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  1. Hahahaha ­čśä Where did the "little clans" touch you? Perhaps they would have been more interested in helping you with your skirmishes against the Dutch and ultimatily the war with Russia, if you didnt already have such a reputation in Prussia like abandoning the nation, taking all the pride and excluding other (smaller) clans. Perhaps they would have been more willing to help if you were more honest and didnt just declare war on nations without discussing it in council meetings. 'oh yea guys we just made SdC neutral and will take Les Cayes, please come help' 'so guys we are a
  2. No interactions? Sending us ultimatums isnt an interaction? Atleast you are honest about not caring about Prussia, by the time KRAKE finally decided to help you against Russia, a week later you buggered off, hoping Russia would be too busy with KRAKE to punish you more than they did.
  3. Decrease the gun pounder of the guns on the forts for shallow ports currently the 42pds cannons forts have equipped at shallow ports are too strong compared with shallow ships hull and mast strenght. the forts already shoot quite fast due to the many cannons they have and are also very accurate, leading to alot of masts falling off very easily. At certain ports like Morgan's Bluff practically all the points are covered by op forts, making such portbattles being favoured way too much towards the defender. A significant lowering of the pounders would improve the chances for th
  4. Make RvR clan based instead of nation based Why current nation RvR doesnt work: As we have seen recently with Britian, nations can experience national disputes to even civil wars without a clear solution to it other than bullying away your internal enemy No defined alliance is possible, only 'hand-shake agreements', which can be too easily broken and lead to very easy backstabs and that sort of toxic diplomacy. Without alliances, smaller nations can be too easily stomped by the bigger. leading to the ultimate zerging by players from smaller nations to bigger
  5. Looking at the part where you talk about Prussia, it doesnt really make sense, because you keep mistaking all of Prussia for KRAKE alone. ­čśä It was only KRAKE, LI0NS and their Chinese alt clan who were at war with Russia, the remaining clans, RGK, TO, ROVER, PGP, werent. that makes quite a difference. that is the whole reason southern Prussian pbs werent contested because all these ports were either LI0NS, KRAKE or GHAN and these clans took us of the friend list. Btw, LLAMA isnt the alt clan of KRAKE, its the new clan of KRAKE, main accounts of KRAKE have been moved to Russia.
  6. Dear captains of the Caribbean! The great Kingdom of Prussia has come to know difficult times! With the violent departure of major clans from our proud nation we are searching for every able captain to defend Prussian holdings in the Caribbean from many enemies! And once in Prussia, which clan better to enlist than ROVER! SeaRovers enjoy a well known and established name on the seas. Primarily known for our love and specialisation in 6th and 7th rate ships, we scourge the Caribbean under our well know motto: ÔÇśDeath by a Thousand CutsÔÇÖ Now we invi
  7. The free city of Mantua is once again open for all! Feel free to use the port in privateer fleet hunting and all other endeavours you have in mind! More repairs will be shipped at once to supply the growing demand and your local merchants will keep searching for juicy deals they can offer you in Mantua! May captains of all kind be welcome once more in the free city of Mantua! The city of hospitality, free trade and open mindedness!
  8. Its no excuse, you mess with us, we mess with you. Today there were many Dutch screeners at Carupano and you decided to flip another Prussian port, doesnt seem very dead to me. I have said this a quazillion times now but we declared neutrality in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Sweden, I dont hear any Britian or VP in that sentence. We have never said that we wanted to kill the VP and we are not planning on it either. If we do accidentaly some SNOW cleaning you wont hear me crying though. Saying I know them well doesnt really narrow it down very much to be fair, but sure.
  9. I dont want to repeat myself, so I will just qoute myself. However I am intrigued why you think Prussia would stop being neutral in the conflict between Russia and Sweden. That would either mean Russia or Sweden attacks Prussia or Prussia attacks Russia or Sweden, and I sincerely doubt you have information about both of such situations.
  10. The main reason Prussia attacks the VP is not because of PdE, but because the VP tried unsuccesfully to perform a coordinated attack with the British and Spanish empires against Prussia. If you think we will not retaliate when direct attacks are made upon us, then there must really be something wrong with the Dutch council. I heard it had something to do with snow, weird this time of year! ­čĄö
  11. hmmm good question ­čĄö perhaps VP is now a vassal of both Sweden and Russia
  12. Well what are you going to do, take their ports? ­čśť
  13. You call discord chats diplomatic talks? All I see is a Prussian clanleader asking what the requirements are for a nation to join the NATO, because it cant be attacking Russia apparently because the VP made peace with Russia, quite a joke imo. Of course I cant speak for Cid, but I can tell that there are many Prussian council members who absolutely dont see Sweden as a potential ally
  14. You made peace with Russia, the main enemy of the NATO coalition, now you are just a decoration on Rediiis map with all his vassals. And this whole Prussia wanting to join NATO business is complete overstated Dutch propaganda we Prussians have gotten used to by now. In thruth there have been no actual diplomatic talks between NATO and Prussia. And if anyone would be stopping Prussia joining NATO (which is not currently happening) it wouldnt be you stopping it, but Prussians like me and many others who prefer to keep the status quo, and if that is not possible, die with honour, over joinin
  15. The pb that day was flipped by PRIV, so that was why they were screening there, not for us, but against PRIV is what I mean.
  16. They are not in an alliance with Prussia they just dislike PRIV and wanted to screen against their pbs
  17. So you are saying the ultimatum wasnt your idea? I hope so for you, because it is quite a diplomatic joke, maybe even the biggest one yet imo. If you want us to stop attacking your pet, maybe tell them to propose a peace offer, we are open to discuss anything. And you can promise them we wont post the peace offer on the forums just to flex that we won, unlike some other nation.
  18. I see that as a compliment because it incites I ever did something useful, which is more than any other Swede has ever said
  19. You dont get it either. We dont fear the big dogs, the big dogs fear what we will do. Like I said, if we join either side the other side will be in a big disadvantage. We have chosen for not choosing a side as that is healthier for the game. And also on the long term it might break open this stupid two alliance/coalition system
  20. You dont get it do you? Would you prefer us taking sides and killing the other side? Because thats what is going to happen if we do choose a side, doesnt really matter which one. If this wasnt a game we probably would have done that already, but because it is a game we dont, because another zerg is not good for this game. Also, in my whole opinion, this Swedish alliance vs Russias alliance is not good for the health of the game either
  21. The Swedish ultimatum is a joke, Swedish should be happy we dont sent an ultimatum ourselves. I bet you know what would be in that ultimatum
  22. That's fine But know, that any attack will be dealt with accordingly, with or without ultimatum
  23. On the site I can read: 'mediterranean with its countries' does this include smaller states like the knights of Malta/Rhodes? In the broader picture my question would be; what nation will be present in the game and what timeframe will the game take?
  24. I dont read anything about camping in the requirements so no ­čśť If you would like to join or if you are just interested please contact @z4ys or @Sella on the forums, discord or ingame, and they can tell you more and help you if needed.
  25. Yes we do! ­čśâ Z4ys, Sella and me are still up and running on the seas under the tag of ROVER, but we are also recruiting new members:
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