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  1. Intrepido

    Preparase para el "great wipe"

    Mucho control tambien asfixia. Y tambien muchos jefes para tan pocos indios con tanto 1, 2, 3... Que un grupo de amigos llegue al juego y se tenga que poner RAI-08 lo veo poco realista de que vaya a pasar. ¿Es la organizacion el principal problema? Con la simplificacion del crafteo, no sera necesario tanto control. Dices que esa denominacion tendria un poder disuasorio. Al principio, tal vez. Pero el verdadero poder disuasorio no reside en unas letras de un tag, sino en la habilidad de sus capitanes.
  2. Intrepido

    Constitution Classic

    I want to craft my own constitutions classic and diana, when it will be possible?
  3. Intrepido

    Flags Flags Flags

    Blue for the win.
  4. Intrepido

    Suggested priorities for further development

    No more british ships! There are lots of interesting ships worth to be added into NA. About the second rate: Christian VII is going to have bow chasers.
  5. Dont forget to add the jounal icon to the OW UI so we could keep track of missions!
  6. Since it is midd october, should we expect to have september-october patch released in one big patch?
  7. Intrepido

    Please fix Naval Action Perspective

    I pointed the same issue months ago. Unfortunately I was ignored in my suggestions. Now we have a port UI with a background that looks awful.
  8. Intrepido

    My port, my monopoly.

    Or far easier, remove the costs for owning ports and set port timers. I believe most will agree that we will prefer that to lose 600k every day. We didnt have these problems before @admin introduced such a money sink that force clans to grind a considerable amount of gold. People after some time just get tired and begin to not care.
  9. Intrepido

    Will you include some ocean fauna in this game?

    @admin thinks otherwise.
  10. Intrepido

    My port, my monopoly.

    It's not normal you conquer a port that only makes you lose so much money. Small and casual clans suffer a lot with this system, encouraging people to dont care about rvr at all. An extra control of the ports could explain the high taxes for keeping a port with timers.
  11. Intrepido

    Will you include some ocean fauna in this game?

    Sorry but graphics arent going the selling point of NA. Although we have great ships models with detailed textures, the rest of the world is just an empty and unappealing decorator which doesnt have any importance. As you may know inmersion is not a key element in any game.
  12. Intrepido

    Port Eco

    I dont believe anymore on the word soon. Its 12 october.
  13. Intrepido

    Questions from potential buyer

    Perhaps he should try the testbed server. It could be interesting to know the opinion of a new player.
  14. I agree it is very annoying all the times the inventory does the "redrawn" thing. When you craft, when you move any item, when you equip cannons...
  15. Most newcomers get lost which make his first experience of NA OW not a good one and often end calling for help. The answer is almost the same, use F11 and felix map.