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Ai campaign Scaling?


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I am still on the fence about this game.

If there is a thing I absolutely hate in any games, its when the AI is given any kind of advantages such as increased strength for same units, or larger numbers. And as I understand it in this game the AI gets boosts to numbers of units and strength when the player upgrades or increases their forces? 

So if I start the next mission with an increased force I will meet a larger number/ better quality enemy forces than I would if I did not improve my forces ?

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Old wild western gunfights were won by those who could shoot the other in the back first! And it's the same for gameplay, players like to build an early gameplay advantage to shoot those pesky NPCs in the back.

GameLabs as a whole don't understand, know how or want to, 'enlist' this gameplay advantage, their theme is always the challenge, the player is to never ever have the advantage. 

And I think that's why their population per game is generally lower than similar games. 

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I am not a big fan of scaling... Well maybe a little but I busted my hump and fought a perfect battle to get a third Rate ship very early in the campaign. only for the opponent now fielding them in every mission

I would like to be rewarded for my hard work,  Maybe have an option for scaling?  (BTW) this game has to be one of the best game purchases in years ( I enjoy the land battles a ton which is wierd as ultimate general Gettysburg I couldn't get into that much I feel the artillery was off? 


anywho any thoughts?




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58 minutes ago, pandakraut said:

The devs mentioned the other day that a no adaption difficulty is in the works where the AI units will presumably be completely static and not adjust at all based on if the player is doing well or poorly. 

that sounds promising. Any links to that statement?

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Quote from discord:

We are going to add 2 features:
1. You can cancel a side mission and  return assigned ships back to port. The mission will disappear.
2. You can change the difficulty level when starting a battle. 4 levels are available - hard, medium, easy, and no adaptation. Mission has a default difficulty level selected at the begging of the game. If you increase the level, you will get a better reward, if you decrease level then reward will be reduced.

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Is "No Adaptation" basically an extra level of difficulty, kinda like "Super Easy"? 

Or is it independent, so that it would be possible to play, say, Hard but also No Adapt?

I have not opted into the Beta, but this seems to have been implemented into the main version already (am on 0.9.7 rev.35547).  I see the "No Adaptation" option in a campaign start.  I've also been seeing the regular "Follow Orders" default and an increased-rewards option available on sea battles (but not land battles).  I have not, however, seen a no-adaptation option on individual battles, but I assume that's because that particular campaign started before the update in question.

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