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  1. i liked that too. the open sea is a barren waste land because there are ever so few reasons to get out there. even if u arent pvping.....missions...sail 2 squares. safely enter mission....sail 2 grids home. repeat....NOTE----NO ONE WANTS LONG ASS HAULS TO GET TO MISSIONS PLEASE DON DO THAT just be creative and add reasons to take my fancy boat out to see....i literally dont think ANYONE does epic events...i enter them when i am running from enemies...such handy little pockets of you cant catch me.
  2. Hi devs (hopefully). bottles are pretty cool. i actually tend to enjoy sailing and watching videos or something to go pick my bottles up. but its a pretty single player activity, despite the gankers attempting to get my sweet lewts. i would LOVE it if wrecks were just randomly scattered around similar to epic events. and every one could see them and POTENTIALLY this would induce greed fueled raced and battles as some other faction claims the wreckage. if not wrecks randomly scattered around then something else. i just wish there was more reasons to set sail and GO some wh
  3. this just gets shouted down because "people gotta be able to pee after a fight"
  4. i disagree with you. i WANT a good fight. i generally lead my clan around morti town searching for a good fightable adventure. we tend to run 2-4 frigates, and ingermanland being the heaviest ship we will likely bring. now before people start screeching that this is our choice...it is. this is what we choose to bring so we are nimble to escape and heavy enough to kill. GENERALLY we find solo frigates and recently that new 2nd rate. we would be FOOLS to not kill those targets of opportunity. its moderately boring. but i am going to take the kills that i can take over searching for the myth
  5. if i am paying attention on the OW (which I usually am)....and i see a terrible situation coming, a fight that i simply cannot win...i will defensive tag and start a conversation with them while i sail for 2 minutes and escape. happens all the time. therefore i call your statement incorrect. good positioning is on you and your team to ATTEMPT. but defensive tags are sooo simple to employ and devastate your position attempts
  6. this is uncontrollable regardless of game mechanics. one person in combat and "text locked" out of nation chat can still tell all his or her friends about what has hit them and where they are. i talk people through battles all the time, what point of sail to hit vs various ships to catch or escape ect. i think that point...while valid....is moot.
  7. i passionately hate mid-grade notes. i'm looking at a week at least if i want to craft upgrades for a 2/4 ship even. i would rather the crafting be more like eve in that i command ship to be built, resources are consumed and a clock starts which prints out my ship at the prescribed time. 2 weeks for a SOL? done. and notes??? WHYYYYYYYYYY!!! it takes like 30 freaking notes to make a ship decent. 'ho'mah'GERD!
  8. my friend, this was a gank, my friend and i were sailing 2 frigs with no fleets because they slow you down. AND we were looking for any fight we could get into this just happened to be a player LGV. sue me. as for frigs being faster with chasers. dude, coward perk now makes it so that if my 30 second reload on my chasers misses ONE single shot/volley he gets to pop out of battle which is what happened in this case. glad the 3rd rate surrendered at that point cuz he was chewing my face off. as for only taking fights i can win, i'd just like to say its really easy to call people out for
  9. i also say remove the fleets. attacked an LGV today with a frigate and a 3rd rate in his fleet....we were two frigates...what are we to do with that. combined with the coward perk he used after cutting behind his frig.....un-killable. even if we did get through his protectors. this game should be about players fighting players, not players machete-ing through other players dumb minions. naval action does not need few players with commanded ships. naval action needs more reasons for players to undock and get out to sea. looking for bottles, chasing the urca gold, searching for pagan petes
  10. yes let me shut my lights off so i cna sneak up on mofo's more fashionably
  11. i think buildings should have THEIR OWN labor. and it costs wages to extract. also the EU trader needs to be disabled. its a sad thing when new players are encouraged to sell labor hours and buy materials to craft from the magical triple price plus one make thing appear deal.
  12. i have been saying since the patch came out that if your ship it taking water or on fire surrender should not be an option. and i mean like you got shot and sprung a leak which your crew will fix...cannot surrender until its gone. and obviously if u got your face punched totally in then you cannot opt out down you go with all hands.
  13. anything to put more people on the ocean would be a good thing. right now we have 5? reasons to sail. move resources, move to mission, hunt people moving resources/missions. oh ya and go to port battles. and now fishing and BOTTLES! HUNTING treasure ships would be really. AND it could be something like faction get emails saying "his most catholic majesty king hernando spanisho's royal treasure fleet is departing habana on >this< day bound for spain! captains are expected to protect this treasure as it departs the dangerous Caribbean waters." and or.... "reports indi
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