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  1. Thank you I know we can be a pain in the ass, but your game has the potential to be something special
  2. I have to say I have seen some pretty good designs from the A.I since the update
  3. I played and beat the last mission last night the one with all the Russian DD's, but yeah I am really waiting for the next update before logging in some serious time
  4. I wonder if we can get different shell types like the japanese had on that was made to damage ships below the waterline even if it was a near miss?
  5. The way I look at it Ballistic fire is very hard counter. missiles rely on targeting software and hardware that can be countered not to mention the Phalanx CIWS that can blow them out of the sky that being said it all depends on what the new artillery looks like also generally speaking shells are a lot less expensive to produce and use as well as store compared to missiles. .
  6. Yeah man I just dont get it.. that game lol.
  7. I thought this was pretty cool imagine it blasting a carrier taskforce 1000 miles away it would be out of range of sea and air radar man talk about a nasty surprise. Earlier this year, Popular Mechanics published leaked photos showing the capabilities of the SLRC. With an effective range of 1,000 nautical miles—at 1,150 miles, that's about 1,130 miles farther than existing guns—the SLRC could be a truly revolutionary breakthrough in artillery warfare. The Army hasn’t explained how it will reach such a mind-bending range, but it seems confident the gun will work as planned.
  8. OMG yess! thank you for all the hard work I have been holding off playing until the next update for the damage model change... thank you for filling that create a ship itch I have had since Naval ops warship gunner
  9. Yeah I am so excited with the new damage system causing some mayham
  10. you can also literally tour the full Yamato in VR including below deck which is quite awesome.
  11. God I am so excited for this update
  12. Personally I would rather have them work on the game then constant chatter. This game has so much potential it fixes my P.T.O 2 itch.
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