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  1. Experienced returning player looking for active, English speaking, mature Swede Clan? Like to solo hunt, but also like to go out in an affective hunting group to get gfs. Am available for rvr/ pvp in weekdays but not weekends. Don’t want to hang around as will need to get resources up and running around St John’s for crafting again. o7
  2. Erm I'm probably blind, but the 7% speed nerf overall was a little too much, yet it was deffinately a good direction for change for the game, yet today Just found out that pretty much every ship is going 2 knots+ faster now. Please explain? Is this a mistake that will be patched and rectified? Is it a buff to counter the wind shadow affects, since wind shadow's overall affect is too great atm? I have no interest in making the Reprint/ reload/ Kiting meta even more META & ez. Whats going on?
  3. Erm I'm probably blind, but the 7% speed nerf overall was a little too much, yet it was deffinately a good direction for change for the game, yet today Just found out that pretty much every ship is going 2 knots+ faster now. Please explain? Is this a mistake that will be patched and rectified? Is it a buff to counter the wind shadow affects, since wind shadow's overall affect is too great atm? Whats going on?
  4. 30mill + for a Santi now, not even seasoned ahahahahaaa. Good job admin. Good way for new players to get into the game. Even the ruski Zerg and swedes will struggle with these tragic changes, let alone the weaker nations that yet again are being f***ed over by this garbage. Trade resources and other means of making money had better increase by 500-600% to match these wild erratic prices for crafting resources. This patch is one of the most tragic patches I’ve ever seen. 😂
  5. This statement was hypocritical to say the least, as there is a lot of unbalance, I’ve already given one between teak/teak & teak/wo, but also begged the question of why Admins hand was hurting. Since it evidently wasn’t from doing a good job of balancing woods, must have been from stroking the Bratwurst 😂 while letting the Euro millions balls generator create the stats for woods at random 🤦‍♂️
  6. Wtf this must be a mistake right? 😂 if not off to another game I go 🤦‍♂️
  7. So both Locust and white Oak are next to useless, and poor comparisons to using Live OakS/ SabiciS PB ships. Good job on rendering both WO/Lucust useless... Also the speed nerfs are too much. Seasoned teak/teak Endymion for example vs a teak/wo one. TeakS/teakS only goes .1 faster yet loses 15% HP and has significantly weaker masts 😂 this is retarded. Either give it .3-.4 more speed or narrow the huge gap of HP. Truly believe this woods fiasco may be the final nail in NA’s coffin ⚰️ How to mess up and make woods even worse. Game plan. Hand it over to a professiona
  8. Who am I 😂 Let me ask you in turn a irrelevant question, since you asked me one. Who are you? Although no one cares so don’t bother answering. My point still stands, Admins dealing of introducing patches and holding to deadlines has been a shambles. Undeniably the game needs stability, something we have not had for months now, and the server population is really showing that.
  9. Can’t remember a single occasion you @admin have kept to a deadline. Months now waiting for woods to be finalised. Months now there has been people leaving the game due to the unprofessional behaviour, uncertainty of anything in the game. Why bother crafting ships that are going to potentially be useless the next day? Sort it out and fast! In my company or any credible company you would of been sacked years ago.
  10. My Teak/teak Implac/Christians and Endymions are relivant again. Yet although Devs made huge mistake with teak, and have resolved many of the issues now, they have made Teak dare I say too powerful, and messed up other woods like WO/Sabiqu/Locust/Live Oak =( Devs moto, resolve one issue and create 3 more to take its place lmfao
  11. The most major inconsistency is that the Devs haven't a clue what they are doing when it comes to balancing. Just made White Oak useless. FML... We need this sorted out quickly, and we need woods to be finalised so we know where we all stand. Been FAR FAR TOO LONG that NA community have been stuck in limbo waiting for the Devs to sort this mess out. Unacceptable. Devs need to listen to feed back, before it does further damage to a game we all love to play. Suck it up, and listen for a change. While you are at it, increase the flag weight & get rid of the AI port battles jezz! Stop turning
  12. Hopefully Devs have thought again about introducing a 40-50 cent ship into the game as a 40-50 dollar ship 😂 Hopefully we will get something worthwhile soon. Maybe dlc Diana or better still a completely new ship.
  13. I think it’s good that new woods are introduced. I also think that woods over all should reduce the capacity for ships to reprint in battle. Let’s be honest the get nuked, run and reprint and do this over and over rhetoric is yawn and needs addressing in this update, some people also call it almost skill lol. My concerns are that woods such as Live oak, White Oak, Teak and fir will become less useful or redundant in comparison to new woods. This being a problem because so many people have invested so much time in setting up forrests and upgrades to harvest for mentioned woods. How common w
  14. To this day I love how the swedes blanked out the 40+ mill seasoned Santi that Hydras capped fleet killed. Have to laugh 😂
  15. Lol that Santi cost more than the whole capped GB Fleet lol.
  16. As we all know Spain surrendered the west coast to GB. In that surrender agreement the whole of the west coast was to be given back to GB. However Spain have already gone against their word and assisted the Swedes their allies in capturing Trux, and although Spain requested GB to screen for them, ended up being spanish attacking the screeners and assisting the swedes in taking Trux. Agreeing to only show late into the PB, and to show a token small force to give the visage that they were trying to stop Sweden from taking Trux. With Sweden aggressing against a port that was to be taken
  17. Simply put, I believe that there should be either many more available slots in clan and own warehouse, or the ability to stack items far beyond 10,000. Having such a limited number of items is a pain. Leading on from that the amount of contract Lots needs to increase from 10 to a further amount. Without these abilities it creates the need along with many other reasons to have alts. Alts which are disallowed in the game, but we all know many people have.
  18. But this just isn’t true. And naturally you won’t understand the problem since you are part of the problem, and it’s not convenient to be willing to understand the problem as that makes the game more of a challenge and less of an easy mode for you. Sigh! And nobody is saying to only have 3 nations. We are saying historically accurate nations for the time that the game is set. This doesn’t include a village of Chinese that lasted for 2 years and nonsense like that. I’m of Chinese decent and for me it’s ridiculous to see China in the game sailing around in European ships in a period where C
  19. Just the kind of professionalism you’d expect from some one responsible for the game. Dear lord... (facepalm) The simple FACT is that the game does not have enough player base to have the amount of nations it does already, some irrelevant to the period, Russia, Poland, China should be deleted. Condense the nations, and give less nations more players. Make it more probable that 2 large nations could join up to take out one stagnant nation. Rather than currently needing every nation to work together to have any chance at all of fighting against Russia. It’s rediculious. I could say
  20. There wasn’t. Was no meaningful presence of China or Russia or Poland. Just nonsense. And more nations is bad for this game. Some times you need to be smarter and realise if you don’t have the player base, less is more.
  21. The square sails need more power on ships such as indiaman, and a better turn rate. As it is at the moment it’s a joke. In reality when you are loaded you’re ship turns much slower than when you’re ship in lightweight displacement. So the stats on all ships should show a significant difference.
  22. This game would be far better with Historically accurate Nations. At least as historically accurate as being in and around the Caribbean within 200 years of when it’s supposed to be set. Especially with this game, it is obvious that less rather than more in this specific case is much better. The game does not need more nations. Especially ones that where never in the period. Example get rid of Poland, China and Russia. Nations that should of never been introduced in the first place. At least if you where to keep China make them a sub faction of pirates with their own junks and types
  23. As title suggests, I’m just wondering which nations have most active English speaking pvp clans in 2020? Also I am put off by joining GB since the sad state of affairs with the political rift within GB. I.e. NOTO being toxic and delusional splintering GB up, so I want no part of that mess.
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