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  1. I feel that Ravenburg has a point and shouldn't be dismissed.
  2. I completely agree with you 100 percent. Great post and indeed it had been glorious battling with you gentlemen over the past few days. The constant spewing of insults certainly does detract from the fun. Oh what great fun it was. Besides, we rwally just wanted to PvP. Cheers! -Shifty Gentleman, Lover, Pirate
  3. I never meant any disrespect towards any of the SSU clans, and I want around back during the fight you mentioned. All I'm trying to say is things weren't getting done and I was trying to credit the people who made a culture shift in the pirate faction before we even met yall. Yes, SSU played a big part in the bahamas. We thank you and it's been really fun playing with yall. Again, my post wasn't meant to discredit you at all. I was setting the record straight about the events that led up to our sudden success.
  4. Correction on my earlier post. DC has been merged with CURSE. Please add (CURSE) The Cursed with 68 members please.
  5. Sounds great! DC is now part of CURSE. Message me in game, IGN SHiiF7Y, and we'll get you set up. Welcome to the most powerful pirate clan in PvP2.
  6. We are now CURSE. The main culprits from PTT have not shown their faces anywhere since this declaration. I suspect they may have finally been banned and/or silenced. As far as the remainder of PTT, only time will tell. Most of them have remained non-aggressive, even friendly. There are still very high tensions between both clans though.
  7. It wasn't so much as US players switching (as only about 11 changed over from USS afaik) but old players from BSO formed CURSE and new players that had just picked up the game for the first time formed DC. Working together, DC and CURSE started taking ports with help from SSU, the American turncoats. After these clans had enormous success, more players saw the pirates' power again and made the switch. We see new names in chat almost daily now. Then DC merged with CURSE, which is now the most powerful pirate clan on PVP2. CURSE repelled the British forces in Parrot Cay and near Mortimer. More
  8. Lol. Epic news article.
  9. You know the pirates were dead too, right? But we stopped crying about it and came together and started knocking heads. Spain will come back stronger if yall stopped feeling sorry for yourselves.
  10. I feel like Roberts is just trying to justify losing his 1st Rate. Pirates definitely won but don't worry, there will be more battles to come.
  11. DC has officially merged with CURSE. Please pm me for any questions or concerns. Thanks.
  12. Update: DC has merged with CURSE. The war continues as far as I know. Will update soon.
  13. Please delete the double post...
  14. We are responsible for the taking of over 75% of the port captures since we were left with MT. DC leaders began the game almost 1 month ago and have always been Pvp2 Pirates. CURSE is comprised of members of SIN. SSU are US transfers.
  15. Sorry for the week late response. There are 3 clans that are actively taking back ports in the bahamas afaik. Those 3 are DC, CURSE, AND SSU. If there are others I'm sorry if I have failed to mention you. Anyway the 3 mentioned are in a joint coalition and provide leadership where there is none. We have stopped announcing our intentions in pirate chat due to a couple of players trying to warn the other factions. If you would like more information please do not be afraid to ask me any questions you might have. The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.
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