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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Cayo Del Enclote: Brits (Defence) Vs Real Acuerdo (Spain) BR2400 Very GG all
  2. Resultados de BATALLAS

    La respuesta mas instructiva & realista es esta: "... Talking about multiclan organization like what we have in the swedish nation. 1. find 3-5 dedicated guys managing different parts of the organization. 1 organizes the council, others organize diplomacy (if needed) and ofcourse battles and portbattles. 2. Do something every day with your nation/clan. Just set a time when you meet up and do something. Portbattle, hostility, whatever. Provide content for your players. Ofcourse you need multiple organizators for this because players will change every day. Commanders should rotate too. 3. keep calm everytime. You lose some ships, stay calm and provide constrhctive critisism for the ones that want to hear it(important! Many cant handle that they did something wrong. You tell them they did something wrong and they get angry. Accept the fact that they dont want to hear it) and keep your people motivated 4. Find a guy who did already a lot of small fleet commanding and slowly get him into bigger fleets. Critizize him after the PB for not staying calm or giving up (and saying it) in the battle. Do that as often as possible. You can never have enough commanders (as long as they dont all command the same battle ofcourse. Commanders has to be clear before the battle) 5. Same TS for every clan in the nation. Create clanchannels aswell as national channels for simple actions for example "defending hostility la navasse". Dont hesitate to call your ts out in national chat to attract new guys to your teamspeak and dont hesitate to call qctions out in nation. Enemy knows what you will do? Whatever, provide content for your players. Make information accesible easy like with a google spreadsheet. 6. Good information to your players is more important than spying on you. Some spy knows what you are doing? Doesnt matter. (lime I said I recommend a google spreadsheet) 7. Plan your offensive campaigns. You need the same outposts in the entire nation (if possible) aswell as a good working repair eco. Plan a campaign 1 week ahead to give your players a chance to create the outpost, move ships and maybe create a repaireconomy close to the ohtpost. Let players sell expensive repairs. Its demand and offer. We buy 400 hul reps or more a day in jeremie for example. 8. Set up small goals for you and your nation. It keeps the spirit up and encourages people to do more. 9. record your battles. If you do a big battle watch the video together and talk ahout it. What went wrong, what was good etc. Its content for players aswell if they can just talk a bit. 10. activity is key. Like I said do something every day, keep your players entertained. Important is that atleast one of the organizators has time. Organisators are the most important players in your nation. Make it that people get used to them The more they trust in the organisator the less questions are asked and battlecomms stay more clear. 11. create parts of your regions to get a jdea how many outposts your players need for rvr at the moment. Example in sweden = 1 outpost in bahamas. 1 in Port au prince. 1 for home(gustavia etc), 1 for goudeloupe(france) 1 for cartagena 1 for offensive campaign. Decide that in the council and publish it in your nation. Give players time to set it up aswell. 12. Get players to leave the safezone. I know a lot players which gave up the gustavia outpost for example. I guess thats all from my side... in short 1. social skills of the leaders are important. Play together, not against each other 2. organization is key. Provide information as easy as possible 3. do something every day together if possible. Be on same teamspeak server. Provide content 4. Stay calm and have fun together. Also aim to improve everyones skills though, ingame aswell as personal. (nothing is worse than someone complaining the whole time in a battle) 5. Plan the macrogame(outposts of everyone, time to prepare, organization) aswell the battles itself (calculating the wind before the battle. Planning it a bit beforehand how to get the wind etc.. Rewatching the battle to notice your and other players mistakes) Oh and also look at the map every few seconds. Having a overview about everything and telling people if they do a mistake is important in battles. General rules for all players should be repeated before every battle - angle yourself - dont shoot on angled targets - survive - dont rake if you can shoot sideHP a few seconds after - call out if you are in troubles - call out weak targets - repair early - focus your damage - use your ship to push people etc. Dont just shoot - liveoak is shit and noone should ever use it. Its just bullshit to use
  3. Patch Notes & Feedback

