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  1. Yes but at the end of a day it's a game which is meant to be fun, the goal should be pvp where the player has to gain the advantage not have it handed to you. Port defense battles = smart strategy run from attackers until time limit is over, at 5 minutes you can run outside circle because it still counts your BR and it wont sink you before end of round. At least make it stop counting BR when outside the circle. Certainly the shoot sails and run strategy is valid but it's terribly boring and not fun for anyone involved. As i said before - missions only enemies can enter which makes it easier for enemies such as trincos that like to attack midshipmen in PR jump into and gank and then run and get into another one evading any security fleet. 2 minute timers well I've covered that enough. Ganking is certainly a viable strat, but the ganking needs to come from being smarter/better not because the game hands you every opportunity while punishing you for going for equal pvp. Believe me I firmly believe if you're fighting fair you're fighting wrong in the real world but when it comes to a game and no lives are on the line I want good solid pvp that is fun. Not for it to be a chore.
  2. of which there are plenty. means one should chose better engagements and go for better tags instead of oh look i have a fast reno/trinco and will just run almost anyone down. At this point the game is designed purely around ganking and not actual pvp. Case in point Missions: only enemies can enter. Shortened timers - takes over 2 minutes to sail any fucking where so again, advantage to gankers. Well intentioned poorly thought through and terribly implemented mechanics that do nothing for individuals who want to pvp but do plenty for the troll who wants to gank noobs, be able to run from equal fights.
  3. I maintain my stance. It doesnt fit into the game. guy looking for small engagements has time to finish the small pvp/commerce raiding before help arrives, if he doesnt then he faces the punishment for getting outplayed/a bad tag/whatever. It's a terrible idea that's almost but not quite as bad as allowing a trincomalee to jump into a midshipman mission letting the trinco escape his level pvp to gank a noob. Does. not. belong. in. game. You think pirates looked to fight a british line fleet? no they did line commerce raiding and if they had a patrol stumble upon them they ran or got hung. I thought the game strived for some resemblance of realism and good gameplay, the timer and mission system both are unrealistic and terrible game play. Short timer just enourages ganking, not good pvp, not good gameplay, it encourages all the little scrublords in trincos who go around ganking low levels all day and run when they face an equal fight. Just like PB's used to and possibly still do encourage the defender to run with his tail tucked until the battle is over.
  4. I hate to be that guy...but: For the love of god why, people already borderline exploit the timer. I dont particularly care about PVE although its going to suck if your group is split up but the timer needs to be removed completely in pvp battles it has no place in the game. Imagine sailing across the open sea hearing cannons and right when you arrive to assist your fleet some invisible walls stops nelson in his tracks saying battle closed. -.- Other then that looks brilliant.
  5. uhm a) midshipman wouldnt be able to come into the pb, and we always let anyone who wants help in screening fleets Common sense seems challenging for some people though.
  6. Because, honestly, what is the point of the circle if you just time yourself to run through it and continue avoiding an engagement? Once back in the circle your br should can count again and if you dont make it back in your ship sinks. IF a port battle ends any ship outside of the circle should be automatically captured and given to the victor. ^timing their run outside the circle
  7. This, if the current build has bugs on the internal test then they'll have to address those which could push it back.
  8. My motto for mmo's has always been if it's red its dead...but now I'm a brit so that's a quandary.
  9. Rus's response learning they would have to fight their way out of morant after failing to capture it:
  10. In the Caribbean? Pretty sure they were all in the baltic. Why not the ottomans then? -.- TBH I have no idea why the Swedes - who had one island and no major presence in the carribean or any action in the carribean, are a faction. But then again Bensalem is a fictitious town so the whole historical argument is out the window. The game has to many factions as in, imo.
  11. How can you surrender after a fight is over? -.- Seems like an exploit to me and definitely not in the spirit of the game. I bring it up because we had a screen force fight danes after a port battle then we retreated for the heavier fleet outside to get into position to capture their pavels, however they apparently surrendered two third rates after we all escaped for their pavels to capture and return home.
  12. And for anyone who thinks we will work a treaty with the russians in whatever nation they play for (because one hour they're danish the next spanish then pirate gg on implementing that faction switch timer) or pirates:
  13. Same defense at la bermeja, arenas, baxo nuevo, triangles, arcas, alacranes pre negations? How about Chiriqui, Almirante, Talamanca, Mantina, San Juan del Norte, Sanot Tomas, Omoa Truinfa de la Cruz, Morro Chico, Truxillo, Black River, Placentia, Belize, How about the defense (or lack there of of Cuba?) No it might be easier to tell me what Spain led by REA has actually defended? And is it our fault those two had no timers on them? Or is it that the Spanish just have no defense other then the timer argument? Congrats on defending a shallow water port, once.
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