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  1. Greetings to all. I'm a new player but have completed the Final Exam and I'm looking for a clan. Any open slots in the Spanish clans out there? Fair winds to ye.
  2. His Most Catholic Majesty The King of Spain And of the Oriental and Occidental Indies Announces Through His Viceregal Representatives The Most Noble and August Clan: VLTRA Henceforth and without exception VLTRA refuses to deal diplomatically with the any and all clans of the British faction except through means of war. There will be no surrender accepted, no quarter given and no line that will not be crossed in our pursuit of nothing less than the complete destruction of this faction's capacity for RvR. VLTRA had previously been at war with the British and were aware of their weaknesses. VLTRA held off attacking ports for several weeks because of this and entered into several talks with representatives of the British Council. Balancing the desire for PvP and wanting to ensure that player bases aren't adversely affected is difficult. There are always times when things could be done better but we always tried to enter negotiations in good faith and in a way that would be healthy for our new server. What happened today was disgraceful and the lack of any British Council presence in their Nation Chat or Global Chat condemning what at the very least is against the spirit of the game is something that should give the faction much to reflect upon. Alea Iacta Est. PLVS VLTRA
  3. Please, do not nightflip Great Britain. We want to sleep. Thanks
  4. Attention all South-East Asian Nation captains! This is an invitation for all of you to enlist under the mighty nation of Spain, strengthen its' armada and amplify its' presence around the Caribbean. Under the Spanish flag, we shall rule the seas. The BEZZ Clan in Spain recruits English speaking sailors and helps them to peacefully and successfully migrate from PvP Global to the Caribbean Server. Names to contact in game: Victor de Villanueva Hector Corleone Captain Biggus Dickus
  5. Attention all South-East Asian Nation captains! This is an invitation for all of you to enlist under the mighty nation of Spain, strengthen its' armada and amplify its' presence around the Caribbean. Under the Spanish flag, we shall rule the seas. The BEZZ Clan in Spain recruits English speaking sailors and helps them to peacefully and successfully migrate from PvP Global to the Caribbean Server. Names to contact in game: Victor de Villanueva Hector Corleone Captain Biggus Dickus
  6. Bueno, esto es en la puerta de la habana; deberíamos hacer algo al respecto, a ver si se quedasen sin barcos y dejasen de dar por culo.
  7. [VLTRA] Non Terrae Plus Ultra Spanish RvR clan [PVP1-EU] [VLTRA] is a new spanish clan created from the union of some of the most important spanish societies: EI, CELTI, COSA, ARES and BSG. [VLTRA] has born as a result of the wishes of the spanish RvR players, who always wanted a stronger organization to be more efficient in all the sections of this game. Our clan is the biggest RvR and PVP spanish clan and we will be focused on defending Spain from our enemies and helping our allies. Although, we will always be able to help our pubbies in PVE missions. Our crafting structure is really powerful with lots of 50 LVL crafters that allows us to be always prepared to fight. We use the Spanish Nation Team Speak: There you can contact with our officers: Hidalgo de Cisneros, Pablo Frias, Jorge and Celtiberofrog who will explain you the main information you need to know. We´re are a mainly spanish speaking clan but we have english-french speakers who will help you to feel integrated and confortable. [VLTRA] is here to defend the Empire against our enemies. ¡Santiago y Cierra España!
