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  1. Something is causing the AI to sail in the wrong direction from its current flagship, before shutting down the engines, and sitting in place Cruise range gets reset constantly.
  2. Level expectations here, That will almost certainly be a RTW rip
  3. Hey I'm experiencing a few bugs * i am unable to exit ship builder. I believe the cause is using the unlocked desinger, saving the design, and then going into a locked designer, and loading that ship. In particular i did this for the USN low caliber x4 mounts. I was forced to kill the game. * AI complete command refuses to activate, unsure of what the cause is. * Noticed when a ship is listing, the guns dont properly elevate. They should be raising them as high or low as the mounts allow, but instead they point 90* from the deck. The save feature is nice...but it doe
  4. I do not believe this is correct. There's other things going on here, like burn rate and pressure. But generally ships flinging light shells fast had horrific barrel life.
  5. Light shells with lots of powder is an excellent way to burn barrels. The British found this combo to be disappointing.
  6. This is a pretty good idea. Aside from that, I mostly disagree with the OP. The one that's really bad is oil 2 which can weigh more than oil 1, and will weigh more than 3. * Aux engines help engine reliability. Sure the slow down is capped, but the modifier for target maneuver is really big, and an unmoving target is extremely easy to kill. I don't use the final upgrade because the improvements aren't as weight effective as the ones before. * Shafts help a ship turn, this decreases enemy accuracy, and helps the ship evade torpedoes. * Bulkheads combined with the amou
  7. Alaska....We have a "large cruiser" hull for so many nations, but the only large cruiser to ever exist is missing from the game.
  8. really no communication? not even in this post?
  9. range and accuracy are intertwined. If you pick a propellent that increases range, it will also increase accuracy... I've been ok with auto loading because the load time for guns is abnormal without it...
  10. If they never said when it was coming and just released it when they were ready, you would have had no idea. Getting angry because they didnt hit a self imposed deadline is just...pointless.
  11. Current version will crash if you alt tab out in load screen, not sure if that could be related. Good luck sir
  12. They have...plenty of times, sometimes resulting in huge changes.
  13. Well if the shell lands above the main belt thats extremely likely. again, its straight math. You can tell what room a shell will land in if you have the print for the target ship. If you hit belt though, then its mathematically next to impossible to overpen a CA, or even most CL citadels from broadside. I had zero problems creating as as historically accurate as possible Iowa. I decided not to go to the full displacement of the ship due to the model being far too long at higher displacements. https://imgur.com/GIAgj1W Inaccuracies: SHP (174k vs 212k) funnel pl
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