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  1. I didn't bother with the event as it was pretty obvious to me that my prediction would be pretty close to the outcome. I have an idea for the build up to the event that will get players to the event without just giving them a grid ref...... The concept would be that the departure port and time of departure, intended course and approximate speed of the treasure fleet would be clearly identified. Based on this, the current window of opportunity (Event timing) could be based on say 1 hours of gameplay travelling, meaning the event could take place between 15:30 hrs and 16:30 hrs, players could then depart from or near the departure point at around the treasure fleet departure time and sail the course looking for the treasure fleet (Waiting for the devs to spawn the event). Then when the event is spawned in, anyone who wanted to take part in the event should be relatively close to the event location. I doubt much combat would take place during this travel time but the players would pretty quickly congregate around the actual shipwreck site and then the human nature of greed would prevail. If the current event model was used this would create a blood bath, which is what the devs are after, however this would not be very fair on lower ranked players who can not crew the heavier ships. So to take you back to my earlier post which had an alternate model for the event..and a much fairer system to all players who took part in the event. You might wanna read this again to refresh the old grey matter and regrasp the concept. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16108-official-dead-mans-chest-event-feedback-heavily-moderated/page-13#entry304291'>http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16108-official-dead-mans-chest-event-feedback-heavily-moderated/page-13#entry304291 For those who cant be bothered to read the earlier post, In a nutshell Each shipwreck is actually a Battle, so you enter like any other battle Each player is auto slotted to a side (Blue or red) and fly's the respective flag colour (Fleets are spawned on the same side) maybe 25 v 25 battles ? Access to the battle is based on the rate of the ship wreck in relation to the rate of the players ship (eg 5th rate shipwreck , 4th, 5th rates can enter or some other auto-balancing algorithm (See below for some options) Everyone gets some form of reward for getting involved with the battle/event Winning side gets the better loot Special prizes given to the players on each side who inflict the most damage Top prize given to the player on the winning side who inflicts the most damage (Not who sunk the most ships !) Special award also given to the player who's ship is the most damaged but was able to survive to the end of the battle Battle has a timer limit so it doesn't end up being a death match (randonly between 30 - 45 mins from start perhaps) (This may reduce battle spawn camping waiting for the event to finish) Battle entry timer is reasonable, say 15 minutes to allow enough players to join, battle doesn't start until this 15 minutes is up then battle is then locked so later comers cannot join Possibly respawn the battle an hour later so that players who didn't get much the 1st time can battle again later (Players who did get some decent loot during the initial battle would probably not hang around and would want to get back to port) Because the battle timer is limited (make sure the length of the battle is not a set time (randomly selected between 2 extremes) to prevent spawn camping Further to my suggestion of RED forces (Identified by Red Flags) BLUE Forces (Identfied by Blue flags) as stated on the above link Instead of auto-matching players regardless of their side, you could auto-match based on current alliances But again, making sure the "rate" size of the ships allowed in to a specific shipwreck is based around the size of the ship that is wrecked so you could have a mixture of 2nd rate wreck (1st and 2nd rates can enter) 4th rate wreck (3rd and 4th rates can enter) 6nd rate wreck (5th rates and below can enter) or you could just have a cap on the max strength of ship that can enter the battle 1st rate wreck (any rate can enter) 2nd rate shipwreck (2nd rate or below) (Meaning 2,3,4,5,6,7 rates allowed) 3rd rate shipwreck (3rd rates or below can enter) etc. etc. or you could just allows 1rate above to 1 rate below to enter the battle 2nd rate wreck (1st, 2nd and 3rd rates can enter) 3rd rate shipwreck (2nd, 3rd, 4th rates can enter) 4th rate shipwreck (3rd, 4th and 5th rates can enter) etc. etc.