  8. A New clan for Spain on PvP2. We want to "Make Spain great again." If you want to join a small (low player count) Nation looking to expand it's empire from it's original region then you have come to the right place. We want to focus on "Fun." It's about sinking and getting sunk, we don't get mad if you lose, and we don't care how good or bad you are. This game is meant to be enjoyed no matter the outcome. What we offer: - Group "play" - PvP together, trade together, help each other out. - Focused on PvP - we aim to sink our enemies - A Teamspeak server - Ask and you shall receive, non-clan Spain players are allowed as well - Offer a couple other games to enjoy on downtime, or when we need to take a break We are a casual group focused on PvP and Port Battles, and we hope to gradually grow to become more self sufficient. All decisions made within the clan are up for discussion and a vote, you will not be moved around by a "King," your opinion matters. You are joining a Nation on the Server that fights the larger population nations consistently, so come join us and enjoy fighting the good fight together. EDIT: Words and a little extra EDIT 2: Clan Leader and point of contact: PolarBearStink Forum Politics: Teutonic
  9. A few things to State: 1. Base upon preliminary sightings over the week and talks with some of the guys, there are 8? active Spanish players. This was determined based on replies in Nation chat throughout the days during the week. 2. Spanish Politics will not be clouded by me, I will merely be Spain's mouthpiece on the forums - specifically, if the Spanish players want to ally different nations or find other alternatives to their current situation, I hope other nations are open to it (EDIT: And I should add Pirates because lets face it, they are a political force.) 3. The main goal of the current Spanish players is stated as such "To hold any and all counties on the Island of Cuba at all costs." However big or ambitious the goal is, I support the wishes of my fellow conquistadors. This will likely shape Spain's political situation for the coming future. ---------------------------------------------- Spain has a small playerbase, but each one is willing to fight pretty much anyone and everything, it's actually really awesome and I have already been fighting some rather good US sailors in the area in their trade ships no less. Embarrassing it may be, but their sailing qualities have made me rethink how I have to fight them a little bit, So I thank these US players for encouraging me to do better for the next fight. There has been word from a few US players and specifically the DD clan of their willingness to give us a couple regions with little to no resistance from them, although they are quoted in saying "Not all US players think this way, so there may still be groups who will fight you." If nothing else, it is good to see an apparent change in some diplomacy/politics that, whether the alliances change or not, there can still be some deals with specific clans. If you're trading around the Habana coastline, be warned, we are out there. Furthering this thread - the reports and updates you'll see will be battles of significance and port battles (more than just one player on Spanish side) and political updates. Whether we win a battle or lose a battle, it will be posted here.
  10. Hey all, I am currently looking for a clan or group to play with on the EU PvE server on Spain. I am still quite new to this game and it would be great if there were someone to so missions and show me a trick or two. I am currently rather casually playing ans can't play that offen. However, I would like to move to the EU PvP server once I got better. Thank you all!
  11. Queridos compatriotas! El estado de nuestra nación es conocido por todos y no solo por los nuestros, sino también por el resto de naciones. Hemos estado en guerra con nuestros vecinos de USA desde hace ya bastante tiempo. Sin embargo, recientemente hemos recibido una propuesta de paz. Por su parte los diplomáticos enviados por los clanes de TDA y TF hablan sobre entablar relaciones de amistad y cesar las hostilidades. Esto son los términos propuestos: 1- TDA y TF se ofrece a devolver los territorios de CUBA que controlan para que tomemos el control de nuestra isla de nuevo y podamos defendernos nosotros mismos a la vez que devolvernos la zona de los novatos de la facción. 2- Se cesarían las capturas de puertos pero se mantendría la posibilidad de atacar flotas de ambas naciones. Por nuestra parte un grupo de clanes y capitanes libres nos hemos reunido , debatido y hemos llegado a una conclusión por nuestra parte pero antes de dar una respuesta queremos consultarlo con el resto de compatriotas para conocer su opinión y si fuera necesario cambiar la respuesta. Firmado: FCE CGH PU EI SIR KAOS BSG LMD
  12. I would like an open discussion to see where Individuals, Clans, and Nations are as far as diplomacy goes for after the port wipe. There has been a lot of bad blood and alot of personal attacks and it has created a lot of poison and made the game toxic (at times). While there are other nations with their own diplomacy stuff to consider, I will start with my own (personal) stance. US, GB, VP, and Pirates. Its a vicious war and I have no qualms with continuing it. BUT not to the point where pirates take a capital or the pirates capital is taken (no nation will be able to resist Pirate Immunity, it will be a bum rush). This is because that will force the pirates into an alliance thus breaking what it means to be a pirate. Whether they cap or are capped the end result is the same. Additionally, the loser can also abuse their alliance to join battles and take up spaces and troll etc. I am on the fence on what to do, I back GB's US alliance 100% and would not support any peace if it meant they fight alone, but I also do not want to see Pirate nation ruined by a bad mechanic. (Thank you devs, we all know you work hard and that this is not the final product and was the lesser of several evils given your constraints o7) War or Peace among nations, that's what this thread is for. Please post your thoughts for your nation and your allies/enemies. This is not a thread to formally agree to anything, just a way for us to brainstorm and get what we're always saying and thinking written formally down.
