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  1. Port investments was a good idea, just implemented badly I want to invest in brothels on my island, just so I can have happy men and naked women on port ui
  2. I propose the addition of a captains handbook, available at port and sea. Two things I want to see in here are: 1. Ability to write you own notes, personal ledgers, saved so when game is quit and reopened it still appears. 2. Rules of Engagement. I think every captain should be aware and have a guidelines for all rules of engagement of the sea, in open world and patrol missions. This helps players be aware of how battles work. Seeing how the devs are always tweaking join timers or other aspects of battle mechanics. It would be helpful to have a guidebook on current operations. Some of you may have other useful suggestions of what could be added to a captains handbook.
  3. Look at my name!!! Don’t spit in the face of traders.
  4. Why are devs worrying about alliance mechanics and not spending that time to fix the major holes in the game already
  5. It would really give a regional look to the map. Good idea, risk did it successfully...
  6. Yo estaba pensando que ir a España pero parece que ustedes son pelotudos que no divertirse el juego. Hay tan drama como en Inglaterra
  7. Which NA players got away from because they are Arcady and streamlined..? what do we care what the masses do
  8. In my opinion it’s leaning more towards streamline quick pvp and dlc. Why bother with OW
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