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  1. Sir John

    October 12, 1492

  2. Hello! I've just logged on to collect from weekly lineships (I placed #2 in the previous week.) I don't seem to have the option to collect my doubloons... They're not in my warehouse, or any of my warehouses... They're not in my ship hold or captain's chest. Is this a glitch? Could it have been because the chest would have overflowed if they had been put in? Thank you Edit: Just accepted new mission, and then "claim" button appears. Upon pressing that one: Just heard that a few other players have this problem.
  3. Sir John

    Naval Action Meme collection

  4. Sir John

    UI broken

    Unfortunately, I believe something happened to my WiFi as I jumped into this hostility mission. UI seemed to be malfunctioning, although the rest of the game performed as normal. Error count (if, indeed, that x is errors) reached 27 Upon leaving the mission, my UI remained broken... I did another mission, same thing except I did manage to regain the timer and hit-counter. I was unable to submit an f-11 report, as the 'send' button was missing Thank you!
  5. Sir John

    Basic Cutter

    Yes Another ship Starting ship (nice sailing profile for starting ship as well.) Backup for anyone who finds themselves stuck in port with no cash.
  6. Sir John

    Port Interface

    I agree we need small beautification like this. It's immersion, a sign of refinement, historical accuracy, etc. Hopefully doesn't take very long either Or, at least, guns run in and some ports open for air flow And, hopefully proper cannon visuals in port (at the moment only heaviest cannons can be seen) although I know devs are aware of this and probably working towards it
  7. Sir John

    Naval Action Meme collection

    spreading through the discords F @Silfarion I'm warming up to patch but initial shock was bad Patrol zone is what's saving it Looting is still a terrible feature but I've come around to enjoy doubloons in hold, and accept the currency although don't entirely understand it
  8. Sir John

    Pvp Rewards

    Roughly 200 less doubloons for sinking an ocean that was a commodore (1000 vs 800) if I remember correctly Battle example I would be happy with doubloons going to hold, if one did not have to loot them in battle. I dislike the RNG, but it'd still be worth it if they went straight to hold after battle instead of forcing 6+ minutes after the battle. In this particular battle, I had to take numerous rakes and a few broadsides to loot the Wapen. I would have been unable to loot the Ocean (for fear of beaching myself) had the others not left, to say nothing of the nearby British tower. Again, I'd estimate that in most situations at least one side of the battle cannot loot, and is therefore excluded from profit after the battle. In the battle before this, I traded broadsides with a fort (destroying it) as I looted a Wapen, got nothing for it. I do love the patch aside from this, though, and I'm happily waiting for PvP missions to see if they fix this.
  9. Sir John


    2k hours. 😐
  10. Sir John


    I'm not thinking straight.
  11. Sir John

    Risk verses reward

    British and French have agreed to leave the US Truxillo in order to spawn US AI fleets 😐 I suppose I can no longer argue that RvR is completely meaningless
  12. Thank you for the response, and sorry for my temper, ha ha. I'm excited for those missions. I do worry for Patrol Zone, though, and Solo PvPers. For this reason, I hope that the full doubloon amount is awarded without the need for looting.
  13. \ I made some good marks from that fight, since it was before the patch. The trouble now is that, going into it, I know I will make nothing. Gank fleets have the ultimate power now. I can also surrender far out of range, or run myself under a fort's guns and sink myself.. truly deny them any type of reward for the battle. (before they would get marks.) Forces them to waste their time and perhaps not make it in time anyway. The new griefing is tagging a solo first rate. He'll never make anything from the fight.
  14. Looting is now the only way to get paid for sinking a player. I was fine with not looting in the past, since I got my marks. Now I make nothing
  15. Why was looting doubloons added to the game? I can't come up with a benefit. Roughly 10 minutes of beating upwind and the ship is too far below for me to get anything! Please remove this feature. Cost me thousands of doubloons already. I love the rest of the update. The PvP changes seem to me to be the worst changes I've seen in a long time. Frankly, I feel right now that I would like a refund of the doubloons I have been unable to loot and a proper conversion for the PvP marks that I had on the other server.