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Found 4 results

  1. Everyone knows national chat is an unsafe place for mentioning tasks, places or discoveries of safety-related importance. Because there are spies. Usually - and this is another alt-account problem - it is someone who mainly plays for another nation and chose his alt to be a national in his target nation so he can listen to what's going on where. And exploit the fact he cannot be attacked, no way. Yes, we know some names in NA French community which are considered to be spies. I won't mention names here. Such person does not interact with the community much, he likes to stay unnoticed. But you find him in small vessels in front of port battles or on major trade routes where he is monitoring ship traffic, fleet composition, movements and all that kind which he submits to his friends in the enemy nation. For the damage of the nation he infiltrated and parasitized. We need a weapon to deal with such persons. Of course I know you will say "In love and war, all means are legitible" or remind me that the alt account is sacred because he paid for the game when he put the alt into the game. So the method could not be a removal of that account. However, you cannot expect a nation to live with spies it cannot touch because the appropriate measures are missing. So, what to do? I suggest a national council where such known persons can be trialed and excluded from the nation. Yes, this is one of the possibilities where you could use a 'special permanent group' as I proposed yesterday; let's call it the 'Supreme Court of the Nation' here (just for example). They collect info on the suspected spy and confront him with the evidence. If the doubts are not dispersed, they sentence him to leave the nation. The spy will then become a Pirate and no longer belong to the nation he parasitized. Because Pirates are nothing less than the criminals of the high seas, so it should not be a big surprise he has to join them. Alt account isn't touched beyond that. Game mechanics for this suggestion needs the permanent group founding feature implemented which I talked about, plus a basic voting system for the Supreme Court judges, with a majority of voices having the effect of shifting the alt account's nationality from current nation to Pirates, mandatory. And by the way, the Supreme Court could also handle other issues within the community of one country. Could relieve the tribunal here in forum of some minor cases which are taking place within a nation.
  2. Attention British Nation in PVP Caribbean. The following 2 players have committed treason against a friendly player (me: HMS Avenger) in a recent battle to save one of our noobs from being ganked by a Swedish enemy player. (AWOX)daddybigwangsugardic (AWOX)TheRedBaron Avoid these players (and by extension their clan as well) like the plaque. Turned on me in battle, shot at me, talked mad crap and still couldn't get me sunk as i alone fought an endy in my renomee and held my own; even surviving the battle. They talked to the enemy player and asked if he could take me alone. When he didn't respond "daddybigwangsugardic" told him that he and "TheRedBaron" will "demast the faggot HMS Avenger" for him. They attempted to do this and shot at me until I was able to move far enough away from them. "daddybigwangsugardic" continued to trash talk the entire time and even continued to bark orders at me despite me being the only real power in the fight. I desailed the swedish player Loorkon 4 times down to 60% sails and decrewed him twice by myself while I was being trash talked and shot at by my fellow brits. I strongly urge something to be done about this. In my 2,000 plus hours of game experience I have never experienced anything like this. Even when they were fighting the swedish with me, neither of these guys (both in 3rd rate Bellonas) could land a single shot on him, desail or anything else. Despite their lack of skill, this didnt stop them from calling me every name in the book and saying that I was the one that sucked and deserved, and would, lose my ship (although i didnt); he even told me to shut up....lol despite them being the aggressor. The name of the first player says enough and in my opinion falls under the "Inappropriate clan names/clan tags" category. I have never sent in an f11 report, I have not been banned from the forums or ingame chat. I dont go out of my way to start drama, but in this case I felt it absolutely necessary as these guys will CERTAINLY do this again to others. BAN THESE PLAYERS! and until; this happens I advise all British captains to avoid these guys and their clan like the plaque.
  3. On behalf of most major clans of Denmark-Norway, I have been asked to start a tribunal against the clan RNoN. We accuse RNoN for high treason against his majesty the King and suggest his clan and it's members be outcasts of the Danish-Norwegian nation and be forced to Pirate nation. Since they arrived in the West Indies, they have stated that they wanted to do their own thing and not respect the treaties that has been agreed upon by all major clans in his majesty the kings service. Since they came, they where informed about our current dipomatic standings and offered a seat at the table. They have refused to follow the rest of the nation, and have even broken the peace treaty signed by all the major clans, in their own interest and not in the nations nor the Kings best interest. This clan and it's leader seems to feed of making the nation crumble. Today they attacked 2 ports belonging to Sweden and by that braking the treaty. We consider this as high treason and they should be dealt with as traitors. We hope the Tribunal takes this into consideration and sentence the clan and it's members to the Pirate faction, and strip them off whatever dignity they had left. On behalf of the RDNN - Royal Danish Norwegian Navy Herminator
  4. A declaration from His Highness King Gustavus Adolphus, King of Swea, Goths and Wendes; it has come to my attention that a Rogue naval unit of the Swedish Navy has broken my explicit orders to respect our signed cease fire with the Danish Nation, by attacking and capturing completely undefended Danish Harbours. The Peace treaty with the Danes has been signed by all the major nobles and clans of Sweden. Breaking this cease fire, and the repeated attempts by the [DRUNK] clan to provoke a war with the Danish nation, has forced me to declare this clan traitors to the swedish nation. I therefore demand that the swedish clans and nobles to brand these traitors as Pirates. King Gustavus Adolphus The Lion from the North
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