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  1. i uploaded stuffs for this game on my site https://thewarinamericanhistory.wordpress.com/ #civil war generals 2
  2. that enanched version is aviable if you install the enached files here http://cwg2enhanced.com/index.html but when i tried to implement my copy of the game, i lost the sound effects. here a link for the last patch CW29514H32 which should work on 64bit systems too http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/Patches-Updates-Games/CivilWarGeneralsSeriesUpdates.html
  3. i still play old games like sid meier's antietam, civil war geneals 2, even conquest of the new world with DOSbox .. in other terms, my favourite games are from 1996 to 2003 (blitzkrieg I) - 2005 (take command second manassas) .. i could open myself to the 2012 just for scourge of war gettysburg, at least ... anyway, ultimate general gettysburg is the exception ! but sure i don't go to change the best windows OS ever made to play just ultimate general civil war, rather i was thinking to buy an hub for this notebook to connect mouse and keyboard and so use my 22'' monitor. Because i'm a natural anacronistic, in love for the past, and this about everything in my life, music, movies, and, despite the great graphical level reached, also about pc games, i don't need to switch a new OS which could just cause issues when i would go to run the old games i play. rather !! why i don't have an internet connection but i'm with an internet key with a limited bundle ? because i'm poor of mind .. surely not an example to follow ciao guys and grazie ancora ..
  4. hi and excuse me my home pc OS is win XP SP3 with netframework 4 and the visual c++ 2005, 2008, 2010 installed. i tried all the notes suggested in this forum to make it work but game doesn't launch after installation, except this last about resolution. what i have to set? a screen resolution of 1680x1050 ? because in the notebook i use for internet, with installed windows 7 , game works, i checked time ago the differences beetween the 2 PCs (net framework 4.5 instead 4, but for XP is the last possible version, the visual c++ versions installed which i added in my home pc), so now i'm checking the screen resolution, as suggested here in the last post, and is in my notebook 1366 x 768 against the 1024 x 768 in my home pc. sorry ignorance, do i have to install flash player on my home pc with windows XP ? if yes which version Download Flash Player for Internet Explorer - ActiveX Download Flash Player for Firefox and Netscape Plug-In compatible applications – NPAPI Download Flash Player for Opera and Chromium based applications – PPAPI thank you
  5. yes admin, it was already enough clear, i was just sharing infos about. it would be to say, any reference about SMG is purely random, but through the years, i'm talking about ACW games, it seems the most similar, even if totally different, this is an indisputable certainty. maybe because no one until UGG tried to make something on that wave (= maybe a much accommodating term).
  6. maybe this page can help http://smx.iblogger.org/SMG.htm unfortunally not all contents showed are downloadable, but patch and istructions to run the game in new super scndalous operative systems still exist in this blog
  7. guys, do you have an archive of resources (units, buildings, trees, terrains, and other .pcx, mods) which would allow me to customize my antietam or gettysburg? to make it a bit ''modern''.
  8. these on-line distributions are always a question point for me, i mean, sometimes they result different to the original game (reading some reviews). sure, this isn't the case because this game is distribuited just on-line, it seems the market go in this direction. edit : ah yes, the reason because i readed this thread, thank you
  9. no wait ... ahahah, i voted now ! regiment should be the minor formation aviable, more regiments form a brigade. single regiment, as unit, is too important for the war/period. each regiment has its colours, his history, his men, his come from land. simplify is trivialize. i hope much more types of units, differents half uniforms for confederates, zuavis, yankees with hat tipical of the regiments which come from Wisconsin, or of the iron brigade ... anyway to make it short, i think the main points should be : Unit Formation Line, Double Line, Skirmish, Column Detach Regiments from Brigade Modding Sandbox Mode, Scenario Generator this last point needs to the game to be remembered and not just plaied in a couple of months, but you know ! AI is perfect, not the game (and isn't few ...) about on-line, don't expect nothing by me about, i mean, i never did and i can't play multiplayer. then, i saw a great and unique game like american conquest dead on-line because basically multiplayer game (scandalous to play it in single player) ciao
  10. first, couldn't be than rebel! i plaied aggresive, trying to capture the most strategic points i could. in the complex, always major victories. i'll try with the union ...
  11. idea is consistent with the facts, but maybe it would be much appropiate if the chance to capture is valid just when the numbers of the guns of the unit are very low, morale is very very low so maybe also following the routing of the unit.
  12. skirmishers are good in close combat, against cavalry and artillery, charging. anyway to deploy in first line, maybe better as reserve ready to go in first line when enemy suffered a certain amount of casualties. number is irrilevant, if well covered and high morale.
  13. yes, @reminder, same question i wanted make. there's a txt file which is edited each time i play, maybe, as in american conquest, it's all in that, but i don't know. about the pool, maybe i would prefer the author's first choise, but i'm plaing for so few time. anyway, i restarted the campaign, but the window about the selection of the phase of the battle is disappeared, it remind me directly to the briefing window of that phase. is it normal? edit : because campaign is short, 1 save file at time is valid, also because is a story in progress. there's the custom battle section to play something different in the meanwhile. if they exist different campaigns, and longer rather than these at gettysburg, my opinion is different.
  14. personally, i'm a lover of 1700-1945 period, talking about history(war). europeans tend to downstimate the great potential below the american configuration we can play. how many games about napoleon and ww2 around !! so, being an american civil war game, i would hope it will be improved with the several colours and uniforns the war offered (a sort of antietam 2nd generation ) anyway, i agree with BeLoHau, rest in America : french-indian war, revolutionary wars (13 colonies, Texas), mexican-american war, the war of 1812, ... thank you for your work Nick ! i'm just plaing since a couple of days.
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