  2. There are no implementations that you have indicated that will change the gameplay in any way shape or form from the solo type of player that has occurred during the last 2 events. This is how I see the next event playing out. You will have more trader ships and fewer combat ships. I would suspect the players who have thought about it will travel down in Gros ventres or Indiaman kitted out with gold copper plating and Gold Marines. They will loot from the ships fairly quickly and then either log out for an hour or if they think they can make it head for the nearest port. Those who are thinking about intercepting them wont be large scale organised clans, they will be 2 - 4 ships max made up of the only ships that are likely to catch them and tag them succesfully which is Renomees and Trincs. These ships will have a hard time trying to capture/board the traders. If there is any large scale clan organisation, this will be used to escort their traders to safety, but I doubt you will see much of this. They would prefer to carry out port battles and this would be an ideal time for that to occur. Solo players have 1 choice. Fast Trader, in grab and out or don't bother at all. Conclusion Apart from 1 player can't take it all, nothing will change
  3. @ Skully & Jan van Santen Maybe i misread /misinterpreted that somewhere, so thanks for pointing that out, i've edited my post to reflect your information..
  4. My 2 cents worth. Everything I assume works on my understanding of human nature Guessing location Guessing the location of the event was really easy. I logged in something like 20 minutes before the event, asked what ports the notes had mentioned and then with that information used the following logic. 1) I believe the devs want the event to be a heavy PvP (On the PvP server) 2) It has to be as fair as you can get, so as many nations as possible should be able to get to it (So am assuming 3 nations + pirates would be optimum) 3) It has to be as evenly far away from any ports that surround it as is possible 4) So I am looking for a large area of open water surrounded by 3 nations with enough neutral ports to satisfy players teleporting to as a starting base and the ports listed were North, south and west of jamaica, so that only leaves 1 option which fulfilled my assumptions, which was the open water to the east of Jamaica. Within 10 minutes of logging on I guessed at halfway between Ile a vache and Coquicaboa somewhere between (7100 and 7200 lat and 1700 to 1800 Long) So I set sail in my fastest renomee. (I should have logged on earlier but hey ho, real life comes first and I wasn't able to). On my way down to the location, the event map marker appeared. I was fairly close with my guesstimate. Based on my assumptions and educated guess, i pinned the location down in 10 mins from having no previous knowledge, so those that say the information was already known, twaddle, you just didn't think it through logically. There were a lot of ships in that area so I wasn't the only one that came to that assumption. Hopefully that ends the "They already knew twoddle from those too salty to admit they didn't really think it through fully) My thoughts on the build up too and the marking of the location I don't know if the location should be marked on the map with a marker, maybe it should be discovered by players instead who are out there scouting around. As for the letters, you can see the logic i used, (My logic may be wrong, it could be purely random, but I doubt the algarithm used is fully random) It's too easy to figure it out. Route to location Uneventful, i was sailing next to enemy ships well within tagging distance, nobody or very few players at that point were interested in combat, everyone had their eye on the prizes. I did see the odd battle, but simply ignored them and sailed past them Arrival at location A large array of different ships from multiple nations all sailing to the various wrecks in the area, nobody finding any loot and nobody entering into combat (I wasn't that late to the party, maybe 15 to 20 mins). I was on our nation TS and listening to the comms, there were a few lucky players who had arrived really early and managed to scoop up multiple chests. Some of these players sailed a little into the distance then disconnected planning to come back in an hour or so after the area had calmed down, some players simply sailed to the nearest port Departure from Location I didnt see the point of searching for any loot carrying players, way too many to select from, so i sailed a little distance, teleported to home port then disconnected, end of session. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ What I thought was wrong The entire event promotes solo selfish gameplay, get in there quick, grab as much loot as I can and then escape. This is seen by the reluctance of nearly all players to join in any battle, including myself and as previously mentioned and agreed as a fault by the devs, the ability to take more than 1 chest. Possibly also the marking of the location on the map (Although i can see arguments from both sides, especially from those players who do not get involved with national comms and prefer more solo/ non clan play) What I thought was correct Defining the time of the event and the rough location How to improve the event As previously stated, 1 chest per player possibly but with better loot per chest I also think a continuous spawning, respawning of crates over a period of say 1 hour would help However, I believe the event is too flawed and should be scrapped. It pushes players away from teamwork and combat, which i believe is the opposite of the effect you are trying to create and in its current format, even if the changes proposed by some players were to be implemented, that is not going to change. Suggested remodelling of the event Using my assumptions and knowledge of how human nature works, any event like this should bring together all levels of player skills and promote teamwork & coordination even from the solo players. You now know that players are not likely to start battles on the way to the event, so use this to your advantage You also know players are not likely to engage in battles on their way back, so also use this to your advantage Players arrive from all nations and in the event area don't attack each other, also use this to your advantage Players won't spend an hour or two at the weekend unless they know they have a high chance of getting some form of reward. So 1) On PVP or PVE you want players to work for their prizes and you want them to battle So make the event a battle. (A battle around each shipwreck) 2) FOR PVP To make it fair, don't make it nation v nation battle, create 2 sides within the battle (As per my previous post (Idea 2) and have players enter a battle and either select a side or be auto-matched into a side RED forces (Identified by Red Flags) BLUE Forces (Identfied by Blue flags) Alternatively for PVE add a balanced enemy A.I fleet that has to be destroyed to gain the loot Battle Entry timer Allow a battle entry timer that is long enough for those heading towards the event to join the battle. 20 minutes perhaps. Maybe make the size of ship allowed to enter the battle the same class of ship +/- 1 that the shipwreck is, therefore allowing cutters up to 1st rate battles without having any ship too powerful in any one battle Prizes Create an algorithm that gives out loot to almost if not all players in the battle Obviously the better a player does the greater the prize and for the winning side even better loot. To encourage more aggressive play in battles, and deter those sitting on the periphery wanting to just survive the battle add and incentive that promotes aggressive combat, such as "Player of the battle". Player of the Battle Award For each side define a "Player of the battle" and award them with something very special this could be based on damage inflicted (Rather than No. of ships sunk) or / and the most beaten up ship that survived. (Don't make it the player who sunk the most ships, that would be a little unfair) Time/Score limit Don't make it a death match, have a timer and possibly a score that has to be reached that can define the winning side. Ideally a player doesn't want to have his ship fully destroyed in battle, so a maximum timer is a definite Respawning Event Allow these battle shipwrecks to respawn so that over a period of say 2 or 3 hours everyone can get in on the action, You could monitor the number of players entering this battle and automate the respawning to cater for those still getting involved with it. Identifying location Possibly you could add markers on the map indicating the location of a class of shipwreck so that players at or near that class can sail to that specific battle. I see no issue with giving this information 1 hour before the event starts to maximise the number of players who can attend the event. This way you have the maximum number of players entering the initial spawning shipwreck battles I can assure you, this will play into the wants of the players and they all have a very good chance of getting something out of it and a worthy couple of hours of high action gameplay. Those who did well out of the battle are likely to sail away with their prizes leaving those who didn't do too well the ability to join the next respawning "Even"t battle. Everyone's a winner Conclusion I don't think you can fix the treasure hunt event, it has too many flaws and the way in which a player approaches it, works against what I believe you are wanting to achieve. Even with some of the proposed changes this is not going to change the gameplay on this event very much and I most likely won't bother with the next event if it is modelled on this current format due to the time spent/reward ratio
