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  1. No i'm describing how i *would* do it, not how it is done.
  2. you *can* but realistically triple gun turrets have wider rings than doubles (ignoring autoloaders) for reasons of space-saving.
  3. Awhile ago I asked about the #shells and #guns. Someone said that three triples turrets would have had more shells than doubles. I suspect the reason that would be the case historically is because a triple turret SHOULD be larger in diameter which means the magazine is larger. But UAD doesn't do it that way. (in terms of diameter)
  4. Not responding to anyone in particular but in the context of the damage ships can sustain: I'm not against ships being as resilient as the Bismark was but in the context of the games current victory conditions (Which are effectively limited to destructions) it's not a good idea. Right now players don't get credit for damaging ships to the extent that (if said ship captains had any sense) they would attempt to retreat and effectively 'mission kill' the warship, and find themselves in drydock potentially for months if not the duration of the war. (in a campaign sense) There are no mission
  5. I don't personally whip out a calculator when building ships, I've done enough missions to notice that most of the components that increase hull weight in percentage terms are not worth the added displacement and/or cost and don't implement them. I've had enough of my ships explode after giving them max barbette and citadel levels to know that it's often better to use that displacement to give your ships absurdly thick armor instead. If the game were to have a more complicated formula for weight calculations it wouldn't affect me as long as I understood in qualitative terms the impacts of
  6. The silver shells are AP the orange ones are HE. The AI auto control of ammo type is usually pretty good from what I've observed: If AP can pen the hull but HE cannot - usually uses AP if both shell types can penetrate - usually uses HE if neither shell types can penetrate - usually uses HE And this is both for main and secondaries.
  7. Over and over again it seems like the insistence on AI designed warships is sabotaging everything else.
  8. Some of the combat missions were set up back when the rules around armor/guns/damage was different. I was able to complete all 52 combat missions, but having to revisit them now it's on a totally different level of difficulty. Being repeatedly savaged by the AI warships isn't fun but you have to ask yourself what the budget the AI is being given relative to your fleet. In a campaign scenario where resources and tech are more balanced the current system may be better even if the academy scenarios are brutal and unfair. And as much as It pains me to say it given how slow development on t
  9. I've been getting slammed by the AI in 'modern battleship' -- saved a file, tried to load it. It took less time to shut the game down and restart the mission completely than the time spent waiting for the ships to warm up. Also damage info says stuff like 'bow belt bow' rather than just saying 'bow belt'
  10. Since the patch has reset academy missions I'm basically re-doing them all. Had to skip over 'power of dreadnoughts' mission after several failures.
  11. At the speed that the UAD team has been operating to get the core patch out, they can't handle the work load. You would need systems in place for the flight animations for the aircraft, air to air combat, strikes, and anti-air fire. That is effectively like creating a new game. Then you have to figure out what the player can and cannot control. Not to mention this is another thing that the AI has to juggle. I would prefer to see submarines in the game in some capacity, because without submarines, there's little reason to use destroyers over light cruisers for convoy escort, at least if
  12. My recommended solution would be something that was done by the game 'Airships: Conquer the skies' which is similar in principle to UAD (Custom ship builder with a campaign and tech tree) 1. AI designs are pulled from a roster 2. Players can create custom designs and share them with eachother that the AI can also use in the campaigns If UAD team created a way to export designs they could outsource this work to the Alpha team in advance of release, and select the designs that they like. Limits on cost and displacement can be specified. In fact it should be relatively easy in the se
  13. My fear about the core patch is that it will be a campaign that locks in the features that make the game (certain admiral missions) infuriating. 1. Stealth warships 2. Ships that randomize by encounter (randomized by campaign is fine) 3. only being able to customize a single class of warship. With the rest of your fleet at the mercy of rnjesus 4. No control over your own divisions going into a battle (best hope they're positioned correctly) 5. Random enemy fleet positions 6. Bad ship handling and annoying division UI management etc. Being able to save mid-battle does s
  14. Remaking the armor and gunnery systems would likely involve hours of work, which for a for-profit company means time and money not spent getting the game into a playable state. Ultimate general civil war has a mod by a guy called pandakraut which sort of takes the vanilla game system and tries to bring what they see as realism into the accuracy and damage system. I strongly believe that similar mods will be made within a few months of the games final release, provided the game is built to support those kinds of modifications. Luckily gamelabs is not EA. Though, more fundamental changes to t
  15. What I think could be done, as part of the UI system, is that for any ship the player selects, one of the configurable/filterable options shows above each enemy ship whether or not and/or to what degree that ship is visible, just as you might show the ships health, speed, name, and type (BB/CA/CL etc.) without having to click on that ship to get that information.
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