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  1. If you shrink the playerbase far enough its possible. That seems to be the current strategy.
  2. To make the game as unbearable as possible so that everyone switches to NA Legends?
  3. You already do not receive PvP marks for sinking basic cutters.
  4. So except for 3 ports you can only get the resources required to build lineships when you win battles with lineships. Right, no problem with that at all....
  5. As Lieste already posted, its not fact but fiction.
  6. They will replace the ships they wipe with new ones so people are not actually losing ships. It would be interesting if they were all gone for good because that would reveal how the crafters are all losing interest because of the fine wood requirements and long transport times as there would hardly be any ships on the market.
  7. Mine too. I am stuck at 3rd rate level/Bellona level. For me to get a 2nd rate BP I would have to craft lots of those ships (each taking 3000+ labor hours) or farm lots of RNG fine wood to make it exceptional which guarantees a BP drop.
  8. 2.5%- 5% depending on the ship you are building. Doubled for the perk. Exceptional ships with perk have a 100% chance for a BP drop (often multiple ones).
  9. Just to emphasize what I meant: I logged on at about 12:30. Sailed a Indiamen from Pedernales to Terre-de-Bas to deposit wood to my crafting center and continued to Gustavia for a delivery order. Arrived at 14:10 and logged off for the day. What have I accomplished? Nothing much. And when I log back again I have to first sail my ship back to an Outpost I have which will probably be all I will do on that day.
  10. Delivery Orders are much too random. Most of the time you have to sail for hours for hardly any (or no) profit. Other times you get an amazing payout for a short trip (I just finished a delivery from Carriacou to Gustavia for 1.9 million)
  11. And your "L2P nub" posts are better? There have been enough posts which detail why the rake damage is not a good idea. Read them.
  12. The crafting change might help a bit, but in depends on how difficult ships will be to craft, even without quality levels. I also think that better market tools and market places might ease the issue as losses are more easy to replace. It would also help if it would be more easy to get to those market places and back again so either make overland travel shorter or otherwise more comfortable or have a offline delivery system even if the goods have to physically sail to its destination on NPCs with the risk of being intercepted.
  13. God forbid people suggest changes to make the game better...
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