  13. THE THREE ADMIRALS TREATY By Cpt Pellasgos Prepared for: The nationS of Spain, Verenigde Provinciën and Britain 1) CUBA A ) Creation of a Dutch buffer zone B ) The Dutch buffer zone will include the towns of Little Cayman, Santa Cruz, Manzanilla, Portillo, Guama Sevilla. C ) The Dutch nation automatically becomes the guarantor and the protector of the buffer zone between theSpanish and the British nations. D ) In case an outside nation tries to change the makeup of the buffer zone, then the Spanish, Dutch and the British fleets must join forces and declare war upon the perpetration nation/s. E ) In case a rogue, or unaffiliated group of players, captures any port/s covered in this agreement, the signees must work together to recapture them in order to expedite them back to the original holder/s. Port timers must be confirmed with original holders for ease of recapture operations. F ) Dutch Spanish and British nations are forbidden to craft flags against each other crossed the entire area of Cuba and Jamaica. G ) Open world Pvp between the 3 signee nations is available in every portion of themap. H ) Georgetown will remain under British control unless rogue players or clans attempt to use this port to craft flags against the Spanish nation. IN this case, the Spanish nation is allowed to request intervention by Dutch navy to remove it as a threat. The Dutch agree to add it to the already established Dutch buffer for the remainder of the treaty. I ) The line which connects the Spanish ports of Santa Maria, Cocodrillo, and Corrientes, and all other ports in Cuba which sit north of it, are de- facto Spanish territories. The port of Trinidad will revert to Spanish control per this agreement. J ) The line which connects the British ports of Georgetown, Sant Lago, Puerto Escondido, and all the other British ports which reside south of it, with the exemption of Haitian ports become British territories. Image 1 Map for effect. The boundaries are only defined in text of body. of document 2 ) Yucatan A ) Spanish Territories 1 ) The port of Mugeres and Conttoy becomes parts of the Spanish nation. 2 ) The line which connects Conil, Mugeres port, Alacranes La Bermeja and Tampico port becomes the Spanish controlled zone borders and all the ports within this area will become part of the Spanish nation. 3 ) Spanish nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any British ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan of this treaty) 4 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the Spanish zone. B ) British Territories 1 ) The line which connects the ports of Xpu Ha, Tantum Cuzamil, Placer, Misteriosa, Santanillas, Georgetown to Montego Bay becomes the British territorial zone border and all the ports southern of this line towards the Dutch ports remain under British control. 2 ) British nation agrees to cease crafting flags against any Spanish ports (except those within the mutual agreed “gentlemen’s war zone” (see part b, paragraph 4 of Yukatan treaty). 3 ) Open world PVP is allowed in the British zone. 4 ) Creation of a contest area, also known as “the gentlemen’s war zone” which includes the 3 ports of Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum (see reference map 2) in order to give to both the Spanish and British communities the opportunity to have battles against each other which include all variations of port types (regional capital, deep water medium size port and shallow port) 3) Haiti A ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to change the timers of the ports of Les Cayes, Saint Louis, Jacmel and Sale-Trou upon the signing of this treaty. B ) The British and the Dutch nations are required to set the timers between 16-18 server time as the earliest, and 22-24 as the latest. C ) The aforementioned changes will happen within 48 hours of this document signing. 4) Admirals and Nations By signing this treaty the admirals of Verenigde Provincien, Britain and Spain hereby agree to all as follows: A ) A Peace treaty between Verenigde Provincien and Spain. B ) Spanish and British nations mutually agree to stop crafting conquest flags against each other except the specified mutually agreed contest area, also known as the “gentlemen’s war area”. Xpu Ha, Tantun Cuzamil and Tulum, are set aside for this use. C ) Acceptance of all the parts (1, 2, 3, 4) of this agreement. D ) Open world PVP between players of all 3 nations is allowed in every part of the map. E ) A military salutation from the signing admirals to the flags of all three nations for accepting this treaty providing mutual respect for the