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  1. So excited for Ultimate General: Civil War. Really enjoyed my play through of Gettysburg but this just looks like it'll be on another level. I'm particularly excited because this looks like a game I've always wished for: A successor to Civil War Generals 2. This was an old game from the 90s that I got a demo for on a CD copy of Pharoah I that I had as a kid. At the time I had no idea how to play it but I came back to I for a nostalgia trip at uni and realised it was actually incredible. Although it had been around 20 years, was entirely hex based and had incredibly pixelated graphics (from a time when it wasn't a conscious design choice) it blew almost all modern strategy games out of the water. I found it incredibly compelling and for a few months I couldn't get enough. It featured persistent historical commanders who could be wounded or killed, an army structured into corps of differing strengths (no boring cookie cutter generic regiments), a variety of historical weapons to equip your men with and a brilliant branching campaign that created a narrative without relying on a tedious and frankly unnecessary grand campaign (which is what always kills off my total war campaigns in the end. I can still play CWG2 but I does show its age sometimes. Anyway I'm sure from this you can tell why I'm so excited to hear about this new Ultimate General that seems like CWG2'S natural heir. I'm not sure what the point of this post is but I just wanted to know if anyone had played any of this strategy classic apart from me? If you haven't then id suggest giving it a go as, as far as I'm aware, its freely available now as abandonware (though a little tricky to get working for some).
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