  5. Treasure Quantity One ship can take many chests then disconnect for an hour maybe 2 and then reconnect and sail safely into a port. Maybe the number of chests should be limited to 1 per ship Players with loot can disconnect and reconnect an hour or so later with safe sailing ahead of them A mechanic needs to be put into place to stop using this ability All shipwrecks were looted within (Guesstimate) 15-20 minutes after event started Maybe shipwrecks should continue to be dynamically created during a period of over an hour. Ships would then likely hang around the event area and while waiting may engage in PvP PVP Element I was under the impression that the special event was designed to create more PVP. I have never been surrounded by so many enemy ships for so long and not tagged once. So from that perspective, I feel the PvP element failed in this instance Which ships managed to get loot ? No idea, not able to tell, so no point in randomly engaging a ship on the off chance with so many ships around to choose from. Maybe they should be marked much in the same way a flag carrier is Estimating the event location This seems to have been too easy, I have no idea if that is a good thing or bad thing, I can see pro's and cons for each side of the argument Conclusion The event seems to encourage more solo play than team play, as the main goal of every player seems to have been to grab loot. According to the chat i saw in the chat channel and the conversations that occurred in teamspeak, fighting was a secondary concern. If you offer an event that is tuned to the individual then this is all you will get from these type of events. Suggestions I would suggest that instead of promoting solo play, you need to encourage fleets and or nation special events where the winning fleet, nation are given rewards and the losing side is also given some form of lesser reward. There are of course dozens of ideas on differing special events that would be much better than this Treasure fleet event. Idea 1 The special event is a battle icon and on entering the event, matchmaking is run to balance the 2 sides allowing full fleets or solo players to enter, the battle is then played out, everyone gets something but the winning team get the real prizes. Idea 2 Each shipwreck is a battle Icon (Mini Epic event) requires players (Of any nation) to join 1 of 2 sides. Red Forces (Red Flags) Blue Forces (Blue Flags) The battle itself is to destroy the opposite side and therefore recover the wrecked ship, which relates to sharing the loot between the players on the winning side (Random loot drops etc) When the battle starts, the shipwreck is protected by AI Neutral ships which have to be defeated along with the enemy ships (Add more AI ships for the PVE servers) The battle screen stays open for X minutes (anything between 15 and say 30 minutes random timer) This allows more players to join and a longer battle to ensue if after X minutes (Say 90 mins) there has been no winner, the battle ends and the side that inflicted the most damage wins, so there is a defintre winning side no matter what the outcome) Minor rewards Both sides have random loot drops regardless of whether they win or lose, these drops contain loot that allows them to fight again, so items like repair and medical kits and maybe small bonuses dependant on how well they did in the battle Major rewards. Outstanding Captain A player on each side is awarded an "Outstanding Captain award" These can be given for as many different scenarios as you can think of Captain with the most battle damaged ship still fighting Captain that sunk the most ships Captain that inflicted the most damage These players are given special loot Ship fully repaired free, Crew resupplied after battle Bp's, Labour contracts, even the odd ship, whatever you can think of is worthwhile Winning side This side is given a treasure chest (Same conditions as special event, must be opened at a port within X hours etc) This special event continues for say 3 hours and folks can return again and again to get into more battles during this time. This way 1) Everyone has a good fight, 2) Everyone one has an equal chance of getting some loot 3) PvP is encouraged, infact necessary to gain from the event 4) Nobody comes away empty handed 5) Chances of been engaged in PvP on the way to the event are minimalised Win Win situation and the devs actually create something good which we can then look forward to again _____________________________________________________________________________________ Let's try to be constructive about this folks, rubbing salt in, doesn't help There are of course dozens of ideas on differing special events that would be much better than this Treasure fleet event.
