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  1. Well, this was a big waste of PvE Marks.... Without knowing what it takes to craft these, you can waste your marks on a blue print that you will not be able to craft. Like I just did. 200 PvE marks wasted on the Northern Carpenter that requires 5 Swedish Carpenters and 5 silver coins to make. Being a US player, it is very unlikely that I will be able to make this. It really would be helpful to know what is require to make these before one spends their hard earned Marks Can we have an addition to the wonderful spreadsheet to include the resources required?
  2. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 4 for patch 10.00

    I like that the NPC ship prices have increased. But a shop same port NPC Fir Frigate at $52K and a NPC Mahogany Frigate at $129K seems like an unreasonable jump in price.
  3. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    I wonder if we will get Patch Notes for this latest build I just loaded?
  4. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 3 for patch 10.00

    If you use a Trader as a Fleet ship, enter a trader battle and capture it, Can you see the Fleet Traders Hold to fill it with the loot from the captured trader?
  5. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 3 for patch 10.00

    but the information is lacking
  6. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 3 for patch 10.00

    again a none useful response from staff If you can't help.....keep quite
  7. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 3 for patch 10.00

    will we be given a clue at what each of these Admiralty Module Refits will do?
  8. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    New Patch is up and running....
  9. SneakyTurtle

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.0

    Onto a new Patch this morning.... build load 36119.Clean..... wonder what this will be
  10. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Thank you in advance for the new update Load 36055.Clean. Will we get a hint at what it is?
  11. The Devs did hear the players and gave us grid lines and GPS....From the very beginning they said no to grid lines and GPS. I like the idea of Players choice. And if the Devs track the Players choice and see the real number of players that use them, they will under stand what the majority wants...not just the squeaky wheels.
  12. No coordinates in the game Sucks....only on F11 do I see a position.
  13. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    No Gold in the Redeemables.....this is an Ouch
  14. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    What ever nation you logged out of before this wipe is where you will start....
  15. SneakyTurtle

    Mega Patch 10.0

    we are Live