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  1. Wolfram Harms

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    Why the heck can any silly BASIC CUTTER take part in PATROL events??? Can they earn PvP MARKS with that (never tried yet) - without risking anything?
  2. Wolfram Harms

    Is this really what you wanted?

    Believe it or not, but people pay small amounts with not too much worries. I would. Just because it's fun to sail your own PAINTs. Of course there'd need to be some rich choice of PAINTs, and they should look believeable for the time.
  3. Wolfram Harms

    Is this really what you wanted?

    PS: I understand that the DEVELOPERS need to earn some money. So two suggestions: - why not sell PAINTS - single for 2 Dollars, or packages. They will sink with the ships and will be bought again. People LIKE such stuff. - or sell red or black sails, or special FLAGs?
  4. Wolfram Harms

    Is this really what you wanted?

    Well, I'm not EVERYbody, I'm just SOMEbody - but I never complained about those things. Maybe the devs could find other solutions for those not into crafting. And after all, you can buy many ships in the SHOP - at least in my NATION Sweden. Also, our clan organised the crafting stuff - so not everbody has to care about that. EDIT: don't get me wrong: I still LOVE NAVAL ACTION. That's why I'm afraid it is about to lose what makes it so good.
  5. Wolfram Harms

    Is this really what you wanted?

    Two or more years of development have gone into NAVAL ACTION - only to finish it off now? Woods and crafting specifications, reasons for trading and for building ships - all wiped off the table? Now, anybody can come to make some trouble in his HERCULES or REQUIN, and if he isn't pleased with the BATTLE, he'll give up his vessel and hop out, to come back with his next PAYWARE ship. There are SO MANY GOOD and INTERESTING bits in NAVAL ACTION - why is all that never getting finished and improved? Why does a FIRE not make a ship helpless (everybody trying to extinguish it; sails burning down etc.)? Why is it useless to be a PIRATE - PIRATES could have things and advantages the NATIONs don't have? Why should anybody care about trading, if it is not necessary anymore, cause everyone will sail a SHOP-ship? You are about to kill it all - the game will become something completely different; something like WAR THUNDER (argh!) - and will be totally unattractive for the clients you attracted so far; people who are rather 40-plus, with an interest in the age of sail. No idea if it can still be stopped, or if you even want that - but for me, the time is coming to an end, when NAVAL ACTION was a VERY PROMISING development - a rare thing in a time of "crash-boom-bang"... Makes me so sad - it really does...
  6. Wolfram Harms

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Many changes sound interesting. But to be clear about this: if you Devs introduce "pay to win" like in the crappy "WAR THUNDER", I'll be gone. It is one thing to offer PAINTS for money - but stuff to make some people stronger - that's a VERY bad idea.
  7. Wolfram Harms

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Ah, so they WILL come back then? Thank god - and Sveno - for the info!
  8. Wolfram Harms

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Al the balancing and re-balancing of mathematical data is not enough to keep me interested in NA. I liked the PAINTS, and then they were taken out again - why?
  9. Not only Frigates - we see no big variety of ships anymore in NAVAL ACTION. Neither in PortBattles, nor in the Open World. Everyone is running around in the same few ships - which is a pity, with all the ships we have. As for PBs, maybe 3 - 5 types of PortBattle sets could be fixed, with certain numbers of each ship? For example "Port Battle Type II" (Just an example) Three 6th-Rates Seven 5th-Rates Six 4th-Rates Four 3rd-Rates Three 2nd-Rates Two 1st-Rate Just an example of such a PB ships set, with 25 players in battle. Other weightings of ships, like "Shallow Sets" would be possible.
  10. Wolfram Harms

    Wie kann ich NAVAL ACTION auf STEAM bewerten ?

    Jesses, wie lange muß man denn dabei sein, bis man es SO sieht? Hoffe das passiert mir NIE...!
  11. Sounds VERY interesting! The new changes will hopefully make PBs even more into a strategical thing. The Admirals will not only have to decide about ship types, but also about tactics to beat the enemy either this or that way, or even with multiple strategies.
  12. Many good ideas there - sounds promising! - We may see Endy, Trinco etc. more now. - Players may get attracted by better loot, to leave the SAFE ZONES - so hopefully more PvP. - More damage by fire was long overdue - in reality, sails easily burnt all down. I didn't understand the "Port Battle"-changes you made - better explanation needed. But a BIG wish from my side: bring more variety to PBs - add "5thRate", "3rdRate" and "2ndRate" port battle types!
  13. Wolfram Harms

    Stop being negative!!

    Sure. But sinister ranting about "the game being dead" or "sinking" is not constructive criticism. It's like staring at the Mayan Calendar, shouting "We are all doomed, the world is at it's end!" That gets us nowhere, and as we can see, the world is still here.
  14. Wolfram Harms

    Stop being negative!!

    NAVAL ACTION is worth more love - ten-thousand-tons worth it. Rarely did a game hook me up as deeply as NAVAL ACTION does. Throwing bombs in the shop can never improve the porcelain.
  15. Wolfram Harms

    A realistic thing you could do to make NAVAL ACTION true fun

    Wasn't that announced or planned long time ago? I always thought that would be a good idea. It would limit the light-weight hunters to a certain battle ammo - after that is fired, they can only run home. Or they take more ammo - and suffer from loosing speed. Other way round: a ship that is already slower than hunters, could carry more ammo, to be at least prepared for enduring defense. Another way to make the game more realistic - I like it!