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  1. I was not at the PB nor have I been active in the last few days, so I don't really know what has been going on. However, this just makes it glaringly obvious that the marks system is shit, any system that involves killing others for rewards will have potential for ab(use). I hope the devs will change the system, and this is just one of the many problems.. Tagging system Alt farming for gold/xp (Yeah I know it's been reduced with the 1h cooldown) Alt tagging (Such a huge exploit that has been in the game since the start, and no one was ever punished, Edit;
  2. Removing communication because of "toxicity" and "the game was not designed to talk with each other".. Let the community self moderate. You don't like reading a certain person's text? There is an ignore function. Someone speaking another language? Ignore function. Someone talking trash and you don't want to see it? Ignore function. You'll come to see how bad of an idea it was to remove it later, but then the damage will be done.
  3. Community feedback, capped ships were useless, because they only had 1 dura and no one risks good modules on 1 dura ships. Now ships will be cheaper to manufacture, as admins said 3 dura 1st rates would be 3x as expensive, so when they reduce dura costs will also be reduced. You also no longer risk losing expensive ass modules, which is a boon to everyone.
  4. From how I'm reading your posts admin it can seem that you either want full asset wipe or only ship wipe, can you clarify please? I along with many others hope it will be a full asset wipe, maybe even map reset? Right now the game is bloated with tons of gold, materials and resources, so please give everyone a clean slate so we can test properly.
  5. All I can say is that I am sick and tired of "screening". I play this game to have battles, not sit in empty port while watching points tick up, because enemy fleet can't get in to fight us. In what historical setting did a battle outside of a port prevent the fleet from attacking the port after the battle? Did the admirals in question go, "Oh shoot, it'll be outside the orders the admirality gave me! Better sail back!"
  6. British side only have 2 representative, both from Zerg. Lord Vicious is banned from US teamspeak, not very representative
  7. Danes trying to claim moral upperhand when their alliance attacked USA when out of alliance, or when they were literally trying to kill the Dutch nation by takking ALL their ports. You are scum and I'll be waiting in Santo Domingo for you.
  8. Not a video, but I feel it warrants a screenshot and a written account, I am no orator or writer, but I hope you enjoy the read. A long and hard fought battle between two french 1st rates and two british Bucentaures and an American Constitution. The two ships were spotted off the coast from Castries and we quickly pursued them and engaged them, the battle started slow where we kept a distance, focusing on shooting their sails with ball and chain, forcing them to burn their repair early. The other Buc had not maneuvered well and was now in a position where the 1st rates could pum
  9. Just make it so they cannot leave in this state until the battle is over, simple. Edit; Make it so that you cannot do anything like shooting or using sails, and if boarded have a massive disadvantage.
  10. To the ones arguing for rare ships, I completely agree with you, but the way it is done currently is WRONG. See the qoute above, I posted this in reply to admin in a topic but I didnt get an answer sadly, I'm hoping something like this can be implemented.
  11. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16797-jamaica-royal-navy-coastal-defense-friday-oct-7th-video/ http://imgur.com/XEfJ9Ft
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