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  1. @Ink Yes thank you for taking the time to look into it. This is the first thing I have come up against in the game that I can foresee possibly being a problem to game population. So anything that can be done will be supported by all legitimate captains im sure. Also, I thank all those who viewed and especially responded to this post. Your contribution shows the validity of the claims being made lately about alts and helps to guarantee a possible fix. Galt for example states a run in with 'TheRedBaron' aiming for masts and trolling (exactly what I witnessed from him too), so thank you
  2. Percival Merewether is that you loorkon? if not i need to get in touch, i bet he wouldnt mind backig me up, he saw everything they wrote and even congradualted my on a good fight so i know he wasnt in leagu with those traitors
  3. no loorkon was a great guy, not in on it, me and him talked after those fools left the battle. Opps swedish whatever, i mixed it up my bad. No i have fought with loorkon before and hes a nice guy. He ignored everything rude they said during the fight
  4. Attention British Nation in PVP Caribbean. The following 2 players have committed treason against a friendly player (me: HMS Avenger) in a recent battle to save one of our noobs from being ganked by a Swedish enemy player. (AWOX)daddybigwangsugardic (AWOX)TheRedBaron Avoid these players (and by extension their clan as well) like the plaque. Turned on me in battle, shot at me, talked mad crap and still couldn't get me sunk as i alone fought an endy in my renomee and held my own; even surviving the battle. They talked to the enemy player and asked if he could take me alone. When he
  5. These photos are a comparison with a recent attack on Sant Iago (Brits attacking Spain) and Trafalgar itself (date of attack: 7-22-2016). Notice how the two British Lines, although angled slightly different, have the same general shapes and are working together the same way. Notice HMS Avenger is even in the same spot as the HMS Euryalus at the side of the HMS Victory herself at the head of the left line and also notice how HMCS Warrior (the head of the right line) is slightly ahead of the second ship in that line. Anyways, the Brits cut into the Spanish fleet and fought them ship to ship. A l
  6. HMS Avenger

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