bravery of the Dutch, British and Spanish communities. F ) Upon the signature of the three admirals, this treaty will become active and in full effect. G ) Unless mutually agreed upon with treaty resigning, this treaty is null and void 48 hours after the release of the pending political patch. If not signed by all parties before 00:00, 01 sec server time, this treaty becomes invalid. “May the success of this agreement act as a lighthouse for diplomacy amongst nations.” Capt. Pellasgos Signature area VERENIGDE PROVINCIEN x._____Pellasgos________ SPAIN x._____Gavilan______ BRITAIN x._____HMCS Warrior________ Military Salutation Area 07._____Pellasgos________ 07._____Gavilan_______ 07._____HCMS Warrior_______ **THE FOLLOWING MAPS ARE FOR QUICK REFERENCE ONLY** THE TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT MUST BE AGREED UPON VIA FORUM POST BY ALL THREE OF THE FORE MENTIONED PARTIES Image2 For clarity Spanish waters Include most of Cuba minus the Dutch buffer zone south of broken line. Image3
  14. Yesterday upon the stair(Port Morant - Carlisle) I met a man(French, Danes) who wasn't there(hiding in battle results/logging off) He wasn't there again today(randomly people from yesterday log in and pop out around the port) I wish, I wish he'd go away(or start playing an actual PvP game instead of using this exploit) The British nation would appreciate if the ganker fleets in the area of Carlisle would not use the battle result hiding exploits to end the night of PvP after a single attack. If you're short on time Jamaica is the wrong place for an attack and if you're afraid to lose your ship the same applies. Especially a fleet of 22 should not be afraid to actually go for a genuine fight which could've provided everyone with a lot of fun. Personally I see no fun/challenge in ganking but if you do it please be ready to face all repercussions that may come upon you instead of wasting everybody's time and fun after jumping a little clanless cerberus with 22 ships. As far as I and those I can vouch for are concerned we will not be backing away from a fight that we brought on our own and will now be attacking your homeports with fair fights. Please consider doing the same in the interest of a fun game for all. A little further warning: It has come to our attention that some smaller ganking fleets now actively search for an ai ship close to KPR to create such battle result screen situation. WIth the intention of this being the last action of the night they apparently log off so they can have an invisible fleet ready to attack in the early afternoon near our homeports. This goes beyond merely trying to save one's hide and is in my/our eyes an unacceptable misuse of the mechanic. We've started to collect evidence on this and should this behaviour not rapidly disappear I will launch a tribunal about this! To the devs: Please consider reworking the battle result screen asap as it currently proofs to be an exploited hassle for all fair playing folk around the isle and surely in other places as well. P.S.: I used the words 'the British nation' as a lot of people are seriously unhappy about this. Should you however take offense to me representing you here just substitue this for my own persona. Also this is a somewhat serious topic - have fun discussing it but serious forum pvp as some practice it is not desired here! Keep it civil everybody! For those who liked the poem: Antigonish - William Hughes Mearns Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish, I wish he'd go away When I came home last night at three The man was waiting there for me But when I looked around the hall I couldn't see him there at all! Go away, go away, don't you come back anymore! Go away, go away, and please don't slam the door Last night I saw upon the stair A little man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today Oh, how I wish he'd go away
  15. These photos are a comparison with a recent attack on Sant Iago (Brits attacking Spain) and Trafalgar itself (date of attack: 7-22-2016). Notice how the two British Lines, although angled slightly different, have the same general shapes and are working together the same way. Notice HMS Avenger is even in the same spot as the HMS Euryalus at the side of the HMS Victory herself at the head of the left line and also notice how HMCS Warrior (the head of the right line) is slightly ahead of the second ship in that line. Anyways, the Brits cut into the Spanish fleet and fought them ship to ship. A link to the actual battle (uploaded to youtube thanks to Brit Captain "John Swigglebottoms") is listed below.
