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  1. San José Port is bugged

    Well in that case, we have special shallow ports where heavy ships can dock and screen... I ignored that till now. I'd rather see shallow sea around or convert them in 4rth rate, to make it simpler.
  2. Spanish clans on PVP_EU server

    Hello m8, Join another Faction cause your Spanish Faction is a tricky one with very low chances that you could incorporate an english speaking clan.(unless you speak spanish). Danes would be a good option if you feel like it. cheers

    abandono luchar para la mejora de la comunidad NA Española. Que cada uno se busque la manera de disfrutar de este juego. A los de la faccion Española os digo: Que os vaya bien y suerte. Un saludo definitivo.
  4. San José Port is bugged

    Just to notify (or emphasize in case it was already mentioned) that San José is a Shallow port that allow larger ship entrance. When possible either convert it to 4th, correct that bugg or confirm it's an exception that will be kept as it is. Thank you
  5. Port Battle Limit

    That's the wisest solution (the map will get balanced very soon with almost no remaining neutral ports) Let's test PB's dynamism nations Vs nations with current limit for a few weeks. Let's settle this then we'll see.
  6. Port Battle Limit

    high population Faction is uncontrolable factor so this PB\day limitation is the only way to reduce this factor effect. What you mention above is tipicaly a high population problem, although it should push clans to COOPERATE through alliance system, for the interest of the entire Faction. If you fear a very large clan of your Faction that would be able to reach 100% of 3 PB's, then you may rely on creating alliance with other small clans and grind the same targeted PB's. The PB will be set by the faster group. But you also seem to forget that: - PB will not be so easy to grind when attacking other Faction ports, as missions area could be screened by the defenders. - You may have to attend other PB's or screening when your Faction is being attacked. - Large clans may run out of cash if the got too greedy and ports will get back to neutral. So this limitation is tricky only during the first days when we got so many neutral ports, but after that, with a map that has been balanced in term of ports ownership, PB's will become harder and 3 PB\day\Faction will look very reasonable. Last but not least, the main point is a port to be captured by your Faction, the large clan that owns port is not a problem for smaller clan as they will get benefit of access & ressources. The real question about PB limitation should be WHAT'S THE LIMITATION OF DEFENSIVE PB's PER DAY & PER FACTION ? what if 4 Factions would decide to cooperate in attacking the most populated Faction (ex: Brits) and set 4x3 PB's in a single evening !!!
  7. Port Battle Limit

    It's too early to change that mechanic. Be all reasonable and test how it is today for a few weeks. Today PB against neutral AI's is easy, tomorow PB's against faction players will be much harder, so 3 PB's per day is far enough. If population grows then that issue could be updated. Peter you must think about other Faction players, give them even chances for conquest. 3 PB's per day is already very tough for low populated faction. Make request that serves GENERAL INTEREST not only for a few groups of players.
  8. This land is my land - new game in development

    Looks very beautiful ! Your team is definately getting very sharp in virtual worlds. Count me as very first buyer even for a pre-pre-beta version 8))) Good luck for this new prject.

    Pelusa, he visto muchas cosas en este juego, pero lo que me deja asombrado es un tio que nada mas volver al juego monta un foyon entre clanes Españoles, no se si te sientes concernido alli...No se que aporta a la comunidad el hecho de dividir a la gente y armar broncas, cuando la faccion esta ya muy mal. En este tema me parece que la culpa siempre sera de los demas. Por mi parte siempre he actuado para el interes de la faccion y espero que tu clan podra actuar para el bien de su faccion, empezando por crear buen ambiente entre jugadores y compartir ojetivos comunes. Un saludo
  10. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    Constant outcome of most issues: NA needs systems that make it more attractive without spending hundreds of hours : ++ easier ship crafting (or purchase) ++ simpler player competition ship vs ship ++ easier PB generation This will go toward "the master key" ==> greater player population
  11. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    Brillant idea that would convert "rare books" like "medals" (reward of combat) but I would see it reachable with XXX damage points only from PB fights (to avoid alts PvP arrangement). This could work in case next wipe will increase PB's dynamism.
  12. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    Drop upgrade & book bonuses = less must-have = no alts would bother farming them
  13. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    But again we will fall into the spiral of "the longer time spent in NA the better ship you would get", meanwhile the issue here is to reduce the effects of upgrades/books and mostly rely on ship basic features in order to simplify competition & hopefully increase player interest.
  14. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    Otherwise, this (frustration) issue might be drasticly changed, keeping the current implemented settings (in case you would not drop bonuses): ==> restaure the multiple durability of 1 ship... Player interest would increase without any doubts since fights would become much more affordable.
  15. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    If bonus were lower then rarity influence will get evenly lower. A rare book would still be a wind fall but without the current impact of necessity. Same as craftable upgrades or books, lower bonus will entail lower impact of necissity. This would question the utility of getting these additional features, but it would make simpler the competition between players & possibly keep their interest in playing (spending hours for simpler issues).