    Le Wasa devrait avoir un BR supérieur (300?), à moins qu'ils améliorent les autres 4th rates. Et l'indéfatiguable inférieur aux 4th rates (220?), ce navire n'est pas assez valorisé depuis ses récentes améliorations.
  4. [PVP EU] battle results

    An ex-AHOY sailing around a started PB against Brits (funny coincidence), whatever the number of ship, that was a screen action. (Did someone mention a fleet ?)
  5. [PVP EU] battle results

    Here you go Peter, just to boost your legendary humility up : When you do some screening for the Brits with your nice hunting conie, do not shout in Global that you sunk one VLTRA when you forget mentioning it was a single rattleH Vs conie. Then, when you see the same VLTRA (recently killed) going after you with a (fir/fir) wasa, do not shout in Global that you do not want to waste your time cause there would be no PVP rewards... You got tagged & you got sunk. (That time it was not as easy as against a rattleH! he!) cheers
  6. Resultados de BATALLAS

    MOBILE : Los EDR intentaron de nuevo Muy buena !! gracias a todos
  7. PVP Mark abuse solution

  8. Alt PvP mark farm abuse

    Clearly, the PvP Marks system is a wrong feature as long as it can be exploited by Alts. Those rewards are too attractive. PVP Mark should only reflect merit & prestige of a player: PVP Marks points could be shown to player name (as trophies), no way to exploit this, high points means dangerous player, it would be pointless to exploit this as the player skill becomes factual in battles. Let's forget about PVP rewards.

    My understanding: less projectile dispersion of 1% per 20 meter (= -5% per 100 meter) Less vertical dispersion means a better accuracy on an horizontal plan
  10. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    3 pages of post only because there are 2 PB's at same time and too early in the official time window... How ridiculous !! Everybody has to deal with these current mechanics, these 2 PB's are set at same time because of it. Hypocrisy is totaly wrong wording, just an over reaction from a frustated player that takes this game too seriously. Take it easy Grund ! stop pointing out a group of players who are just trying to play NA within current mechanics, better spend your time by trying "to reach Dev's" so to change those mechanics as best as it could suit you. These 3 pages of post are entirely helpless, there are other NA matters much more important to test & optimize before taking into account your life time availability... cheers Frog
  11. Hey all, It might be time, before final release, to suggest the final role of Pirates in NA. My guesses would go for: - PVP Marks feature only available for Pirates. - Pirate player can craft up to 3rd rates max. (larger rates only by captures, no trading allowed for these ships). - Pirates cannot capture/hold ports larger than 7200BR. (Hostility missions must be reworked by Dev's) When ports are captured by Pirates, all existing assets (from other factions) are totaly wiped off, their values are shared in gold between PB attackers (PB's XP proportion). Every remaining ships docked into those ports are shared between PB attackers (PB's XP proportion). No cool down after capture, the port becomes immediately Pirate. When a Faction loose a port from Pirates, the penalty points must be doubled. When a Faction capture a port from Pirates, the bonus points must be doubled. - Pirate ports are free from tax mechanics. - Pirate player has got several "boarding knowledges" from a start. In summary, Pirate must be Feared as best PvP'ers & boarding specialist, they cannot be considered as regular navy that can conquest any ports, they must make gold mostly from wars, their raids on ports must damage other faction economies. Pirates must be considered as a plague from every other Factions. In case "Diplomacy" between factions would be implemented again, Pirates should be out of it.
  12. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Un buen balance pa esta noche, gracias por su participacion.
  13. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Gracias a todos !!
  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    Sarazota: Attack (Brits) Vs Real Acuerdo (Spain) Again, thx all for this good battle as well as for the brave Brits attacks.
  15. [PVP EU] battle results

    Cocodrilo: Attack (Brits) Vs Real Acuerdo (Spain) SHALLOW PORT Nice & tough battle, thx all !!