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  1. Just be active and ask around. I wasn't in a clan for a long time, until I created my own. But I was receiving ships, going on missions, hunting pirates, with the heads of some clans. Some players look to newbies as the backbone of the nation and thus, will give you gear for the greater good.
  2. The biggest problem from all of this is the hostile attitude of everyone. British looking to not give TOXIC a chance due to previous doings (and in all honesty, it's completely justified, doing a slimy thing like abandoning a clan and a nation, taking lots of members, and then having some vendetta that neither side has told me what it was or why.) The other side is TOXIC being so hateful towards their comrades. Having some vendetta towards players and a nation for some reason that can basically be summed up to "stereotyping" thus discrimination. Both sides must knock off this nonsense. Vicious is being a child by fighting back. Everyone else to attacking. I have heard many many things about both sides. About Vicious being a power hungry, unable to follow fool, to the USA being made up of pansies (Which kind of hurts.) It's doesn't matter. He's a member now and we must fight alongside him. Both sides be ready to screenshot things and then we will have actual proof. No reason to throw shit around like monkeys. ~Freight, Head of BOAT
  3. I've brought up the ship colors for nations before. I still think it'd be an excellent idea, and I like your idea but I feel a remake of the crafting system so you can name your ship would be best. but the color should always be the same.
  4. Just a heads up, we are recruiting, it's pretty exclusive. Most of the current members are military, including me, we have a redneck too. If you are military and wanna join, certainly hit me up and we can chat. I know how to root our stolen valor pretty easily so don't try to put up a facade. If you aren't military, just be honest with me and chat with me. I'm chill, we will only talk about being my cabin boy a couple times...
  5. It's simply amazing how hostile this thread has become. I feel both sides are in the wrong here. TOXIC for literally being toxic towards their now comrades, and the other players who are refusing to let bygones be bygones. No reason to be mean, hold grudges, or insult each other. It's a game. I've never met Vicious, I would love to meet him sometime, maybe spread some BOAT on him. Who knows?! I stress heavily on the fact that any new players, or players reading these threads hold judgement until you meet the people on TS or Discord, if you see me around on the servers, give me a shout, I'll be chill with you. But before I leave, Vicious, brother, work on the grammar. I know you're Italian, but if you're gonna get so lit up, just breath man. Take a deep breath. ~[BOAT]
  6. We have already gotten tons of help. In all honesty, that's why I've stayed, not only is the game fun, but the community is great, save for a few... vicious.. individuals..
  7. We consist of Americans, Canadians, Scots, and an English dude. There is also a Swiss guy here as well. We are all in our 20's In game, the Englishman, and the 3 Americans are the highest ranking guys, the only ones with ships really able to do much in the event of attack or PB.
  8. Started a company, got some numbers felt forced to post on here. We are a US Company, the Boston Atlantic Trading Company, AKA BOAT, AKA Big Ole' Ample Titties. We are small but we have grown in popularity and some of us will pretty much fight anything depending on the durability of our ships! Based out of Boston, we have expanded south mostly due to the US Government hiring our captains into privateering, to the point where it merited it's own flag, on top of our normal jack. Also, saw the [SORRY] clan called the Stars and Skulls or whatever, it's a real damn shame that they didn't use the BOAT privateering flag. I guess it's a sign... ;D This post was mainly for introductions, but hit me up in global if you're in the great US/Dutch/Brit Alliance, I would be glad to be of your service! Also, praise Pig Cloud! Roleplay makes the game better!
  9. I think this is an excellent idea that I think would result in a much more specialized type of gameplay. What you said about the classes, the USS Constitution was a part of the six frigates that the US Navy built, but the constitution was the only one that managed to last. Moving towards a more specialized construction of ships would put more importance on ship builders and building, and location of building could be worked into it. There would be advantages to certain types of rigging, certain types of rudders, holds, the list goes on and on. There are already elements of it, with the ability to have Bermuda cedar Constitutions even though it was historically live oak. We just don't see any of the changes or upgrades on the ships which could change. Some things like bigger guns, even though it packs more punch, it would make it slower and less sea worthy. This would end up with ships of fleets being built for specific tasks, even more so then they are now. Seeing a hunter with a different type of rigging would show you that its a hunter. Seeing a Constitution with 32lbers on it would indicate that it's upgunned. This would be one of the best changes to ship building and customization, on top of naming the ship, and maybe the name would show up? God this has got me excited and dreaming...
  10. Currently, the game between PBs and events is either trade, missions, or be a pain in the ass for traders. A suggestion I've made in chat before, add treasure fleets that have a leaving port that sail East off the map. These fleets would have several trade ships in them and would be loaded with loot (booty). Will it be an easy target? Partially. A single frigate would have a tough time being able to cap 5 indiamen. But a coordinated effort from enemy nations would make mince meat of the fleet. With that being said, it would be advisable for the fleets host nation to be protecting it. If the fleet makes it off map or to the end location, then the host nation gets an ample reward for protecting the cargo and ships, which would push friendlies to go protect the ships due to the rewards. For the enemies, the cargo on these ships would be so great that the risk of losing a few ships and a few good men would be worth it, and the effort would be put forth from clans and pubbies alike to coordinate attacks and thus gain booty. I'm sure there will be kinks but I feel it would add an exciting mini game while we sail around. As well as add another avenue of competition between nations aside from privateering and PBs. Thoughts?
  11. I searched around but couldn't find it anywhere. It also stands for Big ole' ample titties but yknow...
  12. I'm sure many of us who play with our clans and friends find the clan options lacking. The clan warehouse mechanic is extremely nice and leads to convoying sometimes but currently the only representation there is of our clans is the tag. I have discussed with my clan on several occasions, what jack should be used to represent us if we were able to fly jacks representing our clans and companies. It's a heated discussion, with dozens of options coming in all of which excite me. What I propose is the addition of some kind of visual marking to add to our ships while in battle. Though it would not add to the core parts of gameplay, it would add to the unity of countries and the pride of clans. Obviously there would be problems with people flying inappropriate symbols so I suggest the admins or mods review it before being accepted. On top of that, flying flags that look like other nations flags would cause problems and I feel would have to be regulated as well. Thoughts?
  13. Oh guys, you make me blush. I'm the creator of the BOAT (Boston Atlantic Trading Company). Thanks for the compliments and attention. We're fortunate to have such an open-minded community that we can play with.
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