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  1. Imposible, las normas de enfrentamiento estan muy claras, solo los piratas podian tener refuerzos despues de los primeros 2 minutos. Fue dragon negro depredador quien comenzo la batalla.
  2. Buy the 4 DLCs and you will have 4 every day.
  3. Cada barco posee una capacidad de carga. Comprueba que no la estas superando.
  4. Sigue haciendo preguntas aqui en este hilo.
  5. Para mejorar un barco, upgrades. Los libros son para mejorar las caracteristicas de los barcos en combate o en mundo abierto. Las carronadas se craftean. Cada rango cuesta mas experiencia, tienes que atacar objetivos mayores . La forja sirve para hacer cañones largos, medios y carronadas. El astillero, como uno se puede imaginar, para hacer barcos.
  6. I have seen fir speed fitted wasas able to take several broadsides from forts at medium ranges before having to retreat because of the damage. Wondering how much damage a live oak PB fitted Ocean can tank.
  7. I proposed a while ago a decrease of the weight of the trading goods from 100 to 75-50 or an increase of the minimal selling price by 30%.
  8. That is easier to say than to do. Specially when the mortar hides behind a line of 20 oceans.
  9. Check this thread and my answers to him before judging.
  10. Misiones de combate o atacar bots que te encuentres.
  11. Dont spam the forums and ask for help in the game.
  12. It is, but the experience can be easily ruined. So why bother and frustrate yourself?
  13. Los barcos premium puedes volver a usarlos cada 24 horas. Los normales se pierden para siempre. En ambos casos se pierde los cañones, upgrades y repairs que tuvieran esos barcos. En todos los servidores te puedes quedar sin barcos.
  14. Hopefully devs change their plans and delay the release. Many things arent working at all for a release (trading, frontlines, port bonuses, ship speeds, nation population). And raids should be tested BEFORE release, specially after all the "issues", intensively tested, with the new conquest system.
  15. The BR of ports must be lowered no matter if we have coalitions or not. Current BRs are gamebreaking.
  16. Ship contracts. Clan docks. Trade chat.
  17. I have no idea which are the current hardcaps so Im quite interested in one answer from the devs.
  18. Empire Total War had 1 million sales probably motivated by the fact you can pick several playable nations. Many mods later unlocked the minor nations. Gamelabs must understand that some of the most succesful games in the recent history are those which allows the players to have freedom of choice.
  19. I will never understand how some people can say no to new content. Neither why some have chosen to have a repetition of the PB mechanics. Isnt better having something fresh and new?
  20. I know. I just wanted to outline that such bright idea of having PBs with 21-25 Oceans couldnt come from those who spent months trying to figure out how to achieve variety in PB.
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