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  1. T. Cochrane

    Insulting from Sayid

    ...without words (see pic)
  2. T. Cochrane

    Admiralty Connection DLC bug?

    Hello there, same for me. I had 14 Ship Slots availble and after bying the DLC I have now 19 (tried out bying cutters) and not 24 as I would have expect due to the info in the Steam Shop. Fully agree with Archaos: It would make sense to have add. outposts as well.
  3. T. Cochrane


    Same here.
  4. T. Cochrane

    Ships are not sailing (moving) in Battle

    Looking forward to hear from you & all the best Thomas
  5. T. Cochrane

    Ships are not sailing (moving) in Battle

    & finally with a nice comment of the opponent
  6. T. Cochrane

    Ships are not sailing (moving) in Battle

    & do you find it not interesting that my ship moves, stops, move and finally stopped directly side by side of the opponents Vic????
  7. T. Cochrane

    Ships are not sailing (moving) in Battle

    Sir, meanwhile in the battle my ship start moving, stops again, ove & stops again. Intersting whise just finally stops parallel to his vic, before my ship was upwind of the vic. Interesting or not. Still witchery? Thomas
  8. T. Cochrane

    Ships are not sailing (moving) in Battle

    Sir, do you have an explanation why 2 ships (both british) can´t move, but hte the other ships (pirates) can move? Witchery, of course not, but ....(there is everytime a but). All the best Thomas
  9. Hello, we are just a a battle vs. a pirate from Sorry Clan (CompleteDisaster) and our both ships are not moving / sailing (0,0 knots). Also restart client are not changing this. I doesn´t look like random for me. Screen attached. All the best Thomas
  10. Hello, Player Sayid insulted me and some other now several times. In the first battle he called "us" idiots (I clicked on his name and report it. Next battle now he called us morons in russian language see screen below (also reported). Regards Thomas
  11. T. Cochrane

    [RGL]Kumpel1337 (rude behavior & insulting)

    Hello Mr. Walker, I have no screen or movie, but it happen. As his first boarding ended and my begun, he set sail and rammed me so that I was pushed away from that Trader.
  12. T. Cochrane

    [RGL]Kumpel1337 (rude behavior & insulting)

    Thanks for the hint. I will do.
  13. T. Cochrane

    [RGL]Kumpel1337 (rude behavior & insulting)

    Additonal the Chat Log ___________________________________________ 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:28:50.484048] Kumpel1337: why would u kill a trader? 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:28:59.913374] Kumpel1337: are u that stupid? 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:29:10.363871] Thomas Cochrane: i dont kill him just bring down his side to grape & then board him 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:29:57.966793] Kumpel1337: ahhhhhhh 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:30:01.829685] Kumpel1337: fuck i am sorry 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:31:22.304689] Kumpel1337: wow it worked 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:31:39.948165] Thomas Cochrane: sure idid it now over 1 year 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:33:50.433623] Thomas Cochrane: you are stealing my ship 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:34:22.652147] Thomas Cochrane: 1 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:37:13.713581] Thomas Cochrane: w 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:37:58.022059] Thomas Cochrane: you will find youself in the Tribunal 7248:[2016-Jan-28 13:38:34.459162] Kumpel1337: dude hate the game not the players
  14. Hello Sirs, I need to bring to your attention a case of insulting. I had a few minutes ago a battle where I attacked a Trader Brig. Then Player [RGL]Kumpel1337 joined the fight and insulted me first, board the Trader which graped down and nevertheless as he failed his boarding & I could board he rammed my ship away from the Trader so that he can board again. I have only a picture where he insulted me. See attachment. Sincerly Thomas Cochrane