hours. 😐
  8. Sir John

    Risk verses reward

    British and French have agreed to leave the US Truxillo in order to spawn US AI fleets 😐 I suppose I can no longer argue that RvR is completely meaningless
  9. Thank you for the response, and sorry for my temper, ha ha. I'm excited for those missions. I do worry for Patrol Zone, though, and Solo PvPers. For this reason, I hope that the full doubloon amount is awarded without the need for looting.
  10. \ I made some good marks from that fight, since it was before the patch. The trouble now is that, going into it, I know I will make nothing. Gank fleets have the ultimate power now. I can also surrender far out of range, or run myself under a fort's guns and sink myself.. truly deny them any type of reward for the battle. (before they would get marks.) Forces them to waste their time and perhaps not make it in time anyway. The new griefing is tagging a solo first rate. He'll never make anything from the fight.
  11. Looting is now the only way to get paid for sinking a player. I was fine with not looting in the past, since I got my marks. Now I make nothing
  12. Why was looting doubloons added to the game? I can't come up with a benefit. Roughly 10 minutes of beating upwind and the ship is too far below for me to get anything! Please remove this feature. Cost me thousands of doubloons already. I love the rest of the update. The PvP changes seem to me to be the worst changes I've seen in a long time. Frankly, I feel right now that I would like a refund of the doubloons I have been unable to loot and a proper conversion for the PvP marks that I had on the other server.
  13. I'm happy with the UI... very upset about PvP mark conversions and PvP vs PvE. The money I had stored in PvP marks has (for all intents and purposes) vanished, and I find I can make barely anything from PvP. Seems like my only choice now is to PvE, and I won't do that. I'll have fun PvP 'till the reals run out, I suppose. Shame that I can't sustain myself on PvP anymore (I understand that doubloons are stored in the hold. Why?? Now, even if I fight a full gank fleet and sink every one but the last and then die myself, I'll make next to nothing. Unless I'm getting this wrong, PvE is the way to go now.) So, getting ganked has no profit now? Revenge fleets have the ultimate power to deny content? Edit: The profit from that fight will buy my teleport to Charleston. gg 😐 Edit #2: After 40 Doubloons of teleporting around, I find that I can't tow my l'Ocean because tow prices have not been adjusted. 'Nother 10 doubloons to get to Charleston, I suppose....
  14. Are the PvP mark conversions correct? 1:1 seems a little bit off... Way off... I'm broke now :} If I had waited to sink the first rate I sank a day or two the patch, I would have made ~13x or more than the 34 pvp I made (rough estimate based upon a herc making 250-350)
  15. Excuse my 200k reals, ha ha. This third rate is fully equipped with cannons, but it seems to follow the OW visuals where one can only see the heavier cannons.
  16. Sir John

    Battle instances combining.

    I think it would help fleets in the OW which are next to each other in coordination being split up and isolated. It's historically accurate and realistic no matter the time... I would think they would spawn in their OW orientations, but perhaps closer to their join circle than where they actually were? It's not a flawless idea, but it seems to be a good start to solving this problem
  17. Parisian furniture... check buy price in fort royal and sell price in puerto de
  18. Sir John

    Flags Flags Flags

    Freedom tree came about in the 20th century I think... but it was certainly an image of freedom from the first days of the flag Also, seeing that the US has the fewest flags at the moment, can we add the US "Don't Give Up The Ship" flag? Immortalized last words of James Lawrence, aboard the USS Chesapeake. Used by Commodore Perry in 1813 aboard USS Niagara during the Battle of Lake Erie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Hazard_Perry#Hero_of_Lake_Erie Edit: Seems to have flown at the main masthead... Would still like to see it, particularly at the masthead but it would be nearly as great to fly it as a typical ensign anyway! Sorry if it was suggested already... worth bringing back up again anyway for when more flags are added
  19. Sir John

    Flags Flags Flags

    Love them! Buying this DLC asap In case that visual is in the game, though: I think "Pine Tree Flag" or "An Appeal to Heaven" would do better than US The Tree Flag
  20. Sir John

    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    Found it... (I'll stop making this thread my gallery now)
  21. Sir John

    Repair Balancing

    I cannot remember who I was duelling... but wasa V connie classic, 1.5 hour battle and neither sank! Both ships came down to structure alone and were able to repair and renew the engagement... rinse and repeat... for one and a half hours. In the time after the battle, I let myself sink. Great post... exactly, stepping a mast at sea!? I hope to add some more with my own understanding: if one was to heave out of cannon-shot to temporarily disengage, the best repairs in battle might be only knotting, splicing, fitting spare yards, replacing or repairing sails, bracing or fishing masts --although the latter three require strict immobility-- or repair of various mechanisms such as pumps and steering. I do know of some hull repairs conducted in battle, such as the shoring-up of the hull with braces and oakum. Then, post-battle, the ship may be very nearly rebuilt, including refitting topmasts and above in calm weather (particularly calm, unless you desire to sink yourself.) As much as I might desire a hardcore sailing sim, for the sake of gameplay, perhaps jury-rigging new masts should at the very least render them more susceptible to being shot away again? Repairs might be up to 95% first repair, 90% second repair, and so on. If we increase cannon spread, perhaps we can say that when a mast is shot away below the fighting top, one cannot refit a topgallant mast? Edit: But I am for a certain number of full-repairs OW unless a full mast goes by-the-board +1 to @William Death's posts
  22. Sir John

    October 12, 1492

    While I wholeheartedly agree that Columbus was a really terrible person, (to his own men, as well as your innocent natives,) I must ask if you are familiar with the natives from whose tribe the Caribbean gets its name? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_Caribs History is never so one-sided as extremes on both sides like to portray it... (as we all know) Edit: Cliche as it may be, what I think you should be saying is "war is wrong." As always, atrocities on both sides. Anyway, I have not put in enough research to form my own opinion on the actual holiday we celebrate, so I will leave it here and perhaps come back later
  23. 1st on beautification list is cities! Then sea-life
  24. Sir John

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Wonderful The only thing I can think of is that it's less fluid to have the dropdown menu for selecting ship + build close after every click (When I select Indefatigable it closes and I click "make journey" again) Nothing large, and otherwise love this tool
  25. Sir John


    Plus please improve fort AI... I'm not happy losing 1/4 hp on my ocean because a requin hugs my side and the fort decides to shoot through me