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  1. Instead of designating it, it should be automatic. and CB/CC/BB should just have that automatically.
  2. Just baking it into the tech of the gun seems like it would be enough. Fully agree gun ranges could use a once over.
  3. I've touched on this lightly in the past, but can cruisers please have access to 5" secondary guns? seems strange to make 4" guns the largest available. Even on battle cruisers the towers wont accept them. Otherwise, ill get to testing.
  4. I made a historical recreation of the Alaska, as true to form as can be in game. Inaccuracies that i am unable to rectify: crew count is 500 too high HP is too high if listed is SHP layout for secondary batteries while equal, is incorrect shell performance will not reflect life, i cannot remember the conversion of gun data to krupp, and so i wont be tailoring that to historical values. choosing instead to get shell weight and propellant as historical as possible. I regret this a little, but can't help it. Otherwise id tailor the shells to behave as they did in lif
  5. he means an actual barbette, not one built in.
  6. Do it then... You'll find yourself on an Olympic level shooting team if you can do it. I'll even double your cost in munitions if you succeed. rifles and artillery follow the same physics, sure, but this is what makes them entirely different. Because the physics for you to accomplish this with and rifle are not on your side. Notice in your example how they show you a 2d target? Its because the shot you are describing is basically unrepeatable with the amount of mass and energy at your disposal. Assuming you could do it once, which I would not expect a single person on the planet to
  7. Rifles and naval artillery are not the same. Put a box on an even plane down range, try to hit the top of the box. Not gonna happen. Where naval artillery used this as actual doctrine. Changing the orientation of the ship does not change the amount of surface area the shell would have to land because it is not on a 2D plane. Naval guns and rifles, also mechanically don't function the same. They both push an object down a rifled barrel, thats it. large caliber naval guns don't use fixed ammunition, and their ammunition is electronically fired. Thats being pretty pedantic though.
  8. Nearly the opposite of actual tactics... Less of a target? this is not 2d, you can hit the deck as well. This is not a rifle, where the targets silhouette changes the difficulty to land a hit. why would you give up tactical advantage, not just in position, but in gun count, just to make yourself a supposedly smaller target?
  9. Tablets are not anywhere close to consoles. the next gen are using rdna2 and ryzen 3000. If apple attempted those specs, it would be a massive failure. They don't exactly have a good track record of computer design to begin with. The idea that apple could create a GPU, and processor that is even relevant in comparison is funny on its own. Samsung, would likely not fair much better, but at least samsung could make its own pcb, or even outsource it because unlike Apple, they don't need everything to be propriatary. you would be looking at a very beefy tablet, rdna2 and ryzen 3k are goi
  10. What gets hit is more important than how many times. If you landed 1k shells and they all went into the bow, then of course they arent going to sink. Standard bulkheads for armor? or the count? This is important. There is no bias, don't start that meme here. There is no "HP pool"
  11. This is not a real thing. This is something entirely made up by WG. There is no autobounce to save you, the angle of the bow, or aft will not matter. There is no aiming at a particular part of the ship, you're lucky to get a hit, at all. You orient the ship to either close/increase the distance, or bring guns to bear.
  12. They do but running engine efficiency at 100% gives you really big boosts. Technically HMS Cavalier did exactly that by having the crew stand on the back of the boat to get more depth on the screws.
  13. The communication is much appreciated. Seeing bugs reported getting fixed is the feelz. Accuracy overhaul on the road is good too. Is this in reference to some spots being unusable, the permission to use 5" guns on that tower when using the CC/CB guns, or both?
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