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  1. We love it so much we put it in our forum signature. Our clan regularly runs rattler gangs of 8+ rattlers. You can take on anything really, and it is one hell of a good time.
  2. You are a tough one to catch so I can vouch for this. Speed is one my favorite qualities in a ship as well. I may have to try this build.
  3. I feel you. I'm in Thailand the last event was 11 pm this one hits me at 12:40 am. I have kids, I'm not staying awake all night again for this next one. Let's hope my clannies have better luck this time.
  4. There have been hints that the way BP's are earned will change. Is there any news on what direction that change will be going? I think we can all appreciate rarity in BP's. We all remember struggling to get the Ingerman BP. I think it is how you balance rarity with grind/frustration that you get into the sweet spot. I will not lie, I am desperately ready for some new BP's. The crafting side of this game is where I spend most of my time. I think some ways for crafters to use XP to unlock ship BP's in a crafting tree would make more sense. Where crafters perhaps must choose a ship branch to specialize in. However, under this system you would eventually be able to get whatever BP you like as long as you grind enough crafting xp. I know I went off topic, but this relates directly to the event in as much as I woke up in the middle of the night (I have two young children) and stayed awake for hours giving it a go. I don't do that often but if BP's are involved I will do my best. I would love more pvp events but putting all the candy in that one basket can rather than spreading it about can be hard on folks. Just my 2 cents. Fatts out. o7
  5. More opportunities is a good thing. I for one support any extra chances for new ship BP's. Now onto buying my 22nd gunboat to break up hoping for a new BP.
  6. My clan mates and I we're we thought "ready" for this event. We we're about 2.5 grids west of the wrecks when they spawned. We figured we had the masses beat as we had followed all the clues. We managed to get to the wrecks in about 8 minutes post spawn to find, absolutely nothing remaining. As for pvp, all the ships that had scored loot had left with little chance of finding and pursuing them.
  7. I was thinking 12 hours apart, so twice in a day maybe so those of us in different hemisphere or with different work schedules can have a better shot.
  8. If you are US and enjoy port battles, crafting or are just a casual player like myself we are happy to have you. If you are moving from pvp2 or are simply new and need a bit of help let us know. We're always happy to have new people. For a relaxed atmosphere and a the occasional off topic conversation about craft beers do look up SRS. We do also actually move ships so it's not false advertising either. o7
  9. I second this motion. Please posts links and funny screenshots in this thread so I can see the madness in the morning.
  10. Here's hoping for the energy to wake up at 11pm. Or be awake at that hour. I'm old and sleepy we'll see.
  11. Some more end game content would indeed be nice. I'm not sure what that would look like yet.
  12. I hate micro transactions, but I would pay small sums to purchase/unlock paints. Please never any pay to win, but for cosmetics why not.
  13. So I've got myself a strange note. No way I can be awake at the hour it says, but we'll see what happens tomorrow.
  14. Ok some hints I can work from this now. Off to go do some trader capping.
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