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Unrealistic crew losses on USS Constitution


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Dear Developers (@sterner @admin),

Very much enjoying the game.  Bringing to your attention the following issue:

In the first mission of the U.S. Barbary Coast campaign chapter, USS Constitution, upgraded with heavy hull III, sustains an inordinate amount of personnel casualties in combat against xebecs, armed with 6 pounders mounted well below the level where they could hit plausibly hit crew aboard Constitution's gun or spar decks and unable to penetrate Constitution's hull.  That Constitution would proceed to lose 70 of 450 men within a few broadsides against such a weak opponent defies reality--especially when her real-life combat results against a peer frigate (HMS Guerriere) resulted in just 7 killed and 7 wounded, or 6 killed and 9 wounded in action against a pair of light frigates (HMS Cyane and HMS Levant).  Kindly correct this.

Many thanks--


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2 hours ago, King of Crowns said:

agreed. While your at it fix the water line on the linky dingy (Victory) its so broken that you rarely see the ship sailed by players. sad because the ship is the most iconic ship from this entire era. 

Kingy stop, this is Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail section.

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