  6. Whatever you do it has to be fair to each nation, so to create an event in an area that is too far away for certain nations like you just did is unfair. A better solution would have been to have this "Treasure fleet" repositioned every hour or so as it navigated around the capital cities, allowing each nation a crack at the loot Possibly allowing a time out for any player who captured loot from 1 location to not gather loot from the next and make the loot available to each player, so a clientside availability, not a global availability If you want to have a really good PvP event, then have 2 warring factions meet at a mid point between the 2 capital cities and allow them to fly a special flag while sailing to the event that disallows them the ability to be attacked or attack while en route (This would have to be thought out a little bit more to avoid the obvious exploits) alternatively have the event "JOIN SIDES" area much larger and disallow any attacks for anyone inside it Allow each player who participates some reward (loot drop) based on damage inflicted and the winning side some special loot. To make this really popular, don't take the dura of their ship or the life of their officer, every player would then jump at the chance to do that event
  7. From that perspective and experience of me doing PvP patrols around Jamaica, I see this a lot especially from French Nation players Kudos to the Danes, they hardly every use it
  8. Going back to the post that queried what was being sold in the capital and the statement about not being able to teleport with goods in. 1) I like the idea that you cant teleport with goods and that should remain 2) Most of the assets that are being traded between players can be teleported with the ship, these are a)The ship itself (Would be a nightmare if crafters having spent all the time gathering the resources then have to spend the time sailing from their crafting outpost to the capital to sell Upgrades, mainly exceptional There was a comment about pre planning... this does take place a lot, but there are a lot more fleets organised "on the fly", especially in my nation and especially on our nation teamspeak server Now if you're not working and your schedule is free most days you can always time your very busy life style to fit in with these pre organised sessions Unfortunately I am not so lucky and a good chunk of my day taken up paying for life, like many others. For me to take advantage of these impromptu fleets that are not sailing locally, I spent time sailing to far off outposts, spending the gold to get a port in the hope I could teleport my ship and be part of a fleet that sailed into enemy territory. Again, teleporting your pvp ship once every X hours, maybe just once per day (real life time). Is that such an abhorrent idea, it certainly cant be abused and I strongly believe will improve the Pvp. So in my opinion, to have this functionality replaces the fact that I have to work all day and can't spent all day playing games. I don't see anything wrong with that and for me I will get the most out of the game with it. Other than that i am kind of stuck sailing around my capital on local protection fleets which are most likely now going to be much quieter patrols due to this available exploit being completely removed. It is present state (pre patch) is was too much, once every 4 hours being able to do it would be a blessing for me and many others I also think that attacking an ai ship should only give you the option to sail your original (non captured ship) to your nearest outpost, however allow you to send the captured ship to any outpost). This would balance this ship teleportation to something more logical
  9. Capitals are used for player v player trading, this would cause some issues for that element of the game and most likely reduce the ability of the capital as being the central hub of the nation. Is that a good thing? I dont now.
  10. I don't have an issue sailing from 1 end of the map to the other but if I just log into the game and find there's an organised fleet about to depart from a forward operating base that I actually have as an outpost then it would be really nice if i didn't have to miss the opportunity to take part in this form of team play. I am not asking for a teleport to A,B C with my PvP ship as often as I want, I am simply asking that the ability to teleport to the capital is expanded to any of my outposts There hasn't been one person against this that has asked for the teleport to capital to be removed, and what i am asking for really isn't that much different. Once every 4 hours or 6 hours etc isn't really going to be of much use as an exploit but could well be used to create some very large PvP battles, which has got to be good for the game. So why is it okay to TP to capital once every 4 hours but not TP to any other port you have an outpost in ? That i would like explaining from those who are opposed to this, if you dont mind as I dont see any different arguments between the two options
  11. some ideas Missions: Intercept a convoy Some open world instances that spawn randomly anywhere, that you can come across while sailing Tow a battle damaged ship to port Rescue a crew adrift or from a prison ship Some AI ships have a bounty placed on them, making them a juicier target if you come across them while sailing around Answer a distress flare Bottles Location High value target ship (High value cargo) to be captured Area of High value target ship (Bounty)
  12. +1 from me for both the Who is in port and If the battle is PVP or PVE
  13. As this is only to do with the battle screen and has nothing to do with OW play, this simply wont effect you and if you only log out of the battle screen maybe twice a week, you would definitely be outside any limiting time factor to incur any punishment, so again, this will have no effect on how you play the game. This only effects players who continuously use the exploit I explained in my initial post, So now that hopefully you understand the concept a bit more, do you still have reservations ?
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