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  1. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    I disagree. In fact the high number of all 2500BR ports is a bit too much. I wanted different ships on ports, but not so many ports defended by only 6 guys.
  2. Port / City visuals

    They are capable of delivering the quality of any gaming company. They only need time.
  3. Port / City visuals

    And I understand perfectly your goals/focus. Hope that all these posts encourages your guys to overperform as you are capable of it. You have a diamond here, take your time to shape it.
  4. Port / City visuals

    I want to Naval Action 1 to be as sucesful as possible. I understand the difference on manpower between both games. However, if you update a bit the looks of the buildings (more polygons and better textures) and you code the postions of the buildings to look a bit more like the plan I posted that part will be mostly solved. About the land itself, the issue are the textures and the visual look of vegetation. Just increase resolution and make them less 2D.
  5. Port / City visuals

    It is a begining. However it is not only about the model of the buildings, it is also about urbanism. Look at your cities, buildings placed randomly, when all the cities built in the new world were planned like this.
  6. Port / City visuals

    Have you played Assasin Creed Origins? That game has an interesting and spectacular world full of life. I can run it at High settings with smooth FPS on a laptop. So it can be done with NA. And I advice to try, and to try hard, because the world is as important as the ships. Succesful Sandbox games like GTA, AC, Far Cry gives a great importance to their world. NA right now is all about the instance battle and battle mechanics. Lots of true potential wasted.
  7. Port / City visuals

    As an archittect and a player, I really miss a proper representation of cities. The current visuals belongs to the PS2 era. Land textures, trees, rocks, buildings are outdated.
  8. Unequal battles

    Gear (mods+skillbooks), woods and special trims matters. You have in mind people that play 6 hours hours every day like liq, dron or moscalb. This is your failure @admin. They arent the average playerbase of NA. The average player plays half (even less) that time and cant afford the luxury of losing his ship every day.
  9. Unequal battles

    Remove the name of the ships, that way we have to use the spyglass to identify the enemy vessel.
  10. Unequal battles

    If you want to promote PVP. Make daylies and weekllies, I mean: Sink 10 players in frigates. Rewards: One silver chest/ X upgrade/ X gold/... But if you really want to promote pvp, you should make some woods faster to obtain/transport. Also more drop of materials made for upgrading our ships.
  11. Unequal battles

    People run to save their expensive and costly time ships. Teak-white oak is the most common combination of woods, and it is not easy to get. Usually you have to wait until your contract is refilled and you have to sail your trade to the crafting point (sometimes several hours). It was way better before with the delivery system. Time is the deciding factor. You can spend several hours for crafting your ship and only a few mins enjoying a battle. And woods really have an impact on pvp performance. Check if pro players use caguairan or sabicu.
  12. Unequal battles

    Rewards. Right now you get nothing worth.
  13. Port Battles aka PvP Events

    Port battles are becoming the game itself. It is not longer the end game. For a sandbox/mmo game, the game lacks content than just firing cannons in an instance battle. No discovery-exploration in a timeline where the world still has many secrets. Trading and crafting, uninsteresting, poorly executed and more boring than anything. An open world dead, dull.
  14. Dont make it random. Make that clans could configure their defenses. Also it could be interesting if this costs ressources like iron, wood and stone and to be able to change the positions you need a proffesion/perk.
  15. Very interesting idea. Get it done, please. Also, due to this new feature. I suggest raids so attackers can get an idea of the port defenses and a chance to disable a % of them.