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The changes to the armour are terrible and unrealistic

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The changes to the armour in recent updates are terrible and unrealistic.

Armour now increases in weight to ridiculous levels even after only small changes.

On top of that, they are yet another arbitrary limit when the only limits in the game should be the technology available to you, the shipyard size and the monetary cost associated with the ship.

These changes to the armour need to be undone ASAP.

In a game where the biggest draw is the shipbuilding, these arbitrary and unrealistic limits limit the shipbuilding FAR FAR FAR too much.

And I am at a loss as to why the devs keep making these stupid, useless changes when there are still so many actual issues with the game.

The pitch calculation is screwed beyond belief. A ship with literally nothing on it pitches at a minimum of 20%, which has a negative effect on everything. This is ridiculous. A hull which at a minimum has 20% pitch is useless and wouldnt even make it off the drawing board.

Either recalculate pitch, or have the negative effects of pitch only start climbing above a certain percentage (like 30%) instead of literally punishing a player before they've even placed a single thing on the ship.

Another issue is that the weights of various modules are also still far too high. Radar, Sonar, Hydrophones, Radios, loaders, turret turning apparatus etc are all far too heavy still.

Yet another issue that the devs keep ignoring is the AI. Its still terrible, as is the auto-designer. The campaign is an absolute breeze, even on the hardest difficulty.


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17 hours ago, akk1990 said:

Yet another issue that the devs keep ignoring is the AI.

AI is probably the most difficult thing to address when you only have a couple guys to work with. But I agree. Seriously, the whole thing needs work. But the most annoying I think is when I load into a battle, and when I go to x30 my fleet sounds like a bowling alley.

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