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  1. Et bah c'est toujours sympa de passer pour un gland, mais au moins j'ai appris un truc ! Ça n'empêche qu'il reste deux trois trucs à centraliser : Les trims
  2. Les anciens wiki sur Naval Action sont largement dépassés, et malgré l'excellent travail de Eric avec et l'aide indispensable de : https://na-map.netlify.com/ Il m'arrive de ne pas trouver ce que je recherche à propos des canons, ressources et autres. Aussi je vous invite à transmettre ce que vous savez sur le jeu, afin d'enrichir le savoir des francophones du jeu. "Artillerie spéciale (obtenable uniquement en butin ou en objets récupérables) Obusiers - similaires aux caronades mais avec moins de dégâts et des dégâts plus importants à l'équipage"
  3. Heureusement que Barberousse poste de temps en temps des trucs utile dans la partie française. Après le chat de bataille et le chat global, on va aussi se payer les échanges puérils ici ?
  4. Could be a strange and funny battle anecdote, but with "alt", I go for paranoia too
  5. Compared Roseau and Point à Pitre is dishonest. We've got many players in vacancy during Roseau, also we learn a lot from it, and "water has flowed under the bridges" since then. Dont make the same things as people you are sarcastic with, dont complain. edit: Also, if your only reaction when you saw a nation grow and fight back is beeing sarcastic, go for that, but its disappointing.
  6. Port Battle of Pointe-à-Pitre, between France (defense) and Sweden (attack) A second battle occured after the pb, to see the destruction of escaped swedish edit: and many french (exept a Saint Pavel, from what i know). Well done all o7
  7. Did any swedish got a proper result for the battle of Pointe-à-Pitre? We've got a mediocre half-battle screen, but that's it, nobody think to make a good one a the end, we where too much focus and determined to make a second battle outside. It was, for our perspective, a nice battle, despite a fail at the beginning on our side (many guys where not able to enter). Sweden deserve a bravo ! to stay even if it was hard for them, many tenacious move to try to take the victory back. But Pointe-à-Pitre is hard to get. Also, sorry to heard Slaydash got a crash.
  8. I'm not trying to tell who is right or who is wrong. But its good to now what happened in the other side. But your choice of words are anyway... doubtful. "Paranoid" "Salty". Salty, maybe, again, I was not spectator of any insults (if you have screens?). But since an other subjectf about "salt", you seems easily offended, when people are, at most, sarcastic. I dont know, dont want to suppose to much. Paranoid... no. Or yes, but then, we can tell the same about Sweden. Its matter of perspective, and miscommunication. Basse-Terre is not swedish. Poland is not under Sweden protection. A
  9. So we are salty to sunk a ennemy captain on patrol, but you're not for telling us we are "brave" and other "always 3v1" (transform in 10v1)? Ok, ok^^ sorry.
  10. Just a patrol 🤐 and the salty one was the swedish guy in the chat (understandle too).
  11. See? Lack of communication, but thanks for your point of view. And also sometimes, your interpretation (we never wait to join your hostility mission, just stand by to make our own, and waiting for order). No, its not. I was not inform of that, and sorry. Insult should never be tolered, and I hope you report those guys. Again, from what I saw, the swedish-french exchange are execrable. I'm not a diplomat, but I really expect better in the future. Now, we'll make a port battle together, and if possible, with joy and good will
  12. @Teutonic very very strange communication... When Basse-Terre go neutral, France gather captains to help Poland to get the port back. Poland makes contention missions, but they are few. Then, we engage many battles against Russian intervention. AND suddendly, swedish fleet (whithout any warning) rise the contention of Basse-Terre to 40%. France counter attack, and make the Sweden fleet step back. A cease fire was decided (I personnaly stop shooting in a battle against sweden, and back of). Poland, unable to rise the contention, let the mission to France, who execute
  13. Maybe the Russian Empire have nothing against Prussia. Maybe you are just the gate to United Provinces. Have you try to establish some diplomatic relations?
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