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30% or so speed buff? Why?



Erm I'm probably blind, but the 7% speed nerf overall was a little too much, yet it was deffinately a good direction for change for the game, yet today Just found out that pretty much every ship is going 2 knots+ faster now. Please explain? Is this a mistake that will be patched and rectified? Is it a buff to counter the wind shadow affects, since wind shadow's overall affect is too great atm? I have no interest in making the Reprint/ reload/ Kiting meta even more META & ez.

Whats going on?

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2 hours ago, Genevieve Malfleurs said:

after all the very, very good changes lately this is going in the wrong directions in my opinion :(. keep speeds more on reality´s side please!

a speedbuff was ok, from my point of view. or take back the last 7% speednerf.

but 19% also seems a bit too much to me

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