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  1. Great idea i was thinking the other day the game could use some stuff for the newbs/low levels to do, things like this happening in the open world now and then would be fun.
  2. Mine just appeard in my DLC nice ship thanks.
  3. i have had the game since before it was on steam but no Pandora am i not getting it?
  4. I to belive the books should be wiped , it will give vets a massively unfair advantage over new players , just my opinion but the devs are making a mistake not doing it imo, i have close to 1000 hours in Naval action on steam and i would not mind books being wiped at all because i belive in fair play. let's be honest about it , the only players worried aboout keeping the books are the loud mouth look at me types that infest global.
  5. i bought the paint DLC , a bit disapointed the 7th rates got no paints, all the ships need some love imo, brigs , snows ... maybe one day, remember not everybody wants to sail a death destroyer in game , some like the smaller ships.
  6. Fantastic idea op, hope they add it some day.
  7. Looking forward to getting back into the game.
  8. You should drink more, amazing ideas i agree, tbh the devs should hire you just for your ideas alone!
  9. Adding to this thread, I used the nation change redeemable from Brit to pirates with no problems on the testbed.
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