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  1. [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Ah, so they WILL come back then? Thank god - and Sveno - for the info!
  2. [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Al the balancing and re-balancing of mathematical data is not enough to keep me interested in NA. I liked the PAINTS, and then they were taken out again - why?
  3. Not only Frigates - we see no big variety of ships anymore in NAVAL ACTION. Neither in PortBattles, nor in the Open World. Everyone is running around in the same few ships - which is a pity, with all the ships we have. As for PBs, maybe 3 - 5 types of PortBattle sets could be fixed, with certain numbers of each ship? For example "Port Battle Type II" (Just an example) Three 6th-Rates Seven 5th-Rates Six 4th-Rates Four 3rd-Rates Three 2nd-Rates Two 1st-Rate Just an example of such a PB ships set, with 25 players in battle. Other weightings of ships, like "Shallow Sets" would be possible.
  4. Wie kann ich NAVAL ACTION auf STEAM bewerten ?

    Jesses, wie lange muß man denn dabei sein, bis man es SO sieht? Hoffe das passiert mir NIE...!
  5. Sounds VERY interesting! The new changes will hopefully make PBs even more into a strategical thing. The Admirals will not only have to decide about ship types, but also about tactics to beat the enemy either this or that way, or even with multiple strategies.
  6. Many good ideas there - sounds promising! - We may see Endy, Trinco etc. more now. - Players may get attracted by better loot, to leave the SAFE ZONES - so hopefully more PvP. - More damage by fire was long overdue - in reality, sails easily burnt all down. I didn't understand the "Port Battle"-changes you made - better explanation needed. But a BIG wish from my side: bring more variety to PBs - add "5thRate", "3rdRate" and "2ndRate" port battle types!
  7. Stop being negative!!

    Sure. But sinister ranting about "the game being dead" or "sinking" is not constructive criticism. It's like staring at the Mayan Calendar, shouting "We are all doomed, the world is at it's end!" That gets us nowhere, and as we can see, the world is still here.
  8. Stop being negative!!

    NAVAL ACTION is worth more love - ten-thousand-tons worth it. Rarely did a game hook me up as deeply as NAVAL ACTION does. Throwing bombs in the shop can never improve the porcelain.
  9. A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    Wasn't that announced or planned long time ago? I always thought that would be a good idea. It would limit the light-weight hunters to a certain battle ammo - after that is fired, they can only run home. Or they take more ammo - and suffer from loosing speed. Other way round: a ship that is already slower than hunters, could carry more ammo, to be at least prepared for enduring defense. Another way to make the game more realistic - I like it!
  10. A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    My opinion also. Rediii, good man - please read my post more closely - I did never say you were "shitstorming" me. I have the deepest respect for your opinions. Wow - three lines only! So it IS possible you see? No, I never wanted to make ganking easier - what I wanted was to change things which are very unrealistic to me. So I wanted to change the SAFETY ZONES into OPEN-FOR-THE-VICTIM'S-NATION-Zones. That was not meant to help gankers - it was meant to involve more players into such gankings; players to come for help. More realistic PvP was the idea.
  11. A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    Yes. And now, with the tons of repairs, they also do. Yes, of course. But obviously those guys had tons of REPAIRS more than I -- and were still running slightly faster than my LGV on 60° headwind or even less. Sorry, Rediii, but this description doesn't make it any more realistic to me. I read a "book" on how to land a space shuttle - and then I can do it? I'd prefer if we have to collect our OWN knowledge from OWN experiences and learning, to get better and better. These "books" can be sold to any newbies. If they are rich... Well, you seem to feel attacked, which isn't my intention. I won't mind special finds which make ships a LITTLE better - but it was not possible with sailing ships to make them "super-ships". I believe you , that it must be VERY hard work to balance this game, and I wouldn't want to be in that position to change things, while a strong shitstorm is hailing around me every time I touch something. I am not one of the "shit-stormers" though, believe me - I would like NAVAL ACTION to become REAL GOOD. I love it and see the potential - okay? That's why I asked for constructive criticism and new ideas. No need IMHO to defend the old ones, or the game - I DO like it, be assured.
  12. A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    I don't care about those who just whine. And I'm not whining either. What I asked for is a constructive contribution to this problem, that is now totally unrealistic. I am aware, that the previous ways also had their drawbacks - that's why I asked for NEW suggestions and ideas. Ah, you again... Do you realise it yourself, how you often seem judge other people from your own feelings only? You are wrong again - I am not among the "gankers" (yet) - my Open World hunting is very rare, and when I do, I don't hunt traders. My disappointment yesterday came from loosing 2 LE GROS VENTREs to 2 British professional gankers, sailing SURPRISE and SNOW. When the SNOW was falling behind, shooting at my FLEET ship, I was able to damage the hull of the SURPRISE quite a lot. Also, I could reduce the sails of the SURPRISE to 82%. I saw that I could have escaped her now - but then she repaired, and later she repaired again, and it went on, until my own REPAIRS were down. AGAIN: all this repairing under battle conditions is utter nonsense. Since NAVAL ACTION is not any fantasy "Pirates of the Caribbean" game, I would MUCH prefer and request solutions which are realistic. As funny as it may be to find them and collect them, and then to use them with great effect: UPGRADES and PERKS like "Book of 5 Rings" sound more like Tolkien to me. They will be found first who gank a lot, and they will be used to great effect by gankers, and that is contra-productive for recruiting any newbies. Instead of SAFE ZONES, all this unreal "Lord of the Rings"-overkill should be stopped. And maybe replaced by some more sublte, but more realistic and still attractive improvements any captains can find or loot. Another final observation: after each UPGRADE PATCH we see players sailing the same few ships (now it is the WASA). Isn't it a BIG pity, that so many other ships are just "out" by everyone, like the BELLE POULE or the TRINCOMALEE ? Wouldn't it be REALLY GREAT success, if all ships had SOME reason, SOMETHING, that makes them also attractive for a player's choice? Believe me, everyone, I do not like the role of the "constant complainer" - but I love NAVAL ACTION so much, that I don't mind getting stoned (not the smoke - grin!) for all my nagging - if it only helps the game to get better. After that, you can all sink me...
  13. Sailing on the Open world is not fun anymore, when the gankers and hunters can not only carry a trainload of REPAIRS, but can even MAKE these REPAIRS - under BATTLE CONDITIONS. Now I guess, it would be even hard to replace a single sail in a full-swing fight - the men would be needed EVERYwhere. But in NA, those ships can even pull up almost complete new masts, put patches on all sails, and with just some bottles of RUM, they can even make a bloody cripple into a seaworthy cannoneer or sailor again. What a miracle! This way, the hunts take ages and a day, and in the end, those weasels will get you, if you haven't brought even more REPAIRS. In THAT case, you will never see your wife again... Where is the chance for a ship with cannons, to escape such hunters after some good broadsides dealt out, like it was in reality? Now, before the emotionally unstable will stone me again with awful language, I want to ask you all for a fair, constructive debate, with your ideas on all this: could and shouldn't NAVAL ACTION be changed back to realism here?
  14. Hotfix 12.1: Multiple fixes

    Oh, and yes - the Umlauts - ä, ö, ü - are important in German (or Finnish)! So it must be "Kapitän". Maybe tricky to program, when you use real text, which must be shown correct also on all English systems? Can it be done? Or could you use a graphic for it (jpeg) which gets inserted for the correct ranks? That would also allow special Polish letters.
  15. Hotfix 12.1: Multiple fixes

    Great, that you also wrote it in Russian - thank you guys for your endurance in making NA better!