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  1. =============

    A (new) game in a game

    The Thunderbirds are go.
  2. =============

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Amsterdam Naval Yard bild 7 ships of the Wreker class Wreker 1798 Chattam 1799 Zoutman 1800 De Ruyter 1806 Leeuw 1806 De Ruyter 1808 Evertsen 1808 This where exectly the seem bild ships
  3. =============

    Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Dutch 80 Gun Lineship Wreker Nationality Batavian Republic Operator State Navy Keel Laid Down 1797/12/01 Launched 1798/07/28 Shipyard Amsterdam Naval Yard Ship Class Wreeker Class Constructor R. Dorman Category Third Rate National Rate First Charter Ship Type Ship of the Line Length of Gundeck 169' 11"French Feet Length of Keel 159' 6"French Feet Breadth 44' 5"French Feet Depth in Hold 19' 2"French Feet Draught Forward 18' 4"French Feet Draught Aft 19' 2"French Feet Displacement 2900Ton Armament 1798/07/28Broadside Weight = 1188 Dutch pound (1293.732 lbs 586.9908 kg) Lower Gun Deck 28 Dutch 36-Pounder Upper Gun Deck 30 Dutch 30-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle 2 Dutch 60-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle 6 Dutch 30-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle 14 Dutch 12-Pounder Blue Prints http://proxy.handle.net/10648/d3334e0c-e36e-7b05-068a-af695abc716b http://proxy.handle.net/10648/a838b382-5dff-6a82-ef64-11abf42868a4 http://proxy.handle.net/10648/64f8629a-b3b2-a07e-7b31-11b39d1fb2c8 http://proxy.handle.net/10648/7c66280f-faea-6082-115b-6f2efd5104b0
  4. 1 A better distribution of basic goods, over the map, needed for shipbuilding 2 Remove conquest marks 3 Ship Bleuprints and Permits will be paid with gold /or silver coins
  5. =============

    a quick solution for the time left for rework cm

    If i am right on the PVE server you can change pve marks to pvp marks and pvp to cm I hope thay do that here to
  6. Sorry Ink It did not work for me to No shop or warehouse in Willemstad Tried it more times
  7. =============

    Empty shop screen

    I did that allready restart the game more times i have downloaded the game 2 times nothing works
  8. =============

    Empty shop screen

    I have a problem in Willemstad i have no warehouse and no products in the shop the windows are empty ://steahttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932497140mcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932497140
  9. For a start this is a nice start Niagara, traders brig, belle poule, Indefatigable.
  10. Good news But i still have 1 qustion What is going to happen with the clans are thay going to be wiped to?
  11. if you want to have more action remove the war surplies now they make a bomb of it(it looks like a exspentsief vlag) whitout any battle let us fight for the region
  12. =============

    Battle of Savannah ... 4Nov16

    That you can logged out in front of a port so what That the russian clan are good players, Yes they are But what i think that was strange is that they logged in and jumped a view seconds later in the PB
  13. =============

    fixed pirate battles

    captains like thonys i had the seem problems in battle with a piraat surprise, i schoot on 50 meter with a ingerman and nothing happend and when he shoot ad me it lookt like the firepower of a santi is this fixed or biased???