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  1. Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    Here is where the money for the Ultimate General series will come from!
  2. Ultimate General Victoria, covers everything from 1815 through 1914.
  3. UG Civil War’s Future

    There is a game coming out next year called Grand Tactician that looks like it will be similar to UG but involve Total War style grand strategy.
  4. UG- Civil War 3..??

    I would love to see the Revolution, if organization was knocked down to battalion, brigade, division with division being the highest I think it could work well (Same for Napoleonic). I think this way, you could get that "espirit de corps" feel of seeing say the Royal Welch Fusiliers or the 1st Delaware on the field. Fife and drum would need to be added too but it would be cool to do it correctly, not like in total war as in they play the same song over and over, I mean have it only play while the men are marching or advancing, not just constantly during the fight. Also, in addition to ammo wagons, why not be able to set up brigade surgeons to slowly heal regiments, but have it where they cant go back to full strength. Also I'm a history major with a focus on American and European history from the Revolution through the civil war, so if you need any help with whichever title you choose, I'm happy to help.
  5. Anybody have an idea when the actual reveal will be?
  6. That's a very cool fact! Never knew that. This guerilla mechanic could work well for Rev War and War of 1812 too, with native americans and such
  7. The guerrilla feature could also let you decide weather you give captured French muskets, Brown Bess, or Bakers to the guerrillas.
  8. I agree totally, I also think there are enough major battles and small skirmishes to fill the campaign. There could be a cool guerilla mechanic.
  9. I'm pretty convinced its gonna be Napoleon. Hopefully it'll cover the whole era not just one campaign but it'll still be cool either way!
  10. I mean make it into one game, wwi plus the Russian civil war, you can play as Russia, England, France, Germany etc. and if your doing a Russian playthrough at some point you have to decide what side to take
  11. I can see it now. You've formed your highly trained 2 star British line infantry, with the perk that allows them to fire by companies, behind the brow of a low hill. On your right is the Coldstream with its colors proudly flittering in the wind. In front a chain of Green jackets have started peppering the massive French columns that are beating the pas de charge. You can hear them shouting "Vive Le Empereur!" at each break. They smash into your line and your on the ropes until Wellington and his staff gallop up and your morale stabilizes and starts increasing as bagpipes start blaring "Blue bonnets over the border" and highlanders counter charge. You run off the Frog infantry only to see the dazzling array of French cavalry appear out of the fog of war...
  12. This would work well for wwi, different fronts, Somme, Ypres, Mons, Verdun etc. Or you could have a Napoleonic one where you have to focus on Europe, Africa, the Americas and the peninsula
  13. Renaming Officers

  14. Ancestor's Units During Historic Game Play

    This would be awesome, I think they could mix German Unification, Franco-Prussian and the British colonial conflicts into like a Ultimate General:Victoria or something