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  1. There are no implementations that you have indicated that will change the gameplay in any way shape or form from the solo type of player that has occurred during the last 2 events. This is how I see the next event playing out. You will have more trader ships and fewer combat ships. I would suspect the players who have thought about it will travel down in Gros ventres or Indiaman kitted out with gold copper plating and Gold Marines. They will loot from the ships fairly quickly and then either log out for an hour or if they think they can make it head for the nearest port. Those
  2. Whatever you do it has to be fair to each nation, so to create an event in an area that is too far away for certain nations like you just did is unfair. A better solution would have been to have this "Treasure fleet" repositioned every hour or so as it navigated around the capital cities, allowing each nation a crack at the loot Possibly allowing a time out for any player who captured loot from 1 location to not gather loot from the next and make the loot available to each player, so a clientside availability, not a global availability If you want to have a really good PvP event, t
  3. From that perspective and experience of me doing PvP patrols around Jamaica, I see this a lot especially from French Nation players Kudos to the Danes, they hardly every use it
  4. Going back to the post that queried what was being sold in the capital and the statement about not being able to teleport with goods in. 1) I like the idea that you cant teleport with goods and that should remain 2) Most of the assets that are being traded between players can be teleported with the ship, these are a)The ship itself (Would be a nightmare if crafters having spent all the time gathering the resources then have to spend the time sailing from their crafting outpost to the capital to sell Upgrades, mainly exceptional There was a comment about pre planning... this does
  5. Capitals are used for player v player trading, this would cause some issues for that element of the game and most likely reduce the ability of the capital as being the central hub of the nation. Is that a good thing? I dont now.
  6. I don't have an issue sailing from 1 end of the map to the other but if I just log into the game and find there's an organised fleet about to depart from a forward operating base that I actually have as an outpost then it would be really nice if i didn't have to miss the opportunity to take part in this form of team play. I am not asking for a teleport to A,B C with my PvP ship as often as I want, I am simply asking that the ability to teleport to the capital is expanded to any of my outposts There hasn't been one person against this that has asked for the teleport to capital to be
  7. some ideas Missions: Intercept a convoy Some open world instances that spawn randomly anywhere, that you can come across while sailing Tow a battle damaged ship to port Rescue a crew adrift or from a prison ship Some AI ships have a bounty placed on them, making them a juicier target if you come across them while sailing around Answer a distress flare Bottles Location High value target ship (High value cargo) to be captured Area of High value target ship (Bounty)
  8. +1 from me for both the Who is in port and If the battle is PVP or PVE
  9. As this is only to do with the battle screen and has nothing to do with OW play, this simply wont effect you and if you only log out of the battle screen maybe twice a week, you would definitely be outside any limiting time factor to incur any punishment, so again, this will have no effect on how you play the game. This only effects players who continuously use the exploit I explained in my initial post, So now that hopefully you understand the concept a bit more, do you still have reservations ?
  10. Well the other option is wait, wait, wait while another player and then another player is trying to make their way to the fleet form up point, there is enough waiting around as it is with players hiding in the battle log screen.
  11. The issue: A fleet enters a battle with another fleet Battle ends (Escaping ships or ships that have won the battle can then stay in the battle management screen (The screen where they can "USE" their med kits) instead of reappearing in the open world, or alternatively they ALT F4 and shut the game down Side effect: While the battle has been ongoing, players have organised a fleet to ambush these ships when the reappear back into the O/W The players who were in battle don't reappear and the players waiting in ambush sit around for 10 minutes (or until they get bored) waiting for these
  12. If the group leader leaves the group or is disconnected, rather than the group automatically disband, the group leadership should automatically pass to either the next listed player in the group or the highest ranked player in the group
  13. There has been an exploit available prior to todays patch which allows 2 players on the same side to work together so that they can teleport one of the players ships to one of their outposts. This was most likely not intentional and was made available by one player sailing with a smuggler tag in a basic cutter out to a waiting player who wants their PvP ship teleporting to a forward port. The basics are that they would engage in battle, the basic cutter would surrender. The other player can then capture the cutter, send his pvp ship to an outpost of his choice, sail back to KPR and then tele
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