  16. Hola Captains! Spain has been a hollow nation for a great while, and the time has come to bring her back to life! Myself and two other friends have decided to make the move, and this is a formal call to arms for all those who wish to aid in the rebuilding of our proud nation! We will do our best to supply ships, gold and resources to any who should join, and assist any who wish to bring over their vessels. As the leader of USE - The United Shipwrights of España I humbly ask that diplomatic channels be opened once again to our nation, to help and indeed allow us to restore our proud nation. Good Winds and Fair Weather to you fellow captains, Juan Alfonso de Castella
  17. Primeramente, salud a los que defendió y retomaron nuestros puertos contra británicos en las última semanas. Los sientos por mi Castellano, uso Google translate aqui con pocos correciones, y si no entiendes, mira a mi texto original abajo: Levanto este problema porque estoy muy preocupados con la configuración actual del temporizador del puerto, y el hecho de que no hay un líder en el consejo de tomar la carga completa de las decisiones del temporizador de puerto y hacer cumplir a los "lord protectors" a cambiar las horas The Facts here: 1. ahora tenemos 3 temporizadores diferentes entre los puertos mexicanos que recientemente conquistado, y uno sin siquiera ajuste de la hora (Conil) 16-18: Tuspan 18-20: Cuyo, Espíritu Santo, Alvarado, Bernal, Almería, Arenas 20-22: Yisil, sisal, Campoton, Puerto Real 2. Por lo que sabemos, que están tratando de negociar la paz con los británicos, pero la paz no es probable que se apliquen muy pronto debido a las democracias y los pobres autoridad de "consejos" para hacerla cumplir. 3. El nuevo parche llegará pronto, ya sea en esta semana o la próxima semana (mediados de mayo, según los desarrolladores). Un cambio importante que se confirma por los desarrolladores de la nueva parche siguientes: protectores señor sólo podía cambiar el temporizador de puerto después de la conquista de una vez, a menos que el puerto que está siendo conquistado por los demás. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13698-aviso-sobre-timers/ 4. Los temporizadores de puertos aleatorios que nos propusimos dar a nuestros enemigos la oportunidad de: (1) compra falsas banderas --- supongamos británica comprar al mismo tiempo la bandera de Corrientes y Ysil, dónde debemos ir ??? (2) atacarnos cuando estamos durmiendo o trabajando --- mediante el establecimiento de los contadores de tiempo de todos los puertos mexicanos de 10-12 / 14-16, sólo para ser agarrado por los australianos, uno por uno. (Por supuesto, sabía que el propósito inicial de la misma es evitar que sean adoptadas por los rebeldes americanos, pero todos ignorado la amenaza potencial de otro lado, que repetí advertido a los demás) (3) crear confusión entre nosotros cuando nuestros enemigos vienen --- "Oh, mierda !, que establece los temporizadores ??? ¿Cómo estúpida!" En suma, los temporizadores de puerto ramdom que nos fijamos nos colocan en una posición muy vulnerable a defenderlos. 5. Con una mejor disposición de los temporizadores de puerto y el terreno defensivo del Golfo de México, que son capaces de hacer que cada flota ofensiva británica en una pesadilla que debe tratar de capturar esos puertos: Para atacar a los puertos mexicanos, la flota británica tiene que emprender de Tulum, Placer o Tantum, y tienen que pasar a través de Tombado-mugeres. No hay una forma alternativa de eludir esas áreas --- que proporcionan excelentes oportunidades para nuestras fragatas para interceptar la bandera, para etiquetar las flotas agredir y retrasar sus llegadas. Pueden todavía es capaz de capturar esos puertos, pero con un costo grave de los kits de reparación! Así que aquí están las propuestas: 1. elegir a un líder entre nuestro consejo, que tomaría la carga completa de la toma de decisiones de cambio de temporizador puerto y la aplicación de protectores Señor que cambie temporizadores. 2. cambiar todos los contadores de tiempo de los puertos mexicanos a una ventana. Mi sugerencia, todos los conmutadores de 16-18, (Que está bien para ponerlos en lugar de 18-20, pero los británicos todavía puede comprar las banderas de los puertos de México a las 19:59, y comprar la bandera de Corrientes uno minutos más tarde) Siempre estamos dedicando para evitar el desperdicio de dinero de los británicos . 3. Mueva todos nuestros primeros segundos tarifas / a Mantua o Tombado, lo que garantiza que todos los días nuestra flota principal se puede llegar a la ciudad apuntado antes de la flota británica agredir. ---------------------------------- Here is my original text in English: First, homage to those who successfully defended, retook our ports against British and rebel Americans in the past week. I raise this issue because i am very concerned with the current port timer settings, and the fact that there is no single leader in the consejo taking full charge of port timer decisions and enforcing them to the lord protectors who set the timers. Here are the facts: 1. we now have 3 different timers among those Mexican ports we recently conquered, and one without even setting the time (Conil) 16-18: Tuspan 18-20: Cuyo, Espíritu Santo, Alvarado, Bernal, Almeria, Arenas 20-22: Yisil, Sisal, Campoton, Puerto Real That is a mess! 2. As far as we know, we are trying to negotiate a peace with British, but the peace is not likely to be implemented very soon due to democracies and the poor authority of "councils" to enforce it. 3. The new patch will come soon, either in this week or in the next week (mid May according the the developers). One important change that is confirmed by the developpers following the new patch: lord protectors could only change the port timer after the conquest once, unless the port being conquered by others. 4. The random port timers we set give our enemies opportunities to: (1) buy false flags--- suppose British simultaneously buy the flag of Corrientes and Ysil, where should we go??? (2) attack us when we are sleeping or working--- by setting the timers of all Mexican ports to 10-12/14-16, only to be grabbed by those Australians one by one. (Of course, i knew the initial purpose of it is to prevent them from being taken by those American rebels, but all ignored the potential threat from another side which i repeated warned to others) (3) create confusion among us when our enemies come--- "oh shit!, who set those timers??? How stupid!" In sum, the ramdom port timers we set place us in a very vulnerable position to defend them. 5. With better arrangement of port timers and the defensive terrain of the Mexican Gulf, we are able to make every British assaulting fleet a nightmare should they attempt to capture those ports: To attack any Mexican ports, the British fleet has to embark from Tulum, Placer or Tantum, and they have to pass through Tombado-Mugeres. There is no alternative way to circumvent those areas--- that provide excellent opportunities for our frigates to intercept the flag, to tag the assaulting fleets and to delay their arrivals. They may still able to capture those ports, but with severe cost of repair kits! So here are the proposals: 1. elect one leader among our consejo, who would take full charge of making port timer change decisions and enforcing lord protectors to change timers. 2. change all timers of the Mexican ports to one window. My suggestion, all switch to 16-18, (it is fine to set them instead to 18-20, but Brits can still buy the flags of Mexico ports at 19:59, and purchase the flag of Corrientes one minutes later) We are always dedicating to prevent Brits from wasting money. 3. Move all our first/second rates to Mantua or Tombado, which ensures that everyday our main fleet can arrive at the targeted city before the assaulting British fleet.
  18. "It is with a heavy heart that I write to you my King, Fernando VII de Borbón, that without reinforcements from España herself our control in the Caribbean is crumbling to American and British aggression. Weaker willed Spanish sailors actively defect as our losses grow daily, our outposts in Panama and Mexico fall uncontested, and Cuba itself lies under the dominion of two foul enemies who gleefully wish to see our Catholic brethren slaughtered and drowned. I have tried admirably to reverse our misfortunes here: We have captured American traders and sunk those who precariously wandered closer to Habana alone, Even gone so far as to reclaim our rightful lands mere minutes from La Habana, sinking naval craft out of our class with what few numbers we could muster, But even as we reclaim these lands and poke the beast, the Americans smell blood and have no qualms overwhelming our small armada with massive numbers and impressive ships... ...they prioritize us as their primary target, even as they ignore the British and Piratas staunching their claims to the Bahamas. Every step Spain takes forward in the Caribbean, we are forced to take three steps back by those who cooperatively desire a destitute Spaniard presence here. Our critics label us as lazy or disorganized, yet never have I seen such hardened and resolute men who have stayed loyal at my side as our craftsmen starve for even basic resources and food. No, my King, instead we feed on American blood daily, and in the absence of reinforcements I have decided to take my own initiative and establish privateer contracts here in the name of España. Capitán de Bandera Federico Gravina" --- This is a call out to anyone on PvP2 US who thinks that the Spanish faction is dead: WE AREN'T. Spain is squashed in between two of the most populous factions on the server, and as we have continuously lost territory to many of our previous so-called "friends" on the outer fronts, our population has been forced back to La Habana. Even as our population has swelled slightly because of this, we do NOT have enough players to hold our ports effectively and make our way out of Cuba. I fully expect us to suffer the same fate as PvP1 EU's Spanish faction soon enough, unless there are those who are willing to take up our RECONQUISTA of rightful Spanish territory. We have no love for British or Americans and if you've been privy to recent server events we are still ACTIVELY fighting for ports for even the right to craft heavier ships as our port resources grow increasingly sparse around our capital. Why have we not pushed these factions back? We simply lack the numbers. Our under-equipped forces (many of us are just nearing 3rd Rates as many previously high level Spanish players quit or defected due to demoralization or boredom) are something that can be transformed in time, but this post is directed at those who WANT TO HELP THE UNDERDOG in this fight. Bullsaw and myself (as well as others) are eager to assist those who wish to transfer over to Spain's waters and ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN DAILY PVP. Even those who aren't interested in switching fully but want to aid Spain's RECONQUISTA in some way or another are obliged to PM me. We have a national Teamspeak, again PM Bullsaw or myself for details if you'd rather a more personable approach. Viva la España! P.S. I do respect our enemies as competent PvPers, so do not mistake this post as a complaint -- I want to make things more challenging for you when push comes to shove. I doubt Americans/British enjoy killing defenseless towers anymore than we do. P.P.S. Many of our Spanish players speak English as well as Spanish. Don't be shy if you're like me and aren't bilingual. All are welcome.
  19. Thanks guys. Hope it was fun for you.
  20. Using this post to start a new topic to get the ball moving on peace between Spain and Britain. This was orignally posted in Spain is Dead but it is better if we start afresh without all the past Bullshit and insults in that topic. Please only Spanish/British Players post, Please do not post insults, blames etc etc. Suggestions only on how a treaty should go between the nations. For other nations players you can freely post but again follow the same rules of no insults, blames etc etc just suggestions on this, as the war has affected both nations the same and has gone on long enough that its not worth in my option in which players from spain or britain will just leave. First off We need to drop all the insults, blame games etc etc between Spain and Britain, its not making both nations look good. Secondly instead of just saying we need both sides to come to the table and agree to peace, why don't we actually get the ball moving with suggestions of what that peace would entail. Thirdly what i am suggesting is based off another game's way of solving war/peace treaties, aka Crusader Kings 2. Fourthly this is just solely a suggestion on how Spain and Britain can come to a peace deal that both sides will be happy with, i do not speak for the british nation/council or my clan in this. I speak mainly as a player that is fed up of having to tp to fight on three different fronts while also trying to grind myself up levels. Treaty/Peace deal suggestion Now i just want to make myself clear one more time what i put in the Spoiler is a Suggestion for a treaty/peace deal that both nations could agree to in order to end this senseless war, i do not represent my clan when making this post or the british nation at all. I would suggest both sides take this suggestion to there relative councils/clans and come up with something of the same and organise with the other nation a date and a time when both/all parties can sit down and work out a final treaty. Personally I don't care if its war or Peace but Its not good for Spain to lose players and its pointless for Britain to continue the war. Jager
  21. Hello, fellow seamens! Please see below our first try in news. I know, that only few can read in Russian, so here is a brief translation : " News from small Russian Navy Fleet, performing an international peace keeping duty near by free city Canalete, along with Spanish Navy Forces. On 14th of February we've performed several combat contacts with Verenigde Provinciën fleet. At this contacts several enemy line ships were destroed, several had fled away, leaving the battle. Among destroed ships was the Trincomale, led by the captan Ragnar, faimous for his pirat attacks on a weaker opponents. On the photo you can see the moment of blasting out due to the fire of one of the Verenigde Provinciën line ships." Sorry for my English, btw. OFF News, issue 02, English version.
  22. A daily bulletin for the Spanish Empire - 1st Edition - 11/2/16 2nd Edition - 12/2/16 3rd Edition - 13/2/16 4th Edition 14/2/16 5th Edition - 15/2/16 6th Edition - 16/02/16 7th Edition - 17/02/16
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