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  1. Honestly, I have personally asked myself if the op has any kind of mental disability.
  2. Whatever you say mate. However it is a fact that lower BR makes port battles more accesible to everyone. Right now, you must be viceadmiral and have a santi/ocean. And that requires a considerable amount of time/grind.
  3. You dont need a 20-25k BR to have big battles with lineships.
  4. Nah mate. Russia has veteran and dedicated players from many nations. Thats why more than half the server is dead in rvr. Those players knows how the game works while the rest is still learning.
  5. It is summer, AI is acting like most humans and goes to the beach.
  6. Intrepido


    Dont forget barojans, cardassians, hirogen, breen, dominion and gungans.
  7. Intrepido


    Exactly what the game is demanding.
  8. And does he make a thread about it? Like the devs dont have better things to attend to.
  9. Question, what is the correlation with patch feedback?
  10. Some possible fixes: 1.Reduce the weights by half. 2. Increase base selling price of all trading ressources by 100%.
  11. Well, the game receives an update and that is a good thing to see. Although personally I would love to see in the game the tweaks that the community has been asking for (less BR in ports, way more profitable trading...).
  12. Or perhaps lineships can get a limit for speed, so no matter of which wood you use and the upgrades you equip them, they can not go beyond certain knots (lets say 13knots?). Freedom of crafting isnt touched and at the same time the problem is fixed.
  13. yeah, Im waiting to reinstall the game when it is worth to make the effort of grinding again everything.
  14. It would be an improvement to stop this jumping from capitals if you had to capture at least half the region to unlock the closer ones. I believe it can be easier to code. And those 20-25k BR ports are not making the game more fun or enjoyable. But after 3 months of multiple threads and no changes, it looks devs arent willing to tweak rvr. Sad.
  15. Las caƱoneras de Barcelo montaban caƱones de 24 libras.
  16. Im not a pro and i will never be one. I only have hours in the game. As a matter of fact, one of my goals is to make the game more friendly to those who can not commit the same hours and brainstorming as players like ram dinark.
  17. Your exclusion zone will hurt also the players that sail between close ports and like to fish a sealed bottle from time to time. If people does that is because of the GRIND and a quite static environment which ends being boring. I played other mmos and havent seen so much afk like in NA.
  18. -5k is already better than nothing. Right now, you have nothing.
  19. 15K are for county capitals only, then you have all the other small towns with 10k.
  20. Your calculations are incorrent. 15.000/900= 16 oceans. I would never advice going to a port battle with less than 18-20 ships as the chances of being outplayed in the circles grows exponentially the lower the numbers you field. 15k port will be a battle with an average BR of 600. This means that third rates, bellonas, christians, buc (crappy pavel?) and even some random first rate will come into play.
  21. There is no need to make @admin sweat. Lets propose easy and fast changes: decrease current 25k and 20k BR by 5k. This way we will have 20k (veracruz, san juan, santo domingo...) and 15k BR for the majority of the county capitals. This way, only with two numbers change, the problem will be greatly alliviated.
  22. Free towns. Those missions ONLY